How to Become DTO Officer: What is DTO Officer, Salary, Qualification

How to Become DTO Officer: Today we will tell you about a government post in which you can make your future good by making a career. Many candidates dream that they can achieve a good place by reading and writing.

You, too, will be looking for some government job to make your future bright. If you also want a government job, then the post of DTO officer is excellent for you.

Today we will tell you about the DTO officer. Like, what is a DTO? How to become a DTO officer, its work, eligibility to become a DTO officer, as well as the salary of a DTO officer, etc.

How to Become DTO Officer: What is  DTO Officer, Salary, Qualification

If you, too, are dreaming of becoming a DTO officer, it is essential to know about it, not just for this, to get a job. Only then can you prepare it well.

So in this article, we will try to give you information about the DTO officer with details to get complete information and better guidance.

What is DTO Officer?

Let me tell you, DTOs are functioning as district-level transport organization and handle the diverse workload in the district depending on the district transport office because DTO officers play an essential role in licensing registration of vehicles in the community under the rules of motor vehicles.

The District Transport Officer is fully responsible for collecting various Driving License, Motor Vehicle Dealer, Renewal Registered, and multiple taxes under the Motor Vehicles Act. Also, the DTO officer holds a critical position in the district.

The DTO officer is also known as the Regional Transport Authority, i.e., Secretary, it maintains the clerical staff of MVI enforcement inspectors as instructed. Also, DTOs handle all the functions as district-level transport.

DTO Full Form

DTO Full Form In English is “District Transport Officer,”

District Transport Officer

How to Become DTO Officer

If you also want to become a DTO officer, you have to work very hard for this post because it is conducted by the State Public Service Commission, i.e., Public Service Commission. So you have to prepare for PSC Exam with a target and target.

If you also want to get a job in the transport office, then almost every year recruitments come out in this area, which can also be seen in employment news, newspapers and online updates.

But you have to have some qualifications to become a DTO officer; only then can you apply for this. So let’s find out below.

Qualification for DTO

But if you want to get this post and apply to become a DTO, you need to know about education qualification only then you can use it for DTO.

After passing the 12th, you can do a Graduation course from any recognized institute and any subject stream to become a DTO officer. Apart from this, candidates of any issue can apply for this job.

Age Limit: To become a DTO officer, the minimum age should be 18 years, and the maximum period should be 28 years. But age relaxation is given for some classes. For example, three years of peace has been provided for OBC class students, while five years of relaxation has been issued for ST / SC class.

If you have the qualification mentioned by us, you can apply for DTO Officer, but you also need to know what to do to become a DTO. So let’s find out below.

What to do Become DTO

Let me tell you that to become a DTO, you have to apply first, and to pass the DTO officer exam, you have to take two exams. Also, you have your interview. So still tell you about the whole process related to this. which is like this.

Written exam:

If you want to succeed in ​​District Transport Office, then, first of all, you have a written test. You are asked related questions from national, international developments, India history, geography, economic, social development, environmental status, English language, general science, etc.

Medical Examination:

In DTO medical examination, the candidate should have mental, physical health, and hearing ability, avoid eye blindness or color blackness, a distance of eyesight and near sight should be standard. Also, there should be no problem related to the physical.

Only when the test time is available with the standard doctor of each of your organs can they disqualify or qualify you; it is essential to remain fit. Only then can DTOs complete the process further.


Now you have to pass the interview to test your intelligence, abilities, and values. Some questions are also asked to you. So if you pass all these stages, you are selected based on the DTO Officer at the district level transport office.

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How to Prepare for DTO

If you want to prepare for a DTO officer, it is essential to know beforehand. So let’s learn some essential tips related to DTO officers.

  • It would help if you had a lot of hard work because PSC conducts the exam.
  • In addition to solving the old question paper, you can join any coaching institute if you want.
  • Besides increasing your general knowledge, read the daily newspaper and prepare with confidence.
  • If you want, you can get information about DTO on the Internet.
  • Repeatedly create a separate question paper with someone else’s hand and then solve his / her questions.
  • If any question is not answered, then you can take the help of the internet.
  • Make yourself capable enough that if someone asks a question, he gets immediate answers.
  • Never hide your desire, and always be ready to answer the questions.
  • Be clear about the goal so that you do not get confused and keep all the information.
  • It is essential to keep body language correct during the interview. That is why your routine remains balanced.
  • Whenever you study, make a point and read it so that it can be easy to revise.
  • To prepare for any exam, study according to a set schedule.
  • If you remember essential points while answering subjective questions, only you can answer many objective questions.

If you prepare for the exam according to some points mentioned by us with goals and targets, you may have a little easier path.

Difference Between RTO & DTO

You also need to know that RTO and DTO do the same thing, but still, there are some essential differences between them. So let’s get to know.

RTO: Maintains a record database of all drivers and vehicles in the following states of India. The RTO is a state-level transportation organization. Also, tell you this, a state can have only one RTO office. The RTO has an organization in the form of scheduled tasks that need to be performed to ensure roads, vehicles, etc. Also, it performs various other functions, including registering vehicles and issuing a proof license for public transport vehicles.

DTO: While DTOs maintain a records database of all drivers and vehicles of various districts, DTO is a district-level transportation organization. But apart from this, there is little difference between the work of these two, and it handles all other tasks at the district level.

DTO Officer Salary

To become a DTO officer, the question remains in many candidates’ minds, after all, how much is this salary. For your information, tell us, the pay scale of a DTO officer in the District Transport Office is quite good.

However, on average, it can be around 16000 to 32000 rupees per month. Also, all other allowances and facilities are provided by the government. If seen, one gets a very respectable salary as a DTO officer.

VIDEO – Additional District Transport Officer


In this article, How to Become DTO Officer, we told you about DTO, i.e., District Transport Officer. What is a DTO officer?, how to become a DTO, eligibility to become a DTO, DTO age limit, what to do to become a DTO, how to prepare for a DTO, DTO salary, etc. Also, it pointed out the difference between RTO and DTO.

Do we hope, after reading this article, how did you How to Become DTO Officer? Must have received complete information about. If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, you can tell us in the comments.

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