Microwave Oven Measurements: Tips to Choose Without Errors

Microwave Oven Measurements : Thanks to their versatility, microwaves oven have become an essential appliance in kitchens. Know the sizes and models to buy well.

Certain artifacts cannot be missing in a kitchen. The classics are the kitchen and the refrigerator, but the microwave today also integrates essential appliances in any home.

If you are about to renew it, it is necessary to know what the microwave oven measurements are to integrate it into space without complications.

Microwave Oven Measurements:
Microwave Oven Measurements:

Given the centrality these devices have gained in homes and offices, models of different sizes and very different functions have emerged.

Some incorporate an oven, others defrost, boil and allow you to cook all kinds of food, and some options have innovative technology to program actions even when you are far away.

Microwave Oven Measurements: Size Matters

When you have to buy a microwave oven, you will have to think about its characteristics of use and operation and its dimensions.

It is essential because they are more significant than one might suppose, they are deep, and they must be well integrated into our kitchen.

In addition, we also have to evaluate the different measurements of the microwave-based on how many people use it and for what.

Whether it is only used to heat a plate or cup is one thing; If you cook and heat essential things, you will need good capacity.

A good option is to look at the diameter of the internal turntable to see if the containers you are going to use will fit there.

Therefore, knowing what the standard sizes are will save you frustration.

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Microwave Oven Measurements: Keys to Choose

Microwave capacity is measured in litres, and the range is usually 17 to 40 litres. To avoid confusion, we will write the measurements in this order: height x width x depth.

Microwave Oven Measurements: Keys to Choose
Microwave Oven Measurements: Keys to Choose

Small Microwaves Oven (17 and 18 Litres)

These are the two smallest measurements and are a good option if you have a kitchen with limited space or live alone or with your partner.

The measurements of both are 46.2 x 29 x 32 centimetres, so if you choose one or the other, it will be almost the same. Bear in mind that some brands may vary these dimensions by a few millimetres.

20-Litre Microwave

It is the most chosen size and the most frequent in homes. Their measurements vary from 44 to 45 centimetres in height, 25.7 to 26 wide and 33.5 to 34 deep.

21-Liter Model

Its measurements are 51 x 42 x 28 centimeters. They are a perfect option for heating or defrosting medium-sized plates and dishes.

23-Litre Model

The dimensions are similar to the previous one, with the difference that it has a little more depth. Its measurements are: 48.5 width x 29.2 height x 38.6 centimeters.

Large Model (25 and 28 Litres)

If you are looking to combine a good size with reasonable measurements, this is a good option. Its measurements are 48.3 x 42.6 x 28.1 centimeters.

XXL Model (36 or 44 Litres)

It is quite rare for someone to buy this type of microwave. If you have a huge family, this size will come in handy for heating or defrosting large amounts of food. Its measurements are: 65 x 52.6 x 47.1 centimeters.

You must take the measurements of the place where you will place it before buying, and keep in mind that you must plug it in and leave a couple of centimetres behind to ventilate.

At the same time, remember that there are two types of microwaves: the built-in or built-in microwaves, which are embedded in the kitchen furniture, and the independent or table-top ones, which are the most common.

Recommended Microwave Oven Brands
Recommended Microwave Oven Brands

Once the size issue is resolved, it is advisable to consult the brands with a good market experience. Among those that you can get in India and USA, you have several exciting options:

How to Buy a Good Microwave Oven

How to Buy a Good Microwave Oven
How to Buy a Good Microwave Oven

You already have a lot of information. Finally, remember to pay attention to a few more questions:

  • Door: that opens and closes quickly and has an excellent transparent surface to see inside. It must be resistant.
  • Functions: choose a device with the parts that are useful to you. Some are not so necessary and make the instrument more expensive.
  • Locking system: make sure it has an excellent method to break if it is open. This is a handy feature, especially if you have little kids.
  • Grill: Although it is not an essential function, it can be beneficial. You can use them for cooking and gratin, and it is ideal for making quick recipes; it is a great help.
  • Power: the administration must be 1000W or a close number. Larger microwaves typically have various power levels. It is helpful for faster defrosting, for example.

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