How to Get Toy Design Jobs and Become a Toy Designer

How to Get Toy Design Jobs and Become a Toy Designer, I am going to share information about it with you in this article today. All children like toys. These not only from the perspective of playing but also help in their mental development.

Anyway, nowadays so many new toys have come in the market that they often have to think about before taking them. It is said that never let the child inside you die, and this new form of toy world also creates a lot of career possibilities in the manufacture of toys.

How to Become a Toy Designer


The toy designer’s job is to entertain children with toys and make toys that will provide children with entertainment and education. Toy designing has two things – one is created, and the other is to understand the potential of children so that children can play and also get a chance to learn new things.

In this era of technology, even though things like gadgets and play stations have come on the market today, the craze for soft toys has not been reduced among children. Not only this, but girls also like soft toys a lot.

In such a situation, if you want, you can see a bright future in this area too. In the old times, children used to like soft toys have now replaced guide dolls. So why not explore new career possibilities in this field-

What is the Scope of the Career Market for Toy Designers?

  • It can be understood from this that they can also work in a company or even make toys independently.
  • If desired, you can also open your manufacturing unit.
  • You can write a book on toy design or work as a teacher in an institute.
  • As an interior designer, children’s rooms or playschools can also be designed on the theme of toys.
  • I can also work as a Toy Design Consultant.
  • Once you establish yourself as a designer, there will be no shortage of opportunities and income, but success depends on your creativity.

Work Profile for Toy Designer Jobs

The toy designer’s job is to make toys that will entertain the children and provide education. Toy designers first design toys and then make them. Their work begins with a drawing, sketching, or preparing models from a computer. Then one has to decide how to become every part of the toy. Then their job is to prepare a sample.

How Many Types of Toys

Toys are also of Two Types:

  1. One from which children learn and can also be played with family.
  2. Second, those who are just for fun. In the past, toys were made from natural things, such as wood, stone, or clay, but nowadays, they are made from plastic, fur, and other artificial things.

Today, dolls to mechanical sets, designer board games, puzzles, computer games, stuffed animals, remote control cars, etc., are made.

Skills for Toy Design Jobs

  • To become a soft toy maker, first of all, you should know the art of making toys.
  • It is also essential to have your creative mind to give a different shape and appearance to your toys.
  • You should also be aware of the latest trend in the market to know which types of designs are being liked more and are in demand.
  • In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money by making that kind of soft toy.
  • If you plan to start your own business in this field, you should also have better marketing skills and management skills to grow your business quickly.

Work in Toy Design Jobs

  • The main job of a soft toy maker is not only to make toys. Instead, to establish yourself, you have to do your work differently.
  • For example, if you wish, you can give a soft toy shape to your children’s favorite gadgets.
  • Generally, children love their gadgets or favorite cartoon characters, and if you make a soft toy of the same format, they will surely please the children.
  • Simultaneously, in the field of a soft toy maker, enough attention has to be given to marketing your work correctly, buying raw materials, and supplying the prepared soft toys properly.

Qualification for Toy Design Jobs

To become a soft toy maker, no professional qualification is required.
But to learn the skill of making soft toys, you can do toy-making courses from various institutes.
The duration of the course is from one month to six months.

The Possibilities

  • It is said that there is no cost to art. You, too, can progress quadrupled by learning the art of making soft toys twice a day.
  • There is no shortage of possibilities in this area. You can work in various toy-making companies, or you can also look for self-employment in it.
  • You can start a toy-making business from your home and sell your finished goods to various toy shops and wholesalers.
  • Apart from this, you can also open your shop and sell soft-made soft toys in it at low prices.
  • At the same time, you can earn good money by teaching this art to others. For this, you can run a soft toy making course.

Salary in Toy Design Jobs

  • Income in this area will depend on how big an order you get.
  • Simultaneously, if you open your shop, you can charge a toy from $5 to $6 dollars & 200–300 in Indian rupees to seven-eight thousand rupees according to the toy’s size.
  • Therefore, do your work diligently; there will be no shortage of money.

Course for Toy Design Jobs

Specialized courses are few in this career, but it can be done with the knowledge of graphic design, industrial design, or cartooning. It is essential to have computer knowledge. Teachers, specialists, psychologists, engineers, architects, and computer science graduates can also do toy designing courses.

Some toy designers may also specialize in educational toys. One can do courses in general toys or a particular field, such as model making, board games, soft toys, modeling old toys, etc. Nowadays, the industry of making toys for pets is also increasing!

From 4 to 6 months of basic training and certificate programs to diploma courses are also available in toy designing. You can do time according to your interest. In these courses, the art of toy design is taught with plastic and various types of metals.

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Toy Design Companies in the United States

  1. Dinesol Plastics, Inc.
  2. Applied Rapid Technologies Corp.
  3. Empire Group
  4. Adept, Inc.
  5. Grune Technica
  6. Pinnacle Plastic Products
  7. Tech Products Co., Inc.
  8. ToyArts
  9. Creative Mechanisms, Inc.
  10. Drawbridge CAD Drafting Services
  11. Creative Engineering
  12. Connekt, LLC

Toy Design Internship in the United States

Under the internship, a student gets working with a company, factory, or institution for 2 to 6 months. The goal of this work is to gain practical knowledge. Nowadays, the practice of internship in courses like medical, engineering, management has increased considerably.

In today’s time companies want to give jobs to people who know along with book knowledge. Many things are not written in books. There are many advantages to doing an internship.

By doing this, you know how to work in the industry. Internships provide technical knowledge, soft skills, learning how to work in teams. The corporate environment makes sense.

Internships are of two types: Paid and Unpaid paid internships have a fixed amount of money. No money is spent on unpaid internships. The only certificate is given.

Toy Design Internship Companies

  1. Graphics & Packaging Designer, Super Chewer
    BARKNew York, NY
  2. Graphic Designer, Global Consumer Products
    HasbroBurbank, CA
  3. Designer
    MGA EntertainmentLos Angeles, CA
  4. Product Designer – Girls Toys
    FAR OUT TOYS, INCEl Segundo, CA
  5. Digital Designer, freelance
    WunderLand GroupEnfield, CT
  6. Paw Patrol Toy Designer
    Spin MasterLos Angeles, CA

Toy Design School for Degree in the United States

  1. Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA (Degree Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral)
  2. Rhode Island School of Design – Providence, RI (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  3. Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  4. School of Visual Arts – New York, NY (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  5. Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  6. California College of the Arts – San Francisco, CA (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  7. Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY (Degree Masters)
  8. Maryland Institute College of Art – Baltimore, MD (Degree Bachelor’s, Masters)
  9. Southwest University of Visual Arts – Albuquerque, NM (Degree Masters)


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