How to Become Tehsildar: Who is Tehsildar, Work, Salary, Prepare for Naib Tehsildar Exam

How to Become Tehsildar: Everyone dreams of reaching a good point in their life. People also work hard to fulfill their dreams, but to achieve any dream or goal, it is essential to have the proper guidance apart from hard work.

Many such candidates dream of becoming Tehsildars; they work hard but cannot succeed due to a lack of good advice. For his guidance, we are writing this article in which we become tehsildars, qualifications for it, how to become Tehsildar? Telling about details with.

How to Become Tehsildar

If you too are dreaming of becoming a Tehsildar, then, first of all, know that, before starting the preparation of Tehsildar, get complete information about it.

Like, what is the work of a tehsildar, what are its rights, what should be the qualification to become a tehsildar, along with the salary of the Tehsildar, etc.

In this article, you will be told about these sub-topics related to the Tehsildar with details. After reading this, you will get complete information about the Tehsildar.

What is Tehsildar?

There are many states in our country, and each state is made up of several districts, and one section has many tehsils. The officer in charge who lives in those tehsils is called the Tehsildar.

The Tehsildar is a tax officer who is the chief officer in revenue administration. The job of a tehsildar is mainly revenue collection and supervision.

A tehsildar is responsible for resolving land-related disputes and problems and collecting revenue. Apart from this, it is also the task of the Tehsildar to initiate immediate relief operations for land acquisition matters and losses from natural disasters.

How to Become Tehsildar?

If you want to become Tehsildar, then you have to study hard. Also, it would help if you had a passion and interest in the post of Tehsildar.

If you have a passion for the job of Tehsildar, then only you can focus on your goal. Preparation with focus and concentration will make it possible for you to achieve your goal.

To become Tehsildar, first, you have to be selected as Naib Tehsildar.

If you want to become a Naib-Tehsildar, you have to go through the State Public Service Commission’s examination. This is a civil service exam.

Shortly after passing this examination of the State Public Service Commission, you are promoted as Tehsildar.

Now you know how to become a tehsildar? Let us also understand what qualifications are required to become Tehsildars.

Qualification to Become Tehsildar

To become a Tehsildar, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. Also, the candidate should have graduated from any recognized university in any stream.

Age should be 21 to 40 years to become Tehsildar. Apart from this, three years of relaxation is given for OBC and five years for SC / ST category candidates.

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Tehsildar Selection Process

Let me tell you, if you are in any state, in every state; there are three stages of this exam which you have to pass. which is like this.

There are three stages in the examination to become a tehsildar. If you pass these tests, then you are selected as Tehsildar.

  • Screening Test
  • Mains Examination
  • Interview

Screening Test: In this exam, you have to go through the screening test in which some multiple-choice questions of general knowledge are asked from the candidate. Also, this exam is based on the result of the candidate.

Mains Exam: If you are successful in the examination, you are called for the central review, but in order to pass this exam, you have to study very hard; only then you can succeed in it. Because this test is more complex than a screening test.

Interview: If the candidate passes both these exams, they are called for an interview, and some such questions are asked from the candidates. The candidates’ merit assessment is tested, whether the answers to the candidates’ questions are correct or not; if true, they are considered successful.

Till now, you have learned about the process as Tehsildar, but you need to know some essential points as to how to prepare for Tehsildar. So let’s find out below.

How to Prepare for Tehsildar Exam

According to the time-table, if you prepare the Tehsildar with a goal and target, and which we are giving some tips, it can prove to be helpful for you. Which is as follows

  •  Every candidate should have a good knowledge of history and geography related to that state.
  • Apart from this, it would help if you read only authentic books related to general knowledge, history, and the state’s geography.
  • The Tehsildar has a Civil Services Examination, in which the candidate should prepare on a high-level basis.
  • In this exam, you should have accurate knowledge of the country’s latest developments and international events.
  • In this, you need to read one daily newspaper every day to be updated daily.
  • If you want, you can also read NCERT books for Tehsildar.
  • You can also score good marks in the exam by making notes through books.
  • To prepare for Tehsildar, one should also keep studying Hindi.
  •  Keep practicing points like Parvathi, antonyms, idioms, proverbs, word forms, compounds, etc.
  • Time management is of utmost importance to succeed in the Tehsildar examination.
  • In this, your ability to understand any subject is tested, so practice it well.
  • If the level of general knowledge of the candidate is adequately tested in this examination, then study.
  • You should note that the book must be certified; otherwise, incorrect information may negatively mark.
  • To become Tehsildar, the candidate should keep solving the previous few year’s question papers.
  • As a tehsildar, the level and pattern of questions should be well understood. Also, keep trying.
  • You need to maintain your confidence and patience because there should not be overconfidence.
  • For the Tehsildar exam, you can take the support of a good teacher or coach.
  • Apart from this, you can overcome your weaknesses by coaching institutes.
  • But the Tehsildar can also prepare for the exam based on online coaching or YouTube through the Internet. But all this preparation depends on itself.

If you have shared and understood some tips for becoming a tehsildar mentioned by us, then there can be an easy way to prepare. Let us know what the differences are between Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar below.

Difference Between Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar

If seen, there is a big difference between revenue and magistrate duties as Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar. But it is essential to know about them. So let’s know.

Tehsildar: The officer in charge of the Tehsil is divided with the powers of Assistant Collector Grade I. Also, Additional Tehsils have abilities to get the work done based on Senior Revenue Officer. It is the duty of the Tehsildar to solve any land-related or other work in his area.

Naib Tehsildar: While Naib Tehsildar exercises Grade II powers as Revenue Officer, Naib Tehsildar is not empowered with authority as per his post, besides Naib Tehsildar is not able to issue a certificate as Gazetted Officer. Occur. But both of the other acts remain sam.

You have known the differences between Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar until now, but it is necessary to know their functions. So let us know in easy terms below.

Functions of Tehsildar

Let me tell you; many people are confused about what the functions of the Tehsildar are telling you to know all these things below. So let’s get to know.

  • Tehsildars working in the tehsils of any state district bear the responsibility of keeping records or maintenance related to revenue.
  • Based on Tehsildar, whoever is responsible for the taluka’s tasks, they fulfill all of them.
  • It also has the responsibility of inspecting the patwari and other laws working under its supervision.
  • They are appointed by the government mainly based on revenue, who have to work with honesty.
  • Apart from this, compensation is also prohibited by the Tehsildar in case of crop-related losses.
  • They have many following tasks which they have to do. They also get many types of powers; if the Tehsildar wishes, he can also use the controls.

We hope that you have got all the information related to the Tehsildar, but now you must be thinking how much is the salary of the Tehsildar. So let’s know below.

Tehsildar Salary

But if seen, the Tehsildar working at the top post in the Tehsil gets an excellent salary. At the same time, I tell you that Naib-Tehsildar gets Rs 9300 to Rs 34800 per month. Also, the grade pay is Rs 4800, which can be called a very respectful pay scale.

When the Tehsildar gets Rs 15600 to Rs 39100 per month, the grade pay is Rs 5400. In the form of Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar, dearness allowance, travel allowance, house rent allowance, medical allowance, pension, medical, etc., get benefits.


Friends, today in this article we told you about Tehsildar. What is Tehsildar, How to become Tehsildar, Qualification to become Tehsildar, Tehsildar Selection Process, How to prepare Tehsildar, Work of Tehsildar and Difference between Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar, etc.? Also, I told you about the tehsildar salary.

After reading this article thoroughly, we hope that you must have got complete information about the Tehsildar. If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this post, you can tell us through comments.

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