How to Unlock SD Card Password

Many people accidentally set the password on the SD Card / Memory Card, or many people forget to set the SD / Memory Card Password because they know how to face many problems later. If you also forgot your password by locking your SD / Memory Card, there is no need to worry about it because some such tools & software have been told here. With the help of which you can unlock any SD / Memory Card and store and access Store Data in it.

Many users set Memory Card Password to lock themselves from Computer or Mobile and in many old Mobiles, sometimes Automatically Memory lock was set. Those who set Lock by themselves, know how Password Protected or Locked Memory Cards are.

How to Unlock SD Card Password

But the people who have not even put the password and their SD card is locked, then they do not know. How are Locked Memory Cards, if you are also among them, then for these reasons you can find out how Password Protected Memory Card is.

The locked SD card only works on the phone from which it is closed.
Its data can be accessed only in the device from which the SD card is locked.
Whenever you insert a locked memory card into another mobile or computer, it will not open.

Tricks to Unlock Memory Card Password

There are many tricks on the Internet whose help SD / Memory Password Remove or Memory Card can be unlocked. But there are some tricks which remove data along with your SD Card Password. But the tools and software mentioned here will save your data from being deleted along with unlocking the memory card.

How to Unlock Memory Card Password on Android phone

In today’s time, everyone has an Android Phone, in such a way it is the easiest and most popular way to unlock the memory card and you can open the SD / Memory Card Password from Android Phone by looking at these easy steps.

ES File Explorer


  1. Download and install the app named ES File Explorer.
  2. Insert the password protected memory card into the phone and reboot the phone once.
  3. Open the ES File Explorer App and go to System Folder.
  4. Go to mmcstore File from System Folder.
  5. Rename the mmcstore file with mmcstore.txt and open it.
  6. Now here you will get the password of the memory card, you note it down.
  7. Now you come to the Memory Card option and where it is written remove the memory card password, click on it and enter the password. The password will be removed from your memory.


Friends, if you were looking for such tools for your Android Phone, Memory Card Unlock or remove SD Card Password. So there is no better tool than ES File Explorer because one is a completely free tool and second it straightforwardly unlocks the Locked Memory Card.

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