How to Get Barkat in Home: Cause of Poverty

How to Get Barkat in Home: Today, everyone complains that there is no market in the house, no Barkat in money, there is trouble in the house, and the needs are not met even after having money.

If this is the case with you, you must first find the cause of this problem and then eliminate the cause which ends the barkat in our house and causes problems.

Today, in this article, we will tell you about many such works that eliminate Barkat in your house, which results in poverty, such works that cause problems in life.

How to Get Barkat in Home_ Cause of Poverty

Let us know which things or work are done, which leads to Barkat from home, which brings poverty.

30 Things that don’t Work at Home

If you too are troubled by poverty, poverty, and neglect at home, you should refrain from doing these things and things, which we will tell you here.

If you stay away from such works, then poverty will be removed from your home, and you will return to Barkat.

1. PissingInstead of Bath

If you also urinate instead of going to a bath, it can also be the reason for your house’s poverty.

2. To Cut a Broken Kanji

Kanga from broken kanji is also considered inauspicious.

3. Using Broken Items

Like, eating food in a broken pot, etc., such things that we use every day.

4. Keeping Garbage in the House

Many people do not keep cleanliness in their houses. Let them know that, due to ancient and senior experience, this work also becomes a cause of disgrace.

5. Misbehaving with Relatives

Many people have a habit of making fun of their relatives.

6. Wearing Pajamas with Left Foot

Wearing pajamas or slippers with the left foot is also considered inauspicious.

7. Getting Angry When a Guest Arrives

Some people make a terrible mouth when a guest arrives, just waiting for them to leave.

8. Expend More

The habit of spending more than income makes you poor one day.

9. Eating Bread with Teeth

Eating bread with teeth is also considered inauspicious.

10. Tooth Nail

Biting nails with teeth can not only hurt but also spoil the nails.

11. Wearing Pajamas Stand-Up

From the experience of the elderly, it is not good to wear pajamas and paint.

12. Tie a Woman’s Hair

Many women wear or tie hair while standing; this habit of theirs is also due to poverty.

13. Staying Asleep Until the Morning Sunsets (Wake up Late)

There are excellent benefits of getting up early in the morning.

14. Urinating Under the Tree

It is also considered wrong to urinate under a tree; this also brings poverty in the house.

15. Talking Inside the Toilet

Today’s people are very busy, so they talk through mobiles, even inside the toilet.

16. Reverse Gold

Many people get good sleep by lying upside down when they should know that their habit is nasty.

17. Laughing in the Cemetery

Laughing in a cemetery or crematorium is also considered inauspicious.

18. Leave Drinking Water Open at Night

Drinking water should not be left open at night.

19. Taking Bad Care

It is also not good to think ill of someone or to bring wrong thoughts to mind.

20. Wash Hands and Eat Food

Eating food without washing hands also ends Barkat at home.

21. Cursing Your Child at all Times

It is not good to keep fighting your child all the time. This makes God angry.

22. Sitting at the Door

Some people have a habit of sitting at the door, or they like it, whereas it is said that they should not even sleep by turning to the door.

23. Burn Garlic and Onion Peels

Instead of throwing away the onion, garlic, etc., some women burn them in the stove itself, leaving the grain intact.

24. Extinguish a Candle or Lamp

You must have heard from your parents or any other elderly that things like candles, incense sticks, etc., should not be extinguished by blowing.

25. Swearing False

Making false promises also causes problems in human life.

26. Do not Straighten it by Looking Upside Down

If you see reverse slippers, then straighten them immediately because this sandal can also change your life.

27. Spider Web at Home

The house spider web is a sign of desolation, so spider traps should not be kept in the house.

28. Sweep at Night

Brooming during the night is also considered unsuitable. Even by doing this, there is no market in the house.

29. Do not Donate

Not donating also keeps the house going, and poverty comes.

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How to Get Barkat in Home: These are the things or work that are not done at home, which bring poverty. There are many things that the elders have described with their experience and are prohibited from doing these things.

If you also want that you have a home, then avoid such activities, make every effort to get rid of these tasks, only then poverty and trouble can be removed from your home.

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