How to Become SDO: Qualification, Salary for SDO, Works and Roll of SDO

You must have heard about SDO; if not understood, then we will tell you that What is SDO? And what are its functions? The SDO is appointed in almost every government department, it is a divisional level officer, who performs a variety of tasks.

Nearly every district in our country is divided into small blocks, and each government department appoints officers for all these.

SDO (Full Form) stands for Sub Divisional Officer, He or she’s the mind of this sub-division of a govt. Organization. The article of SDO may be located in several government departments like Electricity Board, PWD irrigation, etc. We can say that SDOs are manufactured in virtually every government department.

The job of these officers is to conduct government functions properly at the divisional level. These officers are civil and electrical engineers working in the respective departments.

If you also want to know about How to become a Sub Divisional Officer, then read this post till the end, in which you will get much valuable information like How to Become an SDO and Works of SDO.

What is SDO

SDO is a government post, which is in almost every department of every state of the country like- Electricity Department, Police Department, Irrigation Department, etc. An SDO is appointed in every city and district in all the rules of the country, which is responsible for the smooth functioning of the government system.

How to Become SDO: Qualification, Salary for SDO, Works and Roll of SDO

Officers of the SDO office work under the state government. The state government also makes the appointment and selection of these officers.

SDO Full Form

The Full form of SDO is Sub Divisional Officer, SDO stands for Sub Divisional Officer. He or she is your mind of this sub-division of a govt. Organization. The article of SDO can be located in several government departments like Electricity Board, PWD irrigation, etc. We can say that SDOs are manufactured in virtually every government department.


How to Become SDO

SDO is selected in two ways by the government. First, you are chosen from the department’s promotion, in which there are small officers of that department who are promoted to SDO for their excellent work, on the other hand, the government will direct recruitment for these posts. It also conducts exams for. So let us now know further how the SDO is selected by examination in any state.

The SDO officer is a government office under the state government, so the government of each state also selects it. The state government chooses SDO through PSC (Public Service Commission) i.e., Public Service Commission examination.

In almost every state, every year, the Public Service Commission conducts the test for the selection of SDO, and interested candidates can take this exam by filling this examination form. In this examination, the candidate should be a graduate in the field of the concerned department, such as – If you want to become an SDO in the technical or electrical department, then for that, you must have graduation in that field.

Qualification for SDO

You have been shown below what qualifications you must have to become an SDO officer:

  • To become an SDO officer, you have to be between 21 and 30 years old, while OBC and SC / ST category candidates have age relaxation of 3 and 5 years, respectively.
  • For appearing in the SDO exam, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
Qualification for SDO

If you have both the qualifications shown above, then you are eligible for this exam. This exam takes place in two stages.

Preliminary Examination

This exam is the first exam to be given for SDO, in which the candidate is asked mostly optional questions related to general knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, etc. when the candidate passes this exam, then he/she will be in the second phase of the review. Is eligible for.

Mains Examination

This is the second phase of the SDO exam in which the candidate is called only after passing the first stage, in which the candidate has to take a written test, which is a bit harder than the initial step. Candidates who pass this exam are also called for interview in the final stage. The last successful candidate for the SDO Post is selected based on the candidate’s performance in the interview.

Works of SDO

  • The SDO is the largest officer of its department in which all other minor officers in its division are accountable to the SDO for their work.
  • Also oversees the development work of their area with the help of tehsildars and other officers.
  • The SDO also listens to complaints of small officers when the public comes to them.
  • The role that a DM has in the entire district is the same as an SDO in his department.

Role of Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil)

He functions as the main representative of the Deputy Commissioner.

  • He’s the mind of their development projects from the sub-division and plays a significant role in coordinating the functions of various sections.
  • He could take decisions individually as in the majority of the instances he’s solely accountable for everything that occurs in his subdivision.
  • The reach of his abilities is according to the land earnings and exemptions functions.
  • He serves as Assistant Collector according to the Land Revenue Act and Punjab Tenancy functions.
  • In addition, he plays the role of an appellate authority according to the need of his weak revenue officers.

SDO Salary

Usually, the monthly salary of an SDO can be around Rs 23,640, which includes Allowances and Grades separately, which is initially given to the newly recruited SDO officer.

SDO salary

After adding all the facilities and allowances, the SDO Salary at the initial level can be Rs 51,378 per month while the senior post officer’s salary is more than this.

Difference Between SDO and SDM

SDM and SDO are both government officials, but their posts are different. Their work is different. Accordingly, some critical points are explained below to explain the difference between SDM and SDO:

The SDO is called the Sub-OfficerSDM is called the Sub-Divisional Judge
SDO vary from district to districtSDM to every district
SDO only has the responsibility of arranging its departmentSDM has the burden of organizing the entire district
The number of SDO is more than the number of SDMs 

UPPCL Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Salary in India

The beginning salary of SDO UPPCL is 62K formally. It Varies According to submitting.

The average Uppcl Sub Divisional Officer salary in India is currently 8.4 Lakhs for workers with less than five-year-old experience to 8 decades. Sub Divisional Officer salary at Uppcl ranges between $ 6 Lakhs to $ 9.3 Lakhs. Wages estimates are based on four salaries obtained from several workers of Uppcl.

What’s the Life of UPPCL SDO

UPPCL SDO is an energetic endeavor, aside from technical understanding in which upkeep of Substation, supply system, metering understanding is needed you will possess monetary abilities in hand. You might need to confirm dimensions done by Je in MB, verify the builders’ invoices, and sanction bill alterations.

The section entrusts you with great responsibility so far as financial matters are involved. Second, you’ll be accountable for all of the things occurring in your subdivision; while it’s theft of power or any electric injury, you’ll need to take care of individuals daily to day basis, a few will probably be happy, some won’t be quite as joyful,

at times it gets quite hard to meet ppl whose supply happen to be disconnected on dues. However, you’ll need to be powerful enough not to budge under pressure.

It would help if you were powerful enough to face resistance from those who don’t co-operate while check their relations to get any theft. You’ll find a car for your commute for official functions, so you aren’t overdue to attend disputes; the vehicle will be committed for your traveling.

BSNL Sub Divisional Officer Salary in India

Average Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) Sub Divisional Officer salary in India is currently 10.7 Lakhs for workers with less than 14 years of expertise to 31 decades. Wages estimates are based on three wages received from Several workers of Bharat Sanchar Nigam.


Everyone wants him to become an officer in the government department, but some people are deprived of fulfilling their dreams only due to a lack of information.

The SDO officer is a better option for a government office job as it provides a respectful environment and a good salary. Today we have given you complete information related to How to become a Sub Divisional Officer and SDO Officer Salary. If you have any questions related to this, then you can ask us in the comment.

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