9 Ways to Clean Copper Bottles and Utensils at Home

How to Clean Clean Copper Bottle and Utensils: We will tell you some tips that you can easily clean copper bottles and utensils by following them. So let us tell you to shine a copper pot.

Many types of utensils are commonly used in our kitchens, including steel, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and brass utensils and bottoms. Steel and stainless steel utensils are the most used in the kitchen. But you will get to see copper utensils in every house.

More pottery was used for copper utensils; even food was served only on a copper plate. The village still uses copper utensils and bottoms. Copper bottles and utensils have been considered beneficial for the human body.

8 Ways to Clean Copper Bottles and Utensils at Home

You will know about the benefits of drinking water in copper bottles and utensils. At the same time, eating food in a copper vessel cures diseases of the body. But copper utensils have to be kept carefully. Otherwise, it starts to turn black.

Over time, the color of copper bottles and utensils also changes, and it starts to look black. But you can keep these bottles and utensils like new ones by cleaning them properly and taking care of them.

We will tell you some tips that you can easily clean copper bottles and utensils by following them. So let us tell you eight ways to make a copper vessel shine. With which you can shine these copper utensils very easily at home.

How to Clean Copper Bottle and Utensils at Home

Pitambari Powder

There are many ways of polishing copper bottles and utensils. First of all, comes Pitambari powder made from the market. It is to be applied simply over the bottoms and utensils. Then take any scrub and apply it on top of the pots. Then moisten the soak and apply some light powder and rub it on the bottle and pot.

You do not have to work very hard in this. Wash the pot after rubbing it with Pitambari powder. It will shine right away, and it will be clean properly. We brought it from the Pitambari powder market and then washed the utensils.

Baked Tamarind

Cooked tamarind is most effective for cleaning copper bottles and utensils.

  • First of all, soak tamarind in a cup of water for half an hour.
  • When they melt slightly, mash them in water.
  • Now apply this tamarind water around the bottle and pot with a scrubber that cleans the bottle and utensils and leaves it for two minutes.
  • Now rub it thoroughly with a scrubber.
  • Where the utensil looks dirtier, apply tamarind water with a scrubber and rub it again.
  • Apply wet tamarind pulp on more dirty utensils and then clean it. Tamarind water will brighten copper utensils.

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White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to clean dirty copper bottles and utensils. Add white vinegar to the water and let it boil for several hours. Then lose it with soap and water. Utensils will be clean and shiny.

Salt and Vinegar Solution

Even after cleaning the copper bottles and utensils with salt and vinegar solution, they will start glowing. For this, prepare an equal solution by mixing an equal amount of vinegar and salt. Rub the salt and vinegar solution thoroughly on the utensils until the viscosity is removed from it.

Flour, Vinegar, and Salt

You can also brighten copper bottoms and utensils with flour, vinegar, and salt. For this, first, mix salt and vinegar. Now mix the flour in this mix and prepare the paste. Then rub this paste on the pot and leave it for a while. Now wash these utensils with warm water.

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Use of Lemon

You can also use lemon to clean copper bottles and utensils. For this, rub a lemon slice on a copper vessel and then wash it with clean water. Copper vessels will start to glow.

Salt and Lemonade

Copper bottles and utensils can also be washed with salt and lemonade. For this, apply salt on a half-cut lemon and rub it on a copper vessel. Or make a paste by mixing salt and lemon juice, applying it like a paste on a copper vessel, and then cleaning this pot with warm water.

Soapy Water

Another way to clean copper bottles and utensils is to soak the copper vessel in soapy water overnight and clean it thoroughly in the morning. Your dishes will look the same as before.

Salt and Baking Soda

Salt and baking soda also prove to be effective for cleaning copper bottles and utensils. Mixing salt and baking soda will make the pot shine after cleaning the copper vessel. Only baking soda can also clean copper utensils.

Keep this in mind when cleaning copper utensils-

The metal lining is placed inside the copper bottle and vessel, so never use a steel scratching scrubber to clean the copper vessel. This spoils the dishes.

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Advantages of the Copper Bottle: Why Choose Copper

  • A boon for the digestive system: The copper bottle is not only useful for decoration but is also very beneficial for the human body.
  • Helpful in reducing aging: If wrinkles and burnt lines have started appearing on your face, drinking water from a copper bottle will help you a lot.
  • Helpful in weight loss: Drinking water from a copper bottle not only reduces your weight but also makes your digestive system strong.
  • Reduces cancer risk.
  • Skin improvement

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