PPE Kit Full Form: What is PPE Kit, Price, Type, and Importance

PPE kit full form is “Personal protective equipment.” PPE is the name of a suit used in the medical department, protecting us from any danger to our body. This is known as personal protective equipment.

It is the tool that is used to protect a person. At present, the PPE suit is being worn by doctors, nurses, or other staff to protect against the coronavirus. It contains gloves, masks, goggles, cases, etc.

PPE Kit Full Form, what is ppe kit, ppe kit price

In treating infected patients with the help of a PPE kit, doctors, nurses, and other staff avoid getting infected and stay safe. If you also want to know what PPE is, the full form of PPE, PPE, is explained.

What is PPE Kit

A PPE kit is personal protective equipment. Just like in a war, swords, spears, and some other weapons are used. Similarly, in Corona Battle, the PPE kit is working on those weapons, i.e., the equipment used for the medical staff’s safety is called the PPE kit.

For your information, this kit contains rubber gloves to protect your hands. The PPE kit includes masks used to protect your nose and mouth, plastic covers for head protection, rubber boots, goggles, and a face shield.

And this whole kit is used by the medical staff like doctors, nurses, and the people who help them, the cleaners because they will not get the corona infection. When the WHO said on March 1 that there was a shortage of safety equipment worldwide to fight the corona, India was not even producing PPE kits. India was dependent on imported goods.

China has the highest production of PPE kits in the world. And considering the prevalence of corona, India has also started mass production of this kit. India is producing 12,000 or more PPE kits per day. Under the Centre’s health department’s direction, 25 different companies in the country are making it to fight against COVID-19. Gokuldas Export, Kusumagar Industry, Shahi Export, Aditya Birla Fashion, etc.

PPE Kit Full Form

The full form of PPE is “Personal Protective Equipment,” pronounced “Personal protective equipment.”

Personal Protective Equipment

According to the National Institutes of Health, personal protective equipment is specially designed to treat any severe illness or surgery.

It is needed in many conditions such as chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, infection, etc. It provides protection. Its protection protects human eyes, ears, skin, hands, feet, head, and whole body.

PPE Kit Levels

PPE is mainly prepared for four levels. It is divided into Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D. Level A PPE is currently used to protect against the ongoing coronavirus infection. This includes everything from the respiratory system to the cover to make the shoes protective. It prevents coronavirus from coming into contact with the body. This is why doctors are using PPE to avoid coronavirus infection.

Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (How PPE Suits Protect)

PPE is the name of personal protective equipment, i.e., in simple language, it protects. It is essential for doctors and nurses, and other staff to wear this suit before visiting a patient infected with coronavirus and during his treatment.

This suite provides multiple layers of protection to doctors and nurses to easily avoid coronavirus infection. This suit is manufactured in the best scientific way; it gives the most protection to the respiratory system.

Why PPE Kit is Under Discussion

Coronavirus infection has affected India as well as the rest of the world. Doctors and related staff need to be more vigilant to avoid this.

PPE Kit Full Form, what is ppe kit, ppe kit price

During the treatment and care of patients infected with the coronavirus, so far, many such cases have come to light from all over the world, in which doctors have also become infected during the treatment. Therefore, a particular type of suit has been designed for doctors’ safety, which is called PPE, i.e., Personal Protective Equipment.

You have been provided information about PPE, i.e., Personal Protective Equipment. If you want to get other information related to this, you can ask through the comment box.

PPE Kit Price

PPE kits are priced from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 in india

The PPE kit, being manufactured in India, holds unmatched quality to international standards. This means that this kit can also be exported and will go a long way in meeting the shortage in India.

PPE Kit Price

It is currently mass-produced. According to the information, the price per kit can be around 650 rupees. So far, the PPE kit being imported in India is costing more than 2000 rupees.

Different Types of PPE Kit

Here is a description of the essential items covered under PPE kits, which the doctors need to treat corona and their caring nurses.

  1. Face shields
  2. Glasses and goggles
  3. Gloves
  4. Headcovers
  5. Masks
  6. Masks with respirators
  7. Shoe covers
  8. Full gown

Coronavirus can also occur by touching or touching a place or material that has been connected by a corona infected. Therefore, professionals who are involved in the treatment of patients need a proper PPE kit.

There is no chance of getting infected. Not only healthcare professionals, but it is also needed for those who carry the dead bodies or who come in contact with patients due to any other reason.


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