How Many Seats in AC 2 Tier

An AC 2-tier (also known as 2AC or Second Class AC) coach in an Indian train typically has sleeping berths for four passengers in each compartment. There are two upper berths and two lower berths in a compartment. So, in total, there are four berths in an AC 2-tier compartment.

These berths are more comfortable and offer more privacy compared to AC 3-tier coaches, as there are fewer passengers sharing the same space. Additionally, AC 2-tier coaches come with air conditioning and bedding, making them a preferred choice for travelers looking for a higher level of comfort during their train journey in India.

How Many Seats in AC 2 Tier

How Many Seats in AC 2 Tier

Certainly, here’s some more information about AC 2-tier coaches in Indian trains:

  1. Air Conditioning: AC 2-tier coaches are equipped with air conditioning to provide a more comfortable travel experience, especially during the hot and humid seasons in India. Passengers can control the temperature within their compartment.
  2. Privacy: The compartments in AC 2-tier coaches offer more privacy compared to open bays in sleeper class coaches. Each compartment has a sliding door that can be closed for privacy.
  3. Bedding: Passengers in AC 2-tier coaches are provided with bedding, including sheets, blankets, and pillows. This ensures a more comfortable sleeping experience during overnight journeys.
  4. Reading Lights: Compartments are equipped with reading lights that can be individually controlled, allowing passengers to read or work comfortably during the journey.
  5. Curtains: Windows in AC 2-tier compartments are typically covered with curtains that passengers can use for privacy or to block out light.
  6. Charging Points: Charging points for electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops are available near the berths, allowing passengers to keep their devices powered.
  7. Luggage Space: There is luggage storage space under the lower berths and overhead luggage racks for smaller bags.
  8. Cleanliness: AC 2-tier coaches are generally well-maintained and kept clean by train attendants.
  9. Reserved Seats: Seats or berths in AC 2-tier coaches need to be reserved in advance. Passengers cannot board these coaches without a confirmed reservation.
  10. Amenities: Passengers in AC 2-tier class may have access to amenities like a small table, a mirror, and a dustbin within their compartment.

Keep in mind that the availability of these amenities and the overall condition of AC 2-tier coaches can vary depending on the specific train and its route. It’s advisable to check the details of your train journey and class when booking tickets to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.


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