How to Start a Hotel Business in India

The hotel business in India is a very fast-growing business. However, it can be called an old business because many people are already working in this business and making a good income, such an old business.

Even though the hotel business can still be seen growing, there are many reasons behind it, as we know that India is a country where a large number of tourists come to see the beauty of India, especially in this At the time tourism is getting a big boost, this is also a big reason for starting the hotel business.

When a person moves from his city to another city, he likes to stay in a hotel. This market has become so significant today that you can open any hotel and get customers, just the condition.

This is why the service and quality of the hotel should be good, so the hotel business can be an excellent option to earn good money. Some of the main points related to the hotel business are.

How to Start a Hotel Business in India

How to Start a Hotel Business in India
How to Start a Hotel Business in India

Importance of hotels in today’s era

The world of the 21st century is a world of development, no less in anything. All countries are making their move towards developed countries. In today’s time, hotels had become familiar, even before it was necessary, first in India.

There used to be a Dharamshala to stay in the pilgrimage site, which is still there, but keeping in mind the convenience with time, hotels are being opened in today’s time. You will get to see different types of hotels in the tourist areas. The appearance of the hotel is changing over time.

How do you open your hotel?

  • To open a hotel, your plan should be good and right, which you do not have any profit; hotel is a game of gambling, there are advantages and losses.
  • The first thing you must remember to open a hotel is the location, i.e., where is your hotel? It would help if you opened the hotel in the city or around the tourist place, and it is essential to have good routes to reach the hotel.
  • You can give the interior of different different types to your hotel room. You can design a hotel room as single, double, triple, quad, queen, twin, studio, or design a suite as a master suite or mini-suite.
  • While opening your hotel, keep in mind that all the paperwork is not complete. Otherwise, you may have a problem.
  • While opening the hotel, one should also keep in mind that the type of toilet you are using in the hotel room should be given special attention by western and natives; at least you should have a room with two bathrooms.
  • Sofa, TV in the room. , Telephone, WiFi connectivity, AC and Non AC room, all the same bathroom, all the same kitchen, the same room required, etc. is necessary.
  • The hotel should have a lawn, hall, garden, and parking.

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Plan an investment before opening your hotel

The hotel business is a business that demands a lot of investment from you. However, if you want to start this business only then, you can also do it for less money, provide a quality service to the customer, and invest more.

It will be necessary to have a good plan for its investment. Investments in the hotel business are in many different departments. You have to determine how much capital you have to invest in which department.

Make plans for E-Commerce before opening your hotel.

Today every person is online; he asks Google to ask people to get information about anything; this means that today’s youth is more dependent on online communication, so if you ignored it, then a lot of Big groups of customers will not know about it you.

Before traveling in the digital world, it is determined where to stay and where to eat; in such a situation, using the time you connect your hotel to the online platform, you can register and run your hotel with different websites. Is. With websites like, and etc.,

you can give a new flight to your hotel business, and customers can book a room in your hotel right from home. Will take. By adding e-commerce, half the promotion is done by the e-commerce company; you also avoid advertising.

Make necessary registration to open the hotel.

Whenever you start your hotel business, you have to get many permits and registrations, etc., for this; only then is your business officially recognized. Otherwise, your business is considered illegal, then let’s know What roles you have to register for the hotel business.

Building permit

If you have your land, then you start construction in it, then you have to take permission from the Municipal Corporation and the Municipality. If taken from rent, then you check the legal paper and take it from the rent.

Fire safety permit

For any building built for business, it is necessary to get a fire safety permit if your hotel does not have a fire safety permit, and if there is a fire in it, you can also be charged with a police case. To get a license, you have to get permission from the Fire Department related to the Municipal Headquarters.

Bar registration

If you want to provide the bar’s facility, you have to get the license of the bar from the Excise Department. Otherwise, I will be arrested for selling illegal liquor.

FSSAI Food Business Registration

FSSAI is an organization that oversees food safety in food-related businesses. If you want to open restaurants etc., in your business, you have to register yourself with FSSAI; only then do you have restaurants in your hotel Can open.

GST registration

GST registration, which is known as Good and Service Tax, you have to do GST registration before starting your business; after that, you will get a TIN, and there will be no problem in your hotel due to transparency.

Business registration

In business registration, you will have to register your company name. You have to tell that you want to make this private limited, or public limited, you can report it in the Department of Commerce and Industrial.

Police license to open your hotel

To start a hotel business, it is essential to get the registration done in the police station, keeping security in mind, allowing you to open the hotel.

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How to Attract Local Customers to Your Hotel?

If you want to bring the local customer of your city to your hotel, then make some such arrangement in your hotel, then prevail among the people in your town, for example, you can create one of the most popular recipes of your city your hotel cheaply. Can sell for prices

How to Attract Local Customers to Your Hotel?
How to Attract Local Customers to Your Hotel?

Also, if there are some famous places in your city where people come from far and wide to visit, the best way to get them to your hotel is to make a tie-up with the tourist guide whoever the customer will bring; in return, you will give him some commission, in addition to this, you can also place some agent in such places, who can find a customer for you.

Along with this, you can also register your hotel business at; this is a website that tells about the local amenities of the city whenever we go to an unknown city, then look for a good hotel. Search etc., on this website; you will have to pay some money to register your business.

What are the requirements to start a hotel business?

You will need to buy a lot in the hotel business. For example, you have started a ten-room AC hotel, in which you have also created a restaurant. For this, you will need the following things:

Single or double bed, television, telephone, chair, table, bed sheet, mattress, blanket, pillow, phone, bulb for light, etc., AC, all bathroom accessories, same for kitchen, a receptionist counter is a thick It is calculated that the quality of all these is essential, the better rate you will keep, the more your customers will like the facilities of the hotel.

How much investment will have to be made to start a hotel?

The amount of money you can invest in the hotel business is meager; this is a business in which you need a lot of money, if you want, you can take a loan from the bank to start your hotel business; for this, you need to bank Have to show a good business plan.

The time is changing, in such a situation, you will have to maintain standard maintenance to give a low room hotel at an affordable price, only then your business will be successful, in such a situation, you start from 30-40 rooms, and both non AC and AC luxury rooms Invest in, if you invest 30-35 lakhs, then your hotel will be beautiful, you will earn easily.

Business is like gambling in such a situation; if you are worried about profit and loss, you can consult CA and keep an investor for your hotel, which does not face any crisis.

With this, you start the hotel only when you are financially competent. For a few months after beginning the hotel business, you have to invest money in the company itself, which includes the salary of your staff, etc.

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How much profit can be made by starting a hotel business?

It is challenging to tell profit from hotel business here because everyone’s business does not run the same, the figure doesn’t need to be suitable for someone, it also turns out to be right for you, but it is definitely that hotel business also gives you opportunities to earn millions. For this, you have to take some reasonable steps related to business marketing.

The hotel business is considered a very profitable business in our India. If your hotel is in a good location and your service is better than other hotels, you can earn millions of months from this business.

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