Koyal Bird – Cuckoo Bird Detail Information

In this post, I will give you detailed information about Koyal Bird, The sound of the cuckoo bird of Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird is very melodic and full of sweetness. Everyone loves this voice.

Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird

Let me tell you that Koyal (Cuckoo) is a very moving bird; it lays its eggs in others’ nests, and another bird lays its egg.

Koyal Bird - Cuckoo Bird Detail Information

Not only this, but the cuckoo’s children are also born as IEC drivers when they come out of the eggs, and the other birds of that snake are also left.

After a few days, the Koyal Bird children fall and kill the other children one by one with the snails.

After this, the Koyal children continue to grow up by eating alone, in such a way that the mother of that slurry does not get a slight inking.

Koyal Bird in English

The Koyal bird’s English Name is Cuckoo


Size of Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird

  • Cuckoo’s dialect is as lovely as its color is not beautiful; there is a difference in the male and female Koyal size.
  • The male Koyal (Cuckoo) bird’s color is dark black; its eyes are red and weeping like feathers in the neck.
  • The male cuckoo’s voice is sweeter than the voice of the female cuckoo, which everyone likes to hear.
  • The smallest cuckoo in the world, called Little Bronze-Cuckoo, is only 6 inches in length and weighs about 17 grams.
  • The largest Koyal bird in the world is named Channel Billed Koyal; its length is 25 inches and weighs 630 grams.

Where does the Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird Live

  • Cuckoo (Koyal) is found mostly in India; it is also found in other countries of the world. It appears every year in spring and disappears the rest of the time.
  • Let me tell you, a Koyal never lands; it always fires on trees.
  • The cuckoo is a bird found in all places of the world except Antarctica. But the variation in its species has been observed at different locations.
  • The place of residence of the Koyal in the forest sometimes comes in the village gardens and utters its sweet voice.

Voice of Koyal Bird – Cuckoo Bird Sound

  • The quote of the Koyal bird is sweeter than all birds. Let me tell you that the surf male cuckoo is only Kuhoo… Kuhu… Emits a lovely voice.
  • Let us tell you that a clock is coming out of the Koyal bird called Cuckoo Clock; this clock was invented in 1730 by ‘Franz Anton Ketterer.’

How Many Names does Koyal Bird Have?

  • There are about 120 types of cuckoo, and people call it cuckoo by different names in different countries of the world.
  • Cuckoo is in France, Koekoek in Holland, Kuckuk in Germany, Kukush-ka in Russia, Japan Kak-ko and Koel or Koyal in India.

What is Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird Food

The Koyal (Cuckoo) is a small fat insect with its food, insects, Sundries, prawns, and ants like to eat more.

Nature of Koyal (Cuckoo) Bird

There is a lot of hostility between crows and Koyal. (Cuckoo) cheats crows very easily. It lays eggs in Chait-Baishakh.

It lays eggs in its crust in the absence of crows, and children resemble crows’ eggs and children.

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That is why it helps them to be raised by crows. When the children grow up, then they fly away from the crows’ nest. Spring season and mango tree or orchard is more dear to it; it does not sit on the same branch for long.

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