How to File F.I.R Online: The Process of Filing an Online F.I.R. Without Going to the Police Station.

How to do Online F.I.R: In today’s time, all the work can be done online, you will have information about online shopping, form filling, but do you know that now we can file F.I.R. online too. People know very well that it is not necessary to go to the police station to register an F.I.R. against unknown people.

In our country, registering an F.I.R. is considered a massive problem because we have to first go to a designated police station. Then waiting for our turn and answering a lot of police questions, that’s why we have to face many problems. Realizing this problem of ours, the facility of filing F.I.R.s has been started by the police.

how to file fir online

With F.I.R. Copy Online’s help, you can get any lost item like driving license, mobile sim, passport, etc. If you also want to know when and how to register an online F.I.R. And how to do Online Police Complaint in central states like – Online F.I.R. Bihar, Online FIR UP, Online F.I.R. Delhi, so stay connected with us till the end of this post.

​How to ​Register ​Online F.I.R

​To register an online F.I.R., it is necessary to know what the online F.I.R. can do. As we have told you above, online F.I.R. can only be done about an unknown person, which can be any of the following:

  • ​Citizens can give information about lost items such as mobile phones, SIM cards, documents etc., through online F.I.R
  • ​To provide information about incidents and suspicious activities without disclosing your identity.
  • ​Giving information about the unknown dead body or missing person.
  • Information of vehicles stolen or authorized with the help of engine number, registration number or chasing a number.

​Online F.I.R. You can take the help of the instructions shown below for writing:

​How to File F.I.R Online


Visit Website

​First of all, open the police’s official website of the state where you have to file an F.I.R.


File Complaint Option

​Now open the option of civil service or complaint registration from the website. This option will be found at a different location due to each state’s policy’s various websites.


​Register F.I.R.

​If you are using this service for the first time, then by clicking on “New User,” you will have to create a login account with a mobile number and email. If you are already registered, you can directly open the online registration page with your I.D. and password.


​Fill Details

​Fill in the complete information asked in the online F.I.R. application form, like location, time, type, etc., of the event thoroughly.


​Submit F.I.R.

​Check all the information you have filed once and click on “Submit”.


​Enter Verification Code

​After submission, the verification code will come on the mobile number you have entered; enter this code. With which your report will be submitted, and you can remove the copy of Online F.I.R.

​F.I.R. File ​Link of the Official Website

​For online F.I.R. status and new complaint, we are providing the link of the official website of some central states police below, with the help of which you can easily open the website.

​You can make Online Police Complaint very quickly with the help of the link given above.

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​”Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System” is a mission mode project of India’s Government. Under this, all police stations and police head offices in each state of the country are being connected to all police stations with the help of computers and the Internet, which can help maintain law and order and help the public as soon as possible. Very suitable step.Friends, today we have brought you ​How to File F.I.R Online via this post. How to do online F.I.R. and provide other information related to online F.I.R., if you have any question related to it, you can ask us in the comment if you liked the post, then share the information of online F.I.R. with your friends too. Could you do it?

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