Networking Basics – Learn Networking Step by Step

Computer networking is a wide discipline that incorporates numerous computing concepts primarily aimed at improving communication and access to limited (yet sharable) computer resources. Networking Basics In…

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SSD vs HDD: Types of Disks for Notebook and PC

SSD vs HDD : When renewing the computer, we must decide which hard drive to buy. Keys to choose between mechanical and solid models. When we talk…

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What is the Difference Between a Modem and a Router

What is the Difference Between a Modem and a Router : They are devices that allow us to connect to the Internet and optimize the quality of…

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What is RAM Memory: and why increase it?

What is RAM Memory : RAM is associated with performance and is a critical element of any computer system. There are more and more models and options…

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Types of Computers: PC, All in One, Notebooks and More

Types of Computers : To study, to work, to entertain ourselves, to communicate and much more. Characteristics of the different types of computers we use daily. Everything…

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What is a Router | How a Router Works | Types of Router | Best Router

What is a Router : To browse the Internet faster and connect your computers efficiently and safely, we tell you what a router is and which one…

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Tablet Uses | What is a Tablet – Features and Functions?

What is a Tablet : We tell you the multiple uses of a tablet and how it can help you in your daily activities. Options for children….

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How Much RAM do I Need

How Much RAM do I Need for Gaming, Laptop, Window 10

How much RAM do I need : When it comes to speed, we need our computer to respond. In this note, you will find some tips to…

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UPS for Computer: What is UPS, Types Of UPS, 5 Benefits of UPS

Today we will tell you about the UPS for Computer and UPS Meaning, in which you will get to learn about how the UPS works. We hope…

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Third Generation Computers – Images, Future & Advantage

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the third generation of computers, i.e. 3rd generation of computers. The third generation of computers started in…

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