What is OTP – Why OTP is Used

The security of ordinary people like us matters a lot in the digital world. That is why a code was required for every time online transaction (online transaction) or different online activity, today we got the OTP Verification Code as a solution. We can say that OTP is a code by which our online activities are protected today.

You must have seen many times whenever we apply for payment at the time of an online transaction or shopping. The details are given by us like – ATM card, an OTP box is opened after net banking, after that a few digits The Verification Code comes on our registered mobile number and as soon as we enter that code. Our transaction is complete.

What is OTP

OTP number or code on our registered phone number is received by message. We have to type this OTP Code in the OTP box only when our transaction is complete. So let us know in detail what One Time Password is and how OTP works and what it is used for.

What is OTP

OTP means One Time Password, i.e., a password that can be used only once. Many websites ask for your OTP number while making online verification, login to a website, or online shopping while paying with Debit or Credit Card.

OTP Full Form:


It comes as an SMS to your registered mobile number, OTP code can be from 4 to 8 digits. You cannot pay from any account without OTP Verification. One Time Password means that it can be used only once; it is not possible to use it a second time. It is a built-in view of your extra security.

Meaning of OTP:

There is also a time limit to use OTP Number, which can be from 10 to 30 minutes. The advantage of OTP is that it keeps your account safe whether it is a bank account or Google account or any other website, OTP Code is the most secure Verification Code for your account security.

How to Get OTP

OTP is used to protect online transactions, recharge, etc. Apart from this, if we log in or signup on many websites, then some number of OTP codes are sent to our mobile number through that site.

Or when we forget the password of one of our websites when we use our mobile number to recover it, then the OTP code is sent through that website, and we put that OTP code on that website and Recover the password.

In today’s time, the risk of Online Hacking has increased considerably; the function of OTP is to provide a security system with security threats. If ever someone you know or someone gets your User ID & Password, then tries to tamper with your bank account or any other account, then immediately OTP your registered mobile number on the website. Send will do.

In this way, you will also get an Alert that an attempt has been made to open your account. We can say that this is a type of password that is different every time, which makes our details in the digital world entirely secure.

OTP Types

If you are looking for how to check OTP or to find your OTP number, then let us tell you that OTP is mainly received from us in three ways which you have been told about:


It is received by SMS on your mobile; this is what most websites use. It is easy to understand and also safe.

Voice Calling OTP

A phone call on your mobile receives it.

Email OTP

It is received on your registered email ID; it is used less.

Where is OTP Used

The use of OTP is mainly in a place where there are more money transactions, for example, net banking, also, OTP is used in many areas such as online shopping.

As you may know that all big shopping websites use OTP for account security of their customers. OTP is also used to conduct an online transaction.

OTP also comes while creating an account on some websites or apps. Almost all banks use this option when banking online. There are many such places where OTP is used.


OTP is a great solution to secure your online transactions and protect the company from cybercrime. Hopefully, the information given by us about the OTP number and how to find OTP will be useful for you. If you have some questions in this post, then you can ask us, we will try our best to help you. If you liked the post, please share it as much as possible, thanks!

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