Best DTH Service in India 2022 | Witch is Best DTH

Best DTH Service in India 2022: Friends, today we are going to talk about the best DTH services running in India, so if you also want to know which are the best services in India.

Friends, like telecom companies in India, there is tough competition among DTH service providers. If you are also planning to get a new DTH connection, we will tell you which option can be better for you in the option available in the market.

Best DTH Service in India
Best DTH Service in India

Best DTH Service in India 2022

Currently, there is tough competition in the market like Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h, Airtel Digital TV, sun direct, and DD Free Dish. Every service provider has its specialties and flaws, which you should know before making a connection.

Before buying DTH, you have to keep these things in mind.

  • How is the picture quality of the set-top box?
  • How is the company’s service
  • Whose connection price is lower
  • Which company is cheaper than the price of the channel pack
  • Whose good is the customer care service

Let’s look at the prices of the set-top box of the existing DTH service provider in the market and the features available with the connection.

1) Tata Sky

Tata Sky is at number one, offering four types of set-top boxes to its customers. The company’s basic set-top package Tata Sky SD is priced at Rs 1,399, which gives users DVD-quality pictures and CD-quality audio.

The company’s next set-top box is Tata Sky HD, priced at Rs 1,499, which offers Dolby Digital Surround Sound with 1080i video quality and 16: 9 aspect ratio video quality. After this comes the Tata Sky 4K set-top box of the company, priced at Rs 6,400, which comes with full HD resolution 4K UHD resolution. It offers a 4K TV experience.

2) d2h

After that number comes, the d2h SD set-top box price is 1,499, and the HD RF set-top box is priced at Rs 1,799. With this box, DTH operators Videocon offer a free subscription of a month’s Platinum SD and HD combo plan. In this set-top box, users get the option to pause and rewind live TV.

With this, users can pre-schedule the record to the show of their choice. Users of the company’s website get an unlimited recording, but D2h has not revealed its storage capacity.

3) Dish TV

After that, Dish TV offers its users two types of set-top boxes. The company’s basic set-top box is DishNXT, priced at Rs 1,490, and the company’s higher set-top box model is DishNXT HD, priced at Rs 1,590. In this set-top box, users get good video and audio quality and Hindi and English language support.

One month free subscription is available free on buying an HD set-top box of Dish TV. TV shows can be recorded with the help of a USB drive in the set-top box of Dish TV. The company offers this service for one year at Rs 169 (+ GST).

4) Airtel Digital TV

After this, the HD set-top box of Airtel Digital TV is available for Rs 1,453. In this, you can download your favorite TV shows and movies. Remort of this set-top box also supports users’ TVs. Airtel offers its users a one-month free subscription with free installation.

5) Sun Direct

Now, when talking about Sun Direct, Sun Direct is the highest in the South, because you get to see many channels in the South, if you live in the South, then Sun Direct will be outstanding, in this also you have to see good picture quality. Is.

6) DD Free Dish

Finally, if you talk about DD free dish, then DD free dish will be the best for those who want to watch TV for free, because in this you get to watch all the channels free of cost which is present on the free dish, only you Have to spend the time to get the connection,

Public broadcaster Prasar Bharati’s direct-to-home DTH service DD Free Dish has crossed four crore subscribers. This information has been given in a report.

Media Entertainment Report-2022 stated that the main reasons for the increase in viewership of Prasar Bharati’s free-to-air DTH service were television sets being cheap, economic issues, and the introduction of DT retro channels and large broadcasters on the Free Dish platform Have to return. The report says that DD Free Dish is on the path of solid growth. The number of its customers has crossed 40 million.

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My Suggestion

1) According to my, you get to see the best picture quality in Tata Sky and Airtel DTH.

2) Talking about customer care service, according to my experience, Tata Sky and D2H can get good now, followed by Dish TV and Airtel.

3) Talking about the DTH package, all DTH companies give you almost the same pack, which has to pay 130+ GST ​​per month.

4) DD free dish will be the best DTH for those watching free channels.

If you want to buy any of the DTH, you can buy the video’s description from the link given to buy the DTH.


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