What is Literature Survey and Literature Review

What is Literature Survey: A survey of related literature refers to a study done before or after selecting a research problem to know about the previous research work, ideas, theories, procedures, techniques, problems occurring during the research, etc. Is done for

What is Literature Survey and Literature Review

What is Literature Survey

The survey of related literature is done mainly in two ways

1. Preliminary Survey of the Literature

A preliminary literature survey is carried out for selecting and defining the research problem before starting the research work. A major objective of this literature survey is to find out the helpful resources in further research.

2. Broad Survey of the Literature

A comprehensive literature survey is a phase of the research process. In it, related literature is widely studied. A comprehensive survey of the related literature is done before formulating the format of research and compiling data/facts.

What is a Literature Review?

Could you describe in detail its various elements?

In the literature review, the word review is made up of two words – re and observation. Observation means investigation. Under literature review, we study any pre-existing literature or research journal related to our research topic.

We study how much work has been done in the field we have chosen and what kind of work has been done, what is the new trade of research, etc. In any research, we can describe the main reason behind reviewing the literature in the following way: –

1. To Find the Knowledge Gap

While there are many reasons for reviewing the literature, the first and foremost reasons are finding the knowledge gap. Finding a knowledge gap means that what work has been done in that area, work in which field is still pending.

If we start our research without reviewing the literature correctly, maybe someone else has already done the work we do today. This work will be repeated on this, so it is very important to review the literature to find research problems in research work.

2. Define Concept

Only by reviewing the literature can we understand our concept correctly and give a new concept to ourselves. We can know whether any work has been done on the problem we have chosen by reviewing the literature.

If any work has been done on him, then by what method? After studying this, we can choose which method will be easier for me to choose for my research.

During the literature review, we study what has been done in that area before and how our research will prove useful in that area, that is, our research knowledge gap. How will it be filled? With the help of a literature overview, we determine our research limits.

When reviewing the literature for our research, the biggest question that arises is how long we will review the literature backward.

A standard measure for this is that when reviewing literature for Master’s, then we review the literature of the last ten years, and for Ph.D., we should also review earlier literature.

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Elements of Literature Review

Title: The main work of the title is that the reader should see the title to understand whether it needs to be read or not. The main useful element is known in the title. Let it be known from the head that it is a review of something. The title should be as short as possible, about eight to twelve words. The words used in the title should not be ambiguous.

List of authors: Under the list of authors, we give the name of the authors. If the number of authors is more than one, then we write the authors’ names as a list.

Summary: Under it, write a summary of the evaluation. We use the present tense to write a summary. Laws and materials are written in the past, and conclusions are written in the past. We keep the length of the summary from 200 to 250 words.

Table of Contents: A table of contents is prepared for the written preview, which shows what topics have been discussed in this preview.

Introduction: In the introduction section of the literature preview, there is a discussion about the context, what is being reviewed about it. It consists mainly of three elements –

Subject Background: It discusses the historical and general matters of the research topic.

Problems: Under Problems, the research discusses the problems. The problem for which research is being done.

Motivation / Authenticity: It discusses where the motivation to do this research came from.

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