Trick to transfer amazon pay balance to bank

Trick to transfer amazon pay balance to bank

While Amazon doesn’t officially offer a direct way to transfer your Amazon Pay balance to your bank account, there are a few workarounds you can try, depending on your needs and convenience. However, please remember that these methods might not be official or guaranteed, and using them might carry some risks. It’s important to use your own discretion and choose the method you feel most comfortable with:

1. Purchase Gift Cards and Sell Them:

  • Buy gift cards: Use your Amazon Pay balance to purchase gift cards for popular brands or online stores. Look for offers with minimal fees or discounts.
  • Sell the gift cards: Once you have the gift cards, sell them online on platforms like Gyftr, Cardtonic, or dedicated Facebook groups. Be wary of scams and choose reputable platforms with buyer protection.
  • Transfer the proceeds: Once you sell the gift cards, the platform will usually transfer the proceeds to your bank account.

2. Mobile Recharge and Bill Payments:

  • Top-up your mobile: Use your Amazon Pay balance to top-up your mobile phone. You can then transfer the mobile recharge amount to your bank account using various platforms like Paytm, PhonePe, or your mobile operator’s app. However, this method often incurs transaction fees, so factor that in.
  • Pay bills: Use your Amazon Pay balance to pay utility bills, insurance premiums, or other eligible bills with online portals or in-person. Some billers might offer options to transfer the amount back to your bank account after receipt. This depends on the specific biller and their policies, so check first.

3. Send Money to Linked UPI Accounts:

  • Link a UPI ID: If you have a bank account with a UPI ID, link it to your Amazon Pay account.
  • Send money: Use your Amazon Pay balance to send money to your linked UPI ID. From there, you can easily transfer the money to your bank account. However, some UPI platforms might have daily transfer limits, so keep that in mind.

Important Caveats:

  • Remember, these methods are not officially supported by Amazon and might carry some risks. Use them at your own discretion and thoroughly research their legitimacy before proceeding.
  • Be aware of potential fees associated with each method, like selling charges, transaction fees, or transfer limits.
  • Never share your Amazon Pay or bank account details with anyone you don’t trust. Be cautious of scams and phishing attempts.

Alternative Option:

Consider utilizing your Amazon Pay balance directly for online shopping on Amazon, Scan & Pay at various stores, bill payments, recharges, gift cards, and other supported services. This could help you avoid the risks and complications associated with transfer methods.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific needs and comfort level. Choose the method that best suits your situation and prioritize safety and security throughout the process.

Trick to transfer amazon pay balance to bank


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