Noise Pollution Essay for Students and Children

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution is defined by the activities that harm human or animal life due to unwanted disturbances caused by noise elements like machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, trains and outdoor noise including environmental noises.

Noise refers to unwanted sound and has adverse effects on people and the environment. Sound becomes unwanted when it either hampers day to day activities like sleeping, conversation, or ebbs the quality of life.

Noise Pollution Essay
Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution can lead to both health and behavioural problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery disease, increased blood pressure, high stress levels and hearing problems in humans. Symptoms of noise-instigated stress include sudden losses of temper, irritability, depression, aggression, hostility, and argumentative behaviour.

Also, it has pernicious effects on the existence of wildlife, for example, Zebra finches become less faithful to their partners when exposed to traffic noise. It leads to reduction in usable habitat, hearing problems, etc.

Until the 1970s governments all over the world didn’t consider noise as an environmental threat. But, later it was considered as a threat to human health and precautionary measures were taken to reduce noise pollution and create awareness. International Noise Awareness Day is a worldwide campaign which was sun in 1996 by the Center of Hearing and Communication (CHC), intended to raise awareness about the impact of noise on the welfare and health of people.

Also, the government of India has enforced rules and regulations against firecrackers and loudspeakers, but enforcement is awfully slack. Awaaz (sound) Foundation is yet another initiative taken by Indian government. It is an NGO functioning to control noise pollution from various sources through advocacy, public interest litigation, awareness, and educational campaigns since 2003.

Noise pollution has adverse effects on the wellbeing of mankind and animal life. Therefore, we must take required steps in order to minimise noise pollution to maintain ecological system.

In order to reduce noise, we must limit heavy vehicles on road, use quieter jet engines, and redesign industrial equipments to make them eco-friendly. Quiet programs and initiatives have been taken up as an attempt to reduce occupational noise exposures. These programs encourage the purchase of quieter tools and equipment and persuade manufacturers to design quieter equipment as precautionary measure.

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