How to Become a Ticket Collector: Salary, Qualification, Syllabus, Eligibility

How to Become a Ticket Collector: In today’s moving world, you must have traveled by train. There is no doubt that you must have seen your TC (ticket collector).

Which makes the task of putting a fine on those passengers who do not have tickets for the train journey.

But have you ever thought how to become a TT or ticket collector in the railway? What qualifies for this? How much does he get a salary?

Or do you also want to get this job in Railways?

How to Become a Ticket Collector_ Salary, Qualification, Syllabus, Eligibility

But you have the appropriate information about it, you may have tried to know about this information, and you could not get the complete information related to it.

But now you do not have to bother at all for this, because today how did we become a ticket collector in the railway in this article of your own? What should be studied for this, and how to prepare for it? You will give complete information about Adi in Hindi which is going to be very important for you.

Today, we have shared this post with you to get all the information related to the ticket collector.

What is a Ticket Collector or TC?

Ticket collector is a post of Indian Railways only, which is called TC in short form.

It is always available to help passengers on the train. For example, if a passenger is not getting a seat on the train or a ticket is to be made for a chair, he is contacted for that work.

Everyone knows that unemployment is increasing in India today, due to which competition is increasing a lot. Today, it is becoming challenging for the youth, whether it is the private sector or government sector to get a job.

Every young student is in the race to get a government job today because the government job is essential; they all know.

So if you are also preparing for a government job or want to become a ticket collector in Indian Railways, this article can prove very useful.

Because everyone knows that for any government job, a course, qualification, salary is determined by the government.

How to Become a Ticket Collector?

Today many people dream of getting a job in this post. For which he also works hard.

Salary is well received in the railways, along with this, the living arrangement for you and your family is free, even the journey of the railway made by family members is free.

That is why people today like to go to railway jobs, in which ticket collector is a critical post of railway.

When we fall into a class, the syllabus, the exam is prescribed for it, when you pass that exam, only you are allowed to appear in category.

To become such a ticket collector, one must pass some examinations and qualifications, which is not an easy task.

For this a lot of hard work has to be done then you can become a ticket collector.

TTE, TTI, TC Posts Details

Most people have confusion about their name, to understand this problem, it is necessary to understand their character’s meaning. There are three posts on the railway which are appointed.

  • TTE – Traveling Ticket as Examiner
  • TTI – Traveling Ticket as Inspector
  • TC – Ticket Collector

Various tasks are prescribed for all three posts, but mostly these tasks are done by one person.

Eligibility for Ticket Collector

Everyone knows that when a job is taken out in any department on the government side, a qualification is prescribed.

Similarly, to become a ticket collector, the maximum age limit, educational qualification, etc. were set for becoming a ticket collector, about which you can read below.

If you have the below-mentioned qualifications, you can only apply for it, otherwise not, so read the information given below carefully.

Age Range

For this, the age of the applying candidate should be between 18 years to 30 years.

Ticket Collector Qualification

The same candidates can apply for this post who have passed 12th with 50% marks from any subject.

Along with this, it is necessary to have information about computers. Meaning you must have a computer diploma.


If you want to apply for this post, then you must have citizenship of India.

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Ticket Collector Salary

When a person applies for any job, it becomes a fundamental question for him: how much salary will be paid.

Here, if we talk about the candidate’s salary to be selected on the post of ticket collector, then according to the information here, from 10000 to 30000 salary is given by the department every month.

Apart from this, many facilities are also provided by the government. The best thing about this post is that if you do good work according to your duty, you also get a promotion.

After which your salary also increases.

What Does One Need to do to Become a Ticket Collector?

If you have all the qualifications given above, then the ticket collector can apply online or offline in any way in the TTE Recruitment to be removed from time to time.

After applying, you will have to go through three main exams here, which can be read in the below datalog.

How to Apply

If you want to become a ticket collector, then you have to wait for the recruitment to be done by the Railways.

For this, you continue to read the newspaper daily, the recruitment of the rest of the railway is done through the Railway Recruitment Board.

So that’s why you kept checking the railway board’s website often and as soon as vacancy came out for it, immediately apply your online application through the website.

When you apply, fill the form with all your information. Also, submit the form by selecting the examination centre according to your nearest area and preparing for your exam.

  • Online exam
  • Medical test
  • Interview

Online Exam

When you apply for it, the exam has to be given for it, which is done online.

In this exam, you are given about 100 different types, in which you have to correct at least 45 questions. Only then you can be selected in it.

Medical Test

When your number goes in the exam list, that means when you pass its exam; then after this, you have a medical test on a specified date.

If you are physically fit and fit, then only you will be considered worthy of this job.


This is the lost step to become a ticket collector.

Here you have to sit in front of some people and give your interview.

You are asked something about you and some questions related to computers.

If you clear it, then you are finally selected for this position.


After passing all the steps, you are trained here for a few days, like managing your department after getting selected on that post.

Ticket Collector Syllabus

These subjects are adjusted in the exam.

S.NoSubject NameQuestions NoMarkDuration
1General Awareness252590 Minutes
2Common sense5590 Minutes
3Arithmetic202090 Minutes
4General Science303090 Minutes
5Views101090 Minutes
6Technical Topics303090 Minutes
Total120 Questions120 Marks

The RRB TC paper is divided into six parts, and the time limit for solving this paper is 90 minutes, for each wrong attempt, 1/3 of the negative marking will be done this year.

RRB TC General Awareness Course

International IssuesNational News (Current)Indian CultureScientific Overview
History of IndiaEconomic Issues in IndiaGeography of IndiaPolitical Science
Famous Places in IndiaNew InventionsNational and International Current AffairsAbout India and its neighboring countries
World OrganizationScience and InnovationCountries and Capitals

How to Prepare

Getting a government job is not an easy task today because the competition is increasing day by day.

Railways are one such department if jobs are filled for 100 posts, then 10 lakh forms are filled.

So you can understand that if you want to become a ticket collector in the Indian Railways, you need to work hard for this only then you can pass its exam.

The rest, we have given some tips on how to prepare for it, read them.

  • If you want to clear this exam, it is essential that you collect the last few years question paper of the railway and then start your preparation according to them.
  • General knowledge questions are asked more in all the recruitment done for any post in the railway department, so try to get available knowledge problems as much as possible.
  • Ticket collector is a post which is more based on computer. Therefore it is essential to have good knowledge of computer.
  • Newspaper can help you the most in this; you get much good knowledge that can be very important for your exam.
  • Today is the internet age, so it is a perfect option for preparing your ticket collector exam. If you do not understand anything or have any problem solving a question, then Google, YouTube can help anyone.

There is no doubt that it has become tough to pass any exam in this growing competition world and get a job in it. But yes, if you get some information about applying for any government post and the exam related to it, then things get more accessible to a great extent.

This is why today, today, people work hard to become ticket collectors, keeping this in mind, how should you prepare your article ticket collector today?

And go into detail about what should be the qualification for this etc. so that you will be able to apply for this Indian Railway post and prepare for its exam.


After knowing so much about the ticket collector, you must have almost understood the duties of the selected person on this post.

But still, let us summarize a little about it-

  • If any passengers in the train are facing a seat or any other type of problem, it becomes the ticket collector’s duty to help them fully.
  • If a passenger does not have a ticket or if he has forgotten to take a ticket in the early game, then the passenger can get his ticket made.
  • If a passenger is traveling on a train without a ticket, the ticket collector can fix it.

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So friends, how was our Indian railway post to become a ticket collector in Railways? Article in which we learned about all the essential information related to it.

Which is very important for you if you want to apply for this post, and pass its exam.

I hope that you have understood the information given above and proved to be helpful.

But if you still have not understood anything in this post or want to know about any other information related to the ticket collector, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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