Juice Shop Business Plan 2022 | How to Start a Juice Shop

Juice shop business plan: India is considered to be a health-conscious country since time immemorial, as well as the awareness of people about health is increasing, so the business of juice, shake shop business is ready Doing, can be seen as a profitable deal.

In the modern era, the juice is becoming a necessity in people’s routine. Starting a fruit juice shop business through the current situation and future perception is not at all a loss deal.

There are many types of juice, which can be changed according to the season. And it should also be changed so that different types and tastes of juices will be available at the same place. Juice has always been very useful for health.

Juice can be taken in any season due to deterioration of health and condition. Juices never harm health. Various things should be kept in mind for.

Juice Shop Business Plan

Juice Shop Business Plan
Juice Shop Business Plan

What is a juice shop business?

All types of fresh fruit, vegetable juices are provided in the juice shop business. This business can be started with a single fruit or juice of different fruits. In this business, the choice of the customers is taken care of as the customers’ choice is taken care of. Profit and loss of business are dependent. This business always flourishes around the hospital or in a place with a very populated population.

Nowadays people are using the gym to a great extent to keep themselves fit, due to which there is a good crowd in the gym in the morning, and only then there is a lot of juice sales around the gym.

There is a bargain for the profit; if there is no omission from the quality of the juice, then this business creates a good image among its customers in a short time.

How to start a juice shop

1) Choose the right place for the juice shop

To start a juice shop, it is very important to first choose the place for the shop, whether the shop is in the middle of a big market, around the hospital, or on the main road of people coming and going so that people can see- Go to your shop and people do not have to think much to get juice.

2) Need of staff for juice shop

To start this business, you will need at least three employees. Two employees will make juice and shake, and one will be cutting, chopping the fruits, and you can sit at the cash counter.

3) Raw material for juice shop

Fresh fruits, vegetables, ice-creams for shakes, milk, ice, and some dry fruits

4) Utensils and equipment for juice shop

Equipment for Juice Shop your Juice Shop
Equipment for Juice Shop your Juice Shop

Before the start of the shop, it is necessary to arrange all the necessary equipment to get the juice out and to keep the juice at bay. At least three branded juicer machines for making shakes and juices, a refrigerator to store fruits and ice creams, a chopping A fruit juice shop can be started keeping in mind all these things such as boards and fruit slicers, some glass tumblers of different sizes (250 ml, 500 ml), some bowls, knife spoons, etc.

How much does the juice shop cost, and how much will the profits be

Juice shop business that can be started easily at a very low cost from 40,000 / – to 50,000 / – to get juice and cold stove machines, utensils, and equipment, initially some low fruit juices. It can be used, as soon as the taste of the customers is assessed, the business can be increased.

It costs 12 / – to 15 / – to make a glass of juice. Glass gives a profit of 6 / – to 10 / -. There is no need to put much cost to start this business, starting at a low cost. It can be increased further by making good profits in the tax business.

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How to advertise your juice shop

In the modern era, network marketing is the era. Before doing business on a product, it is very important to know the network of that product so that the business can be pursued accordingly.

How to Advertise Your Juice Shop
How to Advertise Your Juice Shop

Nowadays, it is not at all difficult to promote any product; Through network marketing, you can reach your product to the maximum number of people in a short time, network marketing should be taken along to promote fruit juice shop.

So that people get to know the specialty of the juice shop, and then the customer will be able to taste the juice. At the beginning of the business, try to test the taste of the customer and at the same time take feedback from the customers so that the customers’ choice According to the juice can be made of good quality and the juice can be made available to as many people as possible.

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How to get a license for a juice shop

Many types of registrations have to be done to start a juice business. Only after registration is you allowed to open a juice shop. Before starting the shop, it is necessary to take FSSAI LICENSE and TAX REGISTRATION. After taking the license and registration, the municipality, Maha Nagar It is also necessary to get a business license from Palika Parishad, etc., only then the shop is allowed to start legally.

If the trader can get the benefits of schemes given by the Government of India on small businesses, it is also necessary to register separately for doing business of juice shop. Food Safety Standards Authority of India license and Tax Registration is highly compulsory.

Apart from this, the merchant should also register his trademark. It is mandatory to get the license done before starting the shop because in the future, the merchant will not face any kind of trouble, and in these works, any Only kind of business can harm business.

Many times there are chances of business interruption if these rules are not fulfilled, then for all these reasons it is profitable to start the business without any hindrance and hassle, through all these information, to make profit in the business of fruit juice shop And through this business, many new employment opportunities will also open. Overall, the fruit juice shop business is a profitable business at a low cost.

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Few Tips and Advice

  1. Try to find the location of your juice shop business nearest market and gym area, here the population of youth, women are found.
  2. Appoint at least one physically smart employee for your juice shop
  3. Give some discounts and facilities to your customer in your juice shop, all this will increase the number of customers


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