How to Become IFS Officer – What is IFS Officer? Salary, Life & Qualification

In this article, I tell you, About How to Become IFS Officer, What is IFS Officer? IFS officer salary & Qualification

To maintain a good relationship between your country and another country, every country has an embassy abroad which embassies work abroad based on their land. Similarly, in our country, known as Indian Foreign Service and in sort is called IFS Officer, a government employee.

How to Become IFS Officer - What is IFS Officer? Salary, Life & Qualification

But you should have complete knowledge about becoming an IFS officer, like, what is an IFS officer and how to become? The qualification to become an IFS officer, IFS age limit, selection process, IFS officer salary, etc., will be explained in full detail. But read this article from beginning to end.

If you also want to become an IFS officer as a country service, you can fulfill your future dream. But for this, you have to work hard. Only then can you become a government officer, i.e., an IFS officer. So let’s know.

What is IFS Officer?

IFS stands for Indian Foreign Service, where people working in this department go to IFS. It comes under the central government as an IFS officer because its appointment is the central government’s responsibility. Which also serves to maintain good import-export and other relations from the country or abroad.

IFS officer is necessary for every country which represents other countries to their government. Their job is to maintain a good relationship between their country and abroad. If seen, they do the vital work of our country, which is very important for every country. It resolves essential tasks based on the country’s IFS embassy.

Now you must have known the meaning of what IFS is but let’s understand how to become an IFS officer.

IFS Full Form

Indian Foreign Service

IFS (Indian Foreign Service) Logo

How to Become IFS Officer

Some people may be getting questions in their minds that we will give you essential information about getting a job as an Indian Foreign Service, i.e., Indian Foreign Service.

If you also want to become an Indian Foreign Service, i.e., IFS officer, the candidate who wants to get an IFS Officer job has to fulfill their qualifications. For this, they have to obtain a graduate degree with good marks in any subject from any recognized institute; only then can you prepare for IFS.

For your information, let us know that after graduation, you can apply for the IFS exam. But after using it, you will have to work very hard because UPSC conducts the exam, and these exams are conducted every year based on UPSC.

But some of the candidates do not know what the Indian Foreign Service Eligibility is, then we are telling you below as the qualification to become an IFS, which is very important for you to know. So let’s know.

IFS Officer Qualification

If the candidates have a passion for serving their country as Indian Foreign Service, we tell them about the qualification to become IFS IFS. So let’s know what this is like.

  • It is mandatory to have a graduation degree from any recognized university and any discipline.
  • For becoming an IFS Officer, the minimum age limit for the general category should be 21 years and a maximum of 32 years.
  • While three years relaxation for OBC category, five years relaxation for SC / ST category on becoming IFS
  • But to become an IFS officer, it is also necessary to be an Indian citizen.

If you have the qualification mentioned by us, you can apply to become an IFS officer for which recruitment is done almost every year based on the central government.

How to Apply for IFS Officer

How to get a job in the Indian Foreign Service is the biggest question.

Friends, to get a job in the Indian Foreign Service, you have first to meet all its criteria, after that, you have to take its exam, only those who are successful in this exam get a job in the Indian Foreign Service.

If you are also dreaming of becoming an IFS, then you need to know that for this, based on the application process steps, you have to go to the official website of UPSC for the IFS Exam Form.

This IFS exam form has to be filled in; every year, recruitment is organized by UPSC in this department. If you are eligible to fill the form in this department, then you can apply for it.

Complete Graduation

To get a job in which department, you have to first get your graduation degree from a recognized university with excellent marks in any subject. Along with completing your graduation degree, you need to prepare for the exam.

IFS Exam Form Apply

After your graduation, apply for IFS EXAM. After using for this exam, you have to prepare it very well; UPSC conducts this exam.

For the IFSC exam form, you have to go to UPSC’s official website and go there and fill the form of this exam every year. UPSC conducts this exam. This examination is held in February or March every year.

IFS Exam Pattern & Syllabus

If you are eligible to become an IFS officer, you have to go through two phases in the form of a written examination followed by your interview. But know all about the detail which is like this.

  1. Preliminary Examination
  2. Mains Examination
  3. Interview

Preliminary Examination

To become an IFS officer, you first have to take the Preliminary Examination, i.e., Preliminary Examination, in which two question papers are asked. In this exam, you are asked questions about general knowledge, history, geography and Indian foreign policy, Indian culture, Indian economy, technology, current affairs, etc.

But in its second paper, you are asked questions from subjects related to English Reasoning, but to appear in the main examination, you have to bring at least 40% marks in this exam. Only then you can occur in the main study.

Main Examination

When the candidate passes the preliminary examination, then he is called for the central review, in which, as the main exam, each of your question papers is on different topics, like general studies, English, Hindi, based on the questions asked. Let’s go, but you can also be asked essays in a question paper.

If you pass both of these written tests, then those candidates are called for an interview, then let us know.


The interview is called for the candidates who pass the preliminary and main examination, but the IFS interview is taken by UPSC, which is the final step. If you also qualify in the interview, then you are selected as IFS Officer.

But let us also tell you that the post-service and rank are given according to the candidates who fill the form for a preliminary examination to become an IFS officer.

So far, you have learned about the IFS selection process, but now we will tell you how to apply for IFS as an Indian Foreign Service.

How to Prepare for IFS

Let me tell you, those who are preparing for Indian Foreign Service, i.e., Indian Foreign Service, then they should prepare according to the IFS syllabus so that you can understand well. So let’s know.

  • Before preparing for the IFS exam, do some research by looking at the complete syllabus and old papers.
  • To prepare for the exam, set a timetable and study according to the analysis.
  • In addition to making points and studying, prepare easy chapters first.
  • Do not take many breaks between studies and if you get bored, you can study as per group study.
  • You can also do coaching if you want; there are many such organizations in India.
  • Make a habit of highlighting the main points and can also read by making notes.
  • If you are studying based on coaching, then keep giving tests at regular intervals.

You have to prepare for IFS according to a goal and target because success is not achieved in a day, but it is performed by hard work and effort every day.

IFS Officer Facilities

IFS officer is essential for any country because it is the same officer who represents his country in other countries.

Their job is to establish coordination between the foreign government and their country’s government so that both the business and cultural relations between the two countries are good.

Friends ifs officer gets the honor like an IPS officer, and an IPS tailor also does his work. They have to solve critical foreign affairs of our country.

IFS Officer Gets these Facilities

An IFS officer gets the same facilities as the rest of the administrative services. In this, along with salary, you also get house, furniture, kitchen, and washery. The government provides all these facilities.

Electric-Water Free

Apart from this, they also get water and electricity. They can use up to 50000 units of free electricity, and they do not have to pay water bills either.

IFS Officer Car

The number plate of the IFS officer’s car is blue. No one else gets such a number plate. Their number plate is different from other officers. This number plate shows that the vehicle is unique and belongs to a diplomat.

Great Convenience in Air Travel

Apart from this, officers get the facility to talk to anyone and go anywhere. While other officers have 34 air tickets for air travel, there is no count for IFS officers. They can come to any country at any time.

The Following Facilities are Provided as other Facilities.

  1. Home (2 BHK & 3 BHK)
  2. Motor vehicle and fuel facilities
  3. Security guards and other insurance facilities
  4. Freephone, electricity and water facilities
  5. Facility to get education abroad
  6. Retirement and other benefits

Although the government gives many benefits to an IFS, and not all the benefits can be described together, we have described some of the main amenities.

IFS Officer Salary

His salary is significant for every person because every person wants to get a good salary in any department, so we will talk today that an IFS officer knows about pay.

The government provides a good salary in the form of IFS, i.e., an IFS salary ranges from Rs. 15600 to Rs. 40000, plus Rs. 5400 as grade pay every month.

But those working abroad as an IFS officer, i.e., Embassy, get a higher pay scale by the Central Government. If seen, there is an excellent salary in this department which is based on a respectable one.

IFS Officer Life

  • Being an IFS officer is also a big thing; if an IAS officer works within the country, then an IFS officer represents the country outside the country.
  • IFS officer gets car, house, food, walking, all free from Government of India
  • IFS officers cannot be prevented from leaving the country for non-payment of their debts, nor can they be denied their passports in this case.
  • This exemption is limited to his functions as a diplomat and not to property or services outside his official duties.

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Family Life of IFS Officer

What’s the lifetime span of an IFS officer’s family, especially children, do they become influenced by the regular transfers and glamorous lifestyle of the officer?

  • I understood of a single family from foreign support whose children confronted issues in education never from transports from 1 nation to another but because of compulsory India posting.
  • An IFS officer may take his parents overseas but the Government supplies for medical centers of just dependent parents- that Don’t Have Anybody to care for them and also have abysmally low income

First Lady IFS Officer of India

C. B. Muthamma joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1949 and became the first Indian woman diplomat and the first Indian woman ambassador after that. Here, we are providing a detailed account of C.B. Muhammad, who brought laurels to India worldwide.

First Lady IFS Officer of India

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) has given some exemplary female bureaucrats to India and started with C. B. Muthamma became India’s first female foreign officer after topping the Civil Services Services Examination in 1948. The IFS designation confers immense power and privilege on the global stage, particularly in shaping the future of the country.

Youngest IFS Officer of India

Youngest IFS Officer of India is Abhay Kumar

Abhay Kumar the youngest Indian foreign service officer (2003 IFS batch) Was born and raised at Rajgir, in the Nalanda district of Bihar. He studied at Nehru Jawaharlal University. In 2003he obtained 167th position all India and entered the Indian Foreign Service


So friends, in this article we told you about IFS Officer. Like, what and how did IFS become? How to get an IFS job, what to do to become an IFS, eligibility to become an IFS, age limit, selection process, how to apply, IFS officer salary, etc.

We hope that after reading this article thoroughly, you will get complete information about IFS. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then you can tell through comments.

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