Pyria – Symptoms, and Causes of Pyria, and Home Medicine for Pyria (Pyorrhea)

Today we will inform you about the problem of Pyria occurring in the human body and getting a diagnosis from it. The question of Pyria (Pyorrhea) is in the human mouth; it affects the teeth and gums of the person, that’s why today we will provide information about Pyria which will help you avoid this problem in the coming time.

Some of our mistakes cause Pyria Disease, a person does not suffer much from this disease, but this disease can still be dangerous. This disease infects your teeth and gums due to bacteria growing in the mouth, which causes the bones of your teeth to become weak.

Pyria - Symptoms, and Causes of Pyria, and Home Medicine for Pyria (Pyorrhea)

This is a common problem that occurs in 80-90% of people at some time or the other. So by not taking a long time, you know the symptoms of Pyria.

Symptoms of Pyria

If you want never to have a problem with Pyria, you should know about Symptoms of Pyria

  • Which we have told you below.
  • Swollen gums.
  • Bleeding around teeth.
  • Teeth are tingling when drinking cold and hot water.
  • The gap between teeth.
  • Pain on touching teeth.
  • Teeth weakening and pus in them.
  • Bad breath.

Due to Pyria

Pyria is caused by the growth of bacteria in our mouth, and the development of those bacteria is due to some of our mistakes which have been explained to you further.

  • Do not clean the mouth properly.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, paan etc.
  • Do not brace properly.
  • Do not braise after eating food.
  • We are having any stomach problem.
  • Fine particles of food remain in the teeth.

Ways to Avoid Pyria

If you want to avoid the problem of Pyria (Pyorrhea), then you must adopt these measures.

  • Brass at least twice a day.
  • Use soft brass to braise.
  • Be sure to brush or rinse after eating anything.
  • Always do the brass slowly so that even small particles of food can be removed.

Pyria Treatment

Currently, doctors treat Pyria mainly in two ways, some of which include surgery in Pyria Treatment. So let’s know how to treat Pyria.

Nonsurgical Treatment

It includes treatment that patients can quickly get done to get relief from Pyria.


This involves removing Tartar (a combination of teeth) and bacteria from the patient’s teeth and gums with a laser and ultrasonic device to treat Pyria.

Route Planning

In this type of treatment, your teeth are considerably smoothed, due to which no tartar and bacteria are formed on your teeth, which reduces the risk of Pyria.


Topical and Oral Antibiotics medicine is essential to prevent Pyria disease; it helps prevent and eliminate infections and bacteria.

In the event of an increased problem of Pyria, the doctor also recommends some surgery

  • Flap Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Bone Grafting
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration (Guided Tissue Regeneration)
  • Tissue Stimulating Proteins

Homemade Medicine for Pyria

If you have problems with Pyria, you can adopt Pyria (Pyorrhea) homemade medicine to get relief. Here we will give you information about Pyria Treatment Home Remedies which will be very beneficial for you.

  • Rock salt is considered suitable for Pyria. To consume it, take a cup of water, mix one teaspoon of sangha salt in it and then drink it before going to sleep, this will give great relief from Pyria.
  • If you see symptoms of Payriya in you, you should drink lemon water twice a day. This recipe is handy at the beginning time of Pyria.
  • To get relief from Pyria problem, you should grind 5 grams cloves and 3 grams camphor to make a fine powder (like powder of dentin) and then rub this powder on your teeth and gums every day 10 minutes. It will start to fade away slowly.
  • Please take out a spoon of mustard oil in a bowl and then add a little turmeric to it and mix it well and at night, massage your teeth and gums with this mixture, make sure you do not eat anything after the massage. And then gargle with saltwater in the morning. This recipe is very beneficial in Pyria problem.
  • If you make carrot and spinach juice and consume it daily, it will help relieve Pyria.
  • You can also use onion to deal with the problem of Pyria, for this, you take out the onion juice in a bowl and apply it on your teeth and gums, it ends the pain of your teeth, bleeding gums.
  • To deal with Pyria, mix neem, camphor and coal ash well and apply that mixture on your teeth and gums at bedtime and then rinse it with water in the morning, it will be very beneficial for you.

Pyria Medicine Name

There is much Pyria (Pyorrhea) Medicine available in the market to relieve the problem of Pyria, but before taking any such medicine, please consult the doctor of the area concerned once, otherwise it may prove harmful for you. Is.


Today we have learned about the problem of Pyria (Pyorrhea) arising in the face of human beings. You have time to know the initial symptoms mentioned above and get them treated properly so that this problem can be prevented from increasing, and can be diagnosed.

Can go. Hopefully, the information about Pyria given by us will be useful for you. If you like our today’s post-Pyria, share it with your friends and relatives to help if they have problems with Pyria. Thank you!

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