What is FUP? FUP Full Form

What is FUP? Many people do not know about FUP Full Form and its meaning, but you may have heard the name FUP many times, so that it may have occurred to you many times; what is this FUP? And why is it used when all the telecom operators talk about it?

What is FUP

All your questions will be answered here, and we will tell you how many telecom operators, companies with broadband internet. Why do they all keep updating you about it? If you are an internet user, then how do companies control your mobile internet data usage.

You will get all this information in detail but before that, let us know.

What is FUP (infographic)

What is FUP

What is the FUP Full Form?

The Full Form of FUP is Fair Use Policy.

Now it seems that FUP is used by Telecom or any other company to run a plan correctly. Understand that this is a guideline method that companies use to control customer internet data or something else.

If it is understood more straightforwardly,

So using the FUP limit, companies add a lot of guidelines or say policy in their tariff plans. To reduce the load on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and provide a suitable facility for all customers.

If you use a Jio SIM card, you get a FUP limit every day and every month. A customer cannot use internet data above that FUP limit. The company also controls the internet data speed. After a specific limitation, it reduces the internet speed of your phone.

The FUP limit is mainly stated in 2 ways.

Pre FUP limit: When a customer recharges a data pack, the speed he gets is called the Pre FUP limit. Like Jio, Customers get a daily high-speed limit of 1GB, 2GB.

Post FUP Limit: You may have got the idea with the name Post FUP when the customer’s speed after the set limit is called post FUP. They get a chance to use the internet, but their speed is slow.

Post FUP Speed ​​Means

Post FUP Speed ​​means the data speed received after the FUP limit is over. Users who exceed the FUP limit can access the Internet at Post FUP Speed ​​of their broadband or mobile internet.

Many Broadband and Mobile Internet companies offer data at post FUP speed after the FUP limit in their Unlimited Plans.

FUP Full Form in Jio

Jio Fair Use Policy

Apart from the data plan, the FUP limit can also be given in calling in some companies. Similarly, with all the tariff plans of Geo, you can make Geo calls from Unlimited Geo, but it also offers Minutes with FUP for calls from Geo to other networks. This means that these minutes are used when making calls from Geo to other networks.

Advantages of FUP

There is no benefit of FUP for the customer, but telecom companies benefit, and that is why there seems to be a limit with each of their plans so that the use of data can be controlled.

  • All Broadband and Mobile Internet companies can control their users.
  • The necessary use of data is restricted.
  • ISPs have less load.
  • Different limits can be used with different types of plans.

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Friends, I hope you liked the information about what is FUP complete form? And why it is used. All the companies control the customer by using this kind of policy, and it also benefits them a lot. If you have any suggestions or questions about it, please let us know in the comments.

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