Essay on Corruption: Speech on Corruption, What is Corruption, Corruption in India

Essay on Corruption: Essay on sensitive issues like corruption. Its meaning is what its reason is, what its type is and what its solution is. Friends, today we will discuss a topic about which you all know and take our eyes off as a bitter truth. Friends, today we will talk about corruption, the biggest disease of society.

Corruption is spreading cancer in our society, which is being eaten inside the country. Corruption did not end despite thousands of efforts because educated people of the country are involved in corruption, taking advantage of their posts and bribery. The whole society has to pay the price of corruption.

Essay on Corruption: Speech on Corruption, What is Corruption, Corruption in India

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What is Corruption?

We are all familiar with the word corruption, but very few people understand the real meaning of corruption. The word corruption is made up of two words – corrupt + conduct. Corrupt means – corrupt, bad, or dirty, and ethics means conduct or behavior. Corruption is a practice adopted by a human being by keeping his human values ​​at bay.

Cause of Corruption

  • Due to lack of education, poor people are not aware of their rights and cannot take advantage of the government schemes run for the poor. Officials waste the entire money on government schemes.
  • People make corruption an easy means to eradicate their poverty, and by thinking only of their good, they throw the whole country into the fire of poverty.
  • Our society is divided into small pieces in the name of region, language, and caste. Politicians play divide and rule politics on us and bake their rot is in the fire of corruption.
  • The person who indulges in corruption first burns the pyre of his moral values.
  • Due to poverty, hunger and inflation, unemployment, population growth, and personal selfishness, corruption has spread rapidly worldwide.
  • Due to flexible law and order, the scamsters of crores are saved by paying a bribe.
  • People’s ideology has changed. Some people want to earn money without working hard. They want to live a life of luxury through corruption.
  • Even the biggest and small industrialist of the country bribes big officers to save their tax. Due to which the country is not developing. Due to this, the gap between rich and poor is increasing. It is becoming richer and richer and poorer and poorer.
  • Because of understanding money everything, people also understand the wrong ways of earning money.
  • From high officials to minor peons, corruption has become a bribery series; everyone decides their commission in advance.
  • There is a lack of patriotism and human sensibilities.

Types of Corruption

Whether the public sector or private sector, corruption has set its foot around the country. Corruption is rampant in labor unions, in the education system, in the industry, and the name of religion. In simple words, we consider bribes to be corruption, but it has many other forms. like

  • extortion.
  • To blackmail
  • Rigged election
  • Nephew.
  • Creating corrupt legislation.
  • Black marketing
  • Wrong or prejudiced judgment by judges.
  • Misuse of government machinery to suppress their opponents.
  • The collaboration of traders.
  • Dynasty.
  • Copy in the examination.
  • Wrong assessment of the candidate.
  • Covering the business’s wrong economic actions by charter accountants.
  • Tax evasion.
  • False testimony and false trial.
  • Voting for money and alcohol.
  • Buying rewards and titles by paying money.

Effect of Corruption

  • India is one of the fastest-growing economies globally, and India’s name is tarnished due to corruption worldwide, which has a very bad effect on our country. Almost all the paths of development are blocked by corruption.
  • Black money deposited by corruption has a direct impact on inflation. The middle-class family of the country suffers the most inflation.
  • Despite the government enhancing and promoting net banking facilities, the common people mostly use cash only. In this, sellers often get the freedom to sell goods at higher prices than prescribed standards. This promotes artificial inflation.
  • Most of India’s big industrialists hide their wealth from the government’s eyes so that they do not have to pay tax on it. This reduces the government’s income, and the government increases the public’s goods and services tax.
  • There is a leakage of capital from the country due to corruption, and counterfeit notes’ circulation in large quantities starts increasing. This situation invisibly increases the price of goods and reduces the value of currency internationally.
  • Due to publicity facilities, big political parties spend crores and buy entire media. In today’s time, the brokerage of news is to rid the country and the world of really terrible situations by showing daydreams.
  • Corruption is flourishing right from college admission to cheating in examinations, obtaining fake degrees. The teacher who gets the most respected place today became corrupt

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Speech on Corruption

Hello friends,

Today we are going to talk about a very sensitive issue, and that issue is corruption.

Corruption in India started only after independence. Even the British did not loot India as much as our corrupt leaders have looted.

We cannot just blame the spread of corruption on unscrupulous leaders; it is our ignorance that we make our representative by choosing unqualified corrupt leaders in the syrup of regionalism, casteism, and communism.

Education in the country is not the path of development today but nothing more than a daily inspiration that has gone to the margins of privatization. Our corrupt education system has made India a country of middle-class clerks instead of world gurus; schools and colleges in the country are spread like mushrooms, which are opened on the strength of corruption without fulfilling the standards.

Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, but the reality is that media has become the face of political corruption. Like a media puppet representing the public, they dance at the behest of these corrupt political parties.

Due to corruption, the difference between rich and poor starts increasing. Desiring global progress, governance also gives greater impetus to large-scale industries, while low-level industrialists working at smaller levels go bankrupt.

Corruption is spread in all the world countries, more in some and relatively less in some. New York is the country where corruption is the least, and Venezuela has the most, the country where corruption is more, its economy is as flat.

There is a belief in society that the person who was in the courtroom was ruined. Often, judges are accused of taking money and giving a decision in one of the parties. People give false testimony by taking bribes, and lawyers harass the opposition by filing false cases. All this is a common form of corruption in the Department of Justice.

Friends, the time has come that we should make corruption a goal of our lives. Eliminating corruption is not just about any man; it is possible only through collective awareness and efforts. To eradicate corruption, we have to know enough of ideas and make those thoughts our habit so that honesty is not a virtue but behavior that Could.

To eliminate corruption, it is necessary to have transparency in the appointments so that qualified candidates are placed in the right positions and change in society.

Technology has to be used fully so that the right people can show honesty in their work only because of fear of punishment.

The corrupt person has to be socially boycotted; if people stop honoring such people in their families, in their society, then a big change will come.

So friends, today we take an oath that neither we will do corruption nor let others do it.

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Essay on Corruption

Adopting unethical and inappropriate conduct for direct selfishness is called corruption. The roots of corruption in India are very old, which has hollowed the country inside.

There was a time when India was called the golden bird. Our country was a nation rich in wealth. People of that time used to have national interest over their interest, but today, everyone indulges in selfishness.

We made theft, bribery, cheating, rigging, favoritism, black marketing, and dynasty part of our practice by compromising on life values. All this is corruption in one form or the other.

Corruption is spread like a global epidemic in all countries of the world. Today we have to heat the pockets of the officials to do even the smallest work. People hire the biggest chartered accountant for tax evasion. Colleges play in the examinations by playing with the future of children for their names.

The reason for increasing corruption in all the countries is that no person does his work honestly because being honest is like wearing a crown of thorns.

A person’s life is full of needs. When the need is not met, the person bears the tension, and his steps increase further in corruption. He fulfills his immediate needs by taking bribes or bribe, but when this team of corruption takes him slowly, he does not even realize it.

A person who once gets entangled in a corruption team, his entire life is spent indulging in corruption.

Due to corruption, talented people of our country are lost in the darkness of lifetime anonymity.

Due to nepotism, skilled promising, and deserving people do not get the post they deserve. If there is no corruption in our country, smart people will get good jobs to bring social change.

Our government has made several efforts to eliminate corruption in the country. But no work is completed from the level of governance until action is taken at the ground level.

If people make fair decisions and choices by adopting honesty in their lives, we can easily defeat the demon in corruption.

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Corruption in India

Corruption in India has taken such a wide scale that no area is untouched by it. Corrupt people are considered smart today, whereas an honest person is difficult to live.

Due to corruption, our government has become a government of scams today. Leaders elected for the benefit of the country are synonymous with corruption today.

Corruption, like a termite, is hollowing out our country inside. Today no work is done in India without a bribe.

Corruption is increasing in every field. Taking bribes, tax evasion, false prosecutions, cheating in examinations, mis-valuing the student with money, hearing judgments prejudiced by judges, fraternalism for higher positions, campaigning wrongly by taking money, and serving the truth by telling lies. , Selling cheap goods at a price higher than the fixed price, profiteering is all corruption.

Our country residents have become so much addicted to the corruption that they do not think their misconduct wrong. They have started taking the above income as a medium of happiness and prosperity.

The economic development of our country has been greatly affected due to corruption. The rich are becoming richer and poorer.

All the schemes launched by the government for the benefit of the poor, corrupt top officers rigging their schemes to create their bank balance. The poor, who do not have money to bribe the officials, are deprived of government facilities.

This disease of corruption is spreading not only in government institutions but also in non-government institutions. In private schools, a huge amount is collected from parents in the name of donation.

The children of rich parents get admission to the city’s big educational institutions based on money, while the children of poor parents are promising even after being deprived of education due to corruption.

India’s image has deteriorated in the world, and India has slipped two places to number 80 in the world; due to corruption, big business people do not want to do business with India internationally.

If we have to end the basic root of growing misfortune in our country, we have to start from our home because family is the nation’s first unit.

People have to be made aware of the ill effects of corruption. National interest, honesty, and impartiality will have to be reinstated in their conduct.

Only when our nation becomes corruption free will the country progress.

What is Corruption Essay?

Corruption means wrong or bad conduct, which causes a person to violate his human moral values.

It is our mistake that most corruption occurs in countries with weak political conditions, while the reality is, deeply rooted corruption is more prevalent in democratic countries than in authoritarian countries.

The pillars of democratic sentiment due to corruption; Equality, freedom, and fraternity remain a joke.

The Forbes survey on corruption for 18 months found that India ranks first among the top 5 corrupt countries in Asia’s continent. The rate of bribery in India is 68%. The survey was published in March 2017 by Forbes.

A person who acts against justice, policy, truth, religion, and social and human values ​​is called corrupt. The main reason for this is the decline of our moral values.

The Education Department in India is also involved in corruption. It is spread on both government and private levels. From students admission process to exam evaluation, degree distribution, mid-day meal scheme run by the government, funds under literacy campaign, uniform distribution, conducting examinations, school building, teacher recruitment process, getting jobs A series of corruption is going on levels from promotion to transfer. From officers to employees and even peons do not do any work without taking bribes.

There is corruption everywhere in sports, from a selection of players to making false reports of different dope tests and disbursement of prize money. Exploiting women sportspersons by luring them into selection, forcing the government to bribe the players who have earned national acclaim with their prize money, has become part of today’s system.

To say that government schemes are made for the public’s betterment, but when the government funds reach the public by the government, it is not known when the money is absorbed into the pocket of the officials.

Many deserving and promising people commit suicide due to lack of opportunities due to corruption.

Scams in the country have destroyed the assets of crores of people. Corruption is more dangerous than any other global problem in our country; if we want to make the country corruption-free in the coming tomorrow, efforts will have to start today, only then will our country be called great.

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Essay on Corruption Free India

Almost all the countries of the world are facing the problem of corruption. India is one such country that is troubled by the problem of self-corruption.

There was a time when India was called a country of culture of high ideals and moral values. Our traditions, beliefs, and values ​​had gained fame globally, but today we only keep listening to the saga of our golden past.

Today the whole country is struggling due to corruption. Corruption itself is the cause of many problems. It is that invisible chain that inhibits India’s development, which the Indians themselves hold due to their luxury.

Even after 73 years of independence, our country is not one of the developed countries. We could not declare ourselves developed because the basis of governance is corrupt.

If we have to put India on the list of developed countries, then corruption has to end. For this, working from the level of governance is only one aspect of problem-solving. Changing people’s behavior at the ground level should be its main task.

We will free our country from corruption when both personal efforts and actions at the government level are taken with full dedication and loyalty.

The politics of the country has become the main center of corruption. Today, when the leader who leads the public is corrupt, how will corruption end from the society. The government needs to take drastic steps in this direction.

Leaders whose record is engaged in criminal activities should not be allowed the nomination to the candidate’s post. It should be made mandatory for all leaders to be educated up to a certain level.

The culprits of corruption in the country should be severely punished so that an example should be made in front of everyone that those who loot the country will not be left.

Prioritizing the proceedings of big scams in the country, the guilty officers and leaders should be suspended.

Records of all important works and schemes should be kept, and that record should be examined from time to time so that the rigging in government schemes can be exposed to all.

The bribery person should be punished severely and find out the locations of black money. All persons convicted of this activity should be punished severely.

Education should be expanded more and more because our younger generations will adopt moral values ​​above bookish subjects and adopt them in their conduct and will be reflected in rituals.

There are many ways to make India corruption-free, but change will come when we work with determination to make India corruption-free.

Then our India will be corruption free.


Friends, there is no such thing in the world that cannot be done. Corruption is the main problem of our country, you also read Essay on Corruption which affects every aspect of our life. If we all try to stop this problem, then eradication of corruption is sure.

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