How to Write Address on Speed Post

Today in this article I teach you How to write address on speed post, the Indian Post Office has gone entirely digital, and you now see employees working on computers there.

Until a few years ago, it was not so that the speed post was so slow that it did not reach the time. Sometimes it would take months for a position to contact us.

How to Write Address on Speed Post

Today, we know what this Speed ​​Post is and how it works and how to understand how to do Speed ​​Post?

What is Speed ​​Post

Speed ​​Post is one of the fastest services of Indian Postie Indian Post to send any letter, money order, or Post from anywhere in India to any other place very quickly. It takes up to a week to reach regular post service, but speed post goes within three days.

This service is very cheap, so any common man can use it and send goods and posts through it. Indian post service is affordable as well as secure.

How to Write Address on Speed Post

Even today, everyone needs to send posts in our country. Perhaps you will know how to send it, but some people know how to post speed? For them, I am going to tell you all how to send posts here. From now on, you will not need to know anyone; instead, you will be able to post speed by going to the post office itself quickly.

How to Write Address on Speed Post
  • When you go to post speed, you have to send it in the envelope before the delivery. For this, use only the standard envelope size set by the Indian government.
  • You fill the From and To address correctly in your envelope because if the address is not correct, then it will not reach the place you sent and will come back. For this, you should use a standard envelope size only. There is a proper place to enter the address; just fill you in from From and To.
  • Keep one thing in mind that along with your name and address, enter your mobile number and also the mobile number of the address you are sending, which will be active. If you do not reach the right address, then the post office contacts you to get there or inform them so that the post office itself can receive it.
  • You must write “SPEED POST” on the top of your envelope.
  • Your Post is now ready. To post the speed, you go to the post office and go to the counter there and give it. Now he will weigh that Post and will tell his charge accordingly. It will provide you with the receipt of the speed post, in which the consignment number will be there.
  • Please keep the receipt given to you very carefully, because by using the consignment number written on it, you will track your speed post.
  • If you have difficulty getting or sending speed posts, you can lodge a complaint or complaint in the Indian Post by using the consignment number.
  • Friends, you must have now understood how to send speed posts.

How to Track Speed Post

Friends have acquired a lot of information about speed post so far and have also understood how to send speed posts. But when we send a speed post, we always think of when our Post will reach where we have sent it. So we are going to talk about this that after posting this speed, they track it.

  • You must first open the official website of the Indian Post.
  • Here you will see Track N Trace, below that you have to tick the Consignment Number.
  • Fill the Consignment Number in your receipt in the box here and then fill in the captcha code below.
  • Now you click on the Track Now button, you will immediately know your Speed ​​Post status.

Click Here Speed Post Tracking

How to Track Speed ​​Post by SMS

Friends, if you hit the speed post by going to the website of Indian Post, you get complete information, but apart from this, you can also know the status of your speed post without internet. Let us know how to track via SMS.

Open your mobile’s message box.

  • Now write POST TRACK here and then put the Consignment Number with it.
  • Now send it to SMS on 51969 or 166, for this you will be deducted from the standard SMS charge.
  • After sending the SMS, you will get the status of Speed ​​Post in the inbox.

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In this post today, I have tried to let everyone know very well what is a speed post and how to write an address on Speed ​​Post, how to send it, and how to track your Post after sending it. If you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends too.

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