10 Easy & Free Ways To Get More Views on YouTube

How to Increase YouTube Views, Don’t have enough views? Fret not. In this article, you will know the secret hacks top Youtubers use to get more views.

10 Easy & Free Ways To Get More Views on YouTube | how to increase youtube views,


-It’s the chance to spread your message and inspire the whole world. 

-You will acquire skills like editing and SEO, which will be helpful in the future. 

-The world as a whole is not always so kind and welcoming. On Youtube, you get a reality check.

-Most importantly, it is a great way to Make money:

a)Sponsorship to promote particular brands.

b)Affiliate Marketing is a common way to make money.

c)Influencing your viewers to buy a specific product.

d)Selling your merchandise.

-It solely depends on how engaging and unique your content is. 

1. Using “BOGY” thumbnails:

Thumbnails are the cover of the video, It gives the first impression to the user. Use high contrast images that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. “BOGY” stands for blue, orange, green, and yellow. These colors have proved to be more productive, according to Youtube itself. Always stick to a fixed color scheme. This Way to Increase Youtube Views.

2. Consistency:

One is consistency in content, and the other is in the posting rate. The more content you generate initially, the faster is your growth. Post two or three videos a week to keep the user engaged. According to Youtube, “The goals of YouTube’s search and discovery system are to help viewers find the videos they want to watch, and to maximize long-term viewer engagement.”

3.Building an engaging experience

It has become essential to create an engaging experience for the user. Encourage Comments and Sharing.

-Ask for topics your viewers want content made.

-Organize creative contests for viewers with a reward.

When it comes to the Youtube algorithm, views are a vital part, but comments, likes, shares also are critical.

4. Ranking your videos on Google Search

Top results on google are different from those on Youtube. You may wonder why the ranking is not the same. The main reason for this:

-The intent of the user is different.

-The monetization strategy varies for two platforms.


5. Increasing your CTR

CTR” stands for click-through rate. To increase your CTR:

-Tittle must be Keyword optimized.

-Use Thumbnails that stand out.

-The presence of brackets or parenthesis increases clicks by 33%.

-Use power words, in the beginning, to make it more effective.

-The usage of numbers increases clicks by 12%.

-Stay original and unique.

Increase Youtube Views


6. Get more suggested views

Searching for a particular video isn’t the only way to get views. Youtube also suggests video based on the video you just watched.

To become successful at this, you can use the “Sequel Technique.” 

Step 1. First and foremost, find a trendy or viral topic. Google trends will give trending topics from across the globe. Pick one in your domain.

Step 2.Check out the videos with most views. They are usually from top popular Youtubers.

Step 3.Note down the keywords they have used.

Step 4.Now create your video that rectifies their mistakes and provides a continuation of their content.

Step 5. Use a similar title and description. Use the same Keywords.

Youtube recommends suggested videos based on EWT and metadata. 

If the metadata of that video and yours are similar, it has more chance of standing out. EWT stands for expected watch time. The higher the EWT, the higher the rank is & Increase Youtube Views 


7. Promoting your channel

•Promote your videos via ads on social media. 
•Create a blog and actively post articles and content.
•Go live on Youtube. 
•Collaborate with Youtubers.
•Use EndScreens.


8. Learn to tag smart

Tagging is one of the major dilemmas faced by budding YouTubers. Use the simple MVC formula to tag effectively. MVC stands for “Main Keyword,” “Variations,” and “Category.”

9. The Card Bridge Method

This method is an effective way to boost your session time. First, find the exact moment the viewers are leaving your video. Viewers were likely to be bored at that instant due to some or other reason.

What you could do to keep them in your channel is to provide a thumbnail to another video.

10. Content creation

•Begin each video with an interesting hook.

•Make the content personal and exciting.

•Keep titles and opening credits short as they can bore users.

•Make long videos to increase EWT. 

•Going local is the new global. 

•Your content should be as emotional as possible. Always have comic relief in between.


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