What is Hybrid Sim Slot: Advantage and Disadvantage – How to Use Extender

Don’t you also know What is a hybrid sim slot? And why does the company use hybrid sim slots? So you have come to the right place.

Today I will give you A to Z all information about Hybrid Sim Slot. So read this post non-stop from beginning to end. In this, not only will you know about the hybrid sim slot. But you will also know the black truth of the company. So let’s start again.

What is Hybrid Sim Slot?

What is Hybrid Sim Slot

To understand What is Hybrid Sim Slot, first, you have to understand the word hybrid. The word hybrid means hybrid. Hybrid in Hindi is called hybrid. When a third thing is formed by mixing two essential things, it is called a hybrid.

Now the hybrid SIM slot is made up of a SIM slot, and a memory card slot called a hybrid SIM slot. Earlier the phone had two SIMs and a separate memory card slot, but now there is a sim tray that contains a SIM slot and memory card. There are both slots. This sim tray has two slots.

You can either insert two SIMs in the hybrid SIM slot or insert one SIM and one memory card.

Benefits of Hybrid Sim Slot

There are some benefits of having a Hybrid Sim Slot, so know the benefits of a Hybrid Sim Slot.

  • Due to this new technology, SIM can be easily extracted and placed with the Sim Ejector Tool’s help.
  • Hybrid Sim Slot puts less pressure on the smartphone’s Cpu Unit.
  • Because of this, consumption of Ram is also low.
  • Battery savings are also reduced due to Hybrid Sim Slot.

What is the Disadvantage of the Hybrid Sim Slot?

If your smartphone has 64GB or 128GB of storage, then you do not need to worry because, in such a situation, you will not need to install an external memory card. But if you have 16GB or 32GB storage in your smartphone, you may face problems later.

In such a situation, your smartphone will fill up and hang. And then, you will either have to delete your data or get a new smartphone because the memory card will not fit into it.

Nowadays, everyone is using a dual sim. Especially with the arrival of Jio, everyone has at least two SIMs. In such a situation, if you buy a phone with a hybrid sim slot, in such a situation, remove the memory card from your heart.

Why Does the Company Use Hybrid Sim Slot?

There was a time when sims used to be very big when phones like big brick came, then there was no lack of space in the phone, but as the phones got smart, their size also reduced. Simultaneously the size of the sim also became smaller.

Now because smartphones have become thinner, the parts inside the phone are also being made smaller. That is why the SIM is also truncated. But despite this, the company says that they have to install many hardware parts in a phone such as rem, processor, storage, camera, Bluetooth, wifi, etc. So there is no space in the phone, and a hybrid sim slot was created to save space. This is where a sim’s place is saved.

The second company says that it wants to give high-performance phones to its customers, but customers put cheap and inferior memory cards in their phones, which affects the phone’s performance.

But I’m afraid I have to disagree with the fact of the company that how much space does a small sim take, which reduces the space for it. And by the way, many companies in the market offer a dedicated sim slot in the same price phone and accessories size.

You can insert two sims and a memory card in a dedicated sim slot, and there are triple slots in it. And speaking of performance, installing a memory card does not affect the phone like that as the company makes excuses.

Their market diplomacy is behind the company doing this; the company wants to get as much money out of you as if a company launched a phone and gave a hybrid sim slot in it. The company removed three variants of its phone, one 16GB, one 32GB, and one 64 GB.

Now the company knows that everyone has two sim cards with the arrival of Jio. In such a situation, no one will put a SIM or a memory card in the phone. Instead, the sim will be put in both slots. And if the customer does so, then he will need more and more internal memory. In such a situation, the customer will buy the company’s high variant phone such as 32GB or 64Gb.

With this, the phones of the company’s high variant will sell more, which will bring maximum profit to the company. But if the company offers a dedicated sim slot in the phone, customers will use the memory card in the 16GB variant after purchasing it. Due to which high variants of the company, i.e., 32 GB and 64 GB phones will be sold less.

A living example of this is Apple. Apple never offers a memory card slot in its phone, so that people buy more 128 GB or 256 GB variants of the iPhone because iPhone users cannot enlarge the external memory of their phones.

In 2017, companies used hybrid sim slots a lot, but as companies saw that the logo’s interest is in the dedicated sim slot, companies also said goodbye to the hybrid sim slot.

How to use Hybrid SIM Slot Extender: How to use two sims and one memory card in Hybrid Sim Slot?

To use two SIMs and a memory card in a hybrid SIM slot, you have to use Hybrid Sim Slot Extender.

Hybrid SIM Slot Extender

If you are wondering what a hybrid sim slot extender is, let me tell you that with a small sim slot adapter, you can insert two sims and a memory card in your hybrid sim slot.

It is not difficult to use it; with this, you get a user guide to get all the steps. You will get this for Rs 200 from Amazon. If you want to buy it, you can buy it from the link given below; here, you will get it only for Rs. 90.

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What is the disadvantage of the Hybrid Sim Slot Extender?

Like you know everything has some advantages and disadvantages, it has some disadvantages as well, you should also know about its damage before buying it.

  • Using Hybrid Sim Slot Extender will increase your phone’s battery consumption. Because you are using two SIMs and a memory card, it is a matter of difference in the two networks’ battery.
  • This will also make a difference in your phone’s ram and processor. May be your phone hangs occasionally.
  • Apart from this, there may be some minor effects on your phone. Since the company has made the phone for one sim and one memory card or two sims, if you use this gadget in such a situation, then it may make some difference on your phone.
  • Now it is also not that using it will damage your phone. This will have a very mild effect on your phone, which may not even be known to you. So if you want to install two SIM and one memory card in one phone, you can use it.


In today’s post, you learned about Hybrid Sim Slot. With this, you also know what Dual Sim Slot is; I hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

For information about the Difference Between Hybrid Sim Slot and Dual Sim Slot, do help with this post. How to use Hybrid Sim Slot Extender, you must have known well through this post. Tell us how you liked this information by commenting.

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