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Arunima Sinha Biography: A woman who was handicapped by a train accident and was resurrected after a long struggle between life and death on her strength will thank God and said if God has given me life again, there is a history to be passed behind it.

Who is Arunima Sinha?

This woman and none is the former national level volleyball player from India and the first Indian Divyang Arunima Sinha to conquer Mount Everest.

Arunima Sinha Biography

They proved that nothing happens by being bedridden by the body. The mind should not handicap you. No matter how adverse the circumstances, a human being can do nothing if he wants with his heart. Be it a woman or a man or a disabled person. If you are mentally strong, you can make your way by ripping mountains. In the past, mountain man “Dasharatha Manjhi has also been made.

When was Arunima Sinha Born?

Arunima Sinha (born 20 July 1988) is a resident of Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh and has been working as the head constable in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) since 2012. He is a national-level volleyball player. When was Arunima Sinha going to Delhi?

The Whole Story of Arunima Sinha

If the lamp works in the dark, then after reading the struggle story of his life, let’s ignite the darkness of despair spread in our life with the flame of light.

On 11 April 2011, Padmavati Express was going from Lucknow to Delhi to appear in the CISF exam. What happened to Arunima Sinha? Around one o’clock in the night, some vicious robbers entered the train compartment near Bareilly and, seeing Arunima Sinha alone, tried to snatch the gold chain from her neck.

Which was opposed by Arunima Sinha as much as a player can resist. When the culprits were not successful, they threw Arunima Ji out of the moving train. A severe injury resulted from throwing out of the train. She was not in a condition to get up.

Arunima Sinha Biography

A train was coming towards them on a nearby track. He tried his best to get off the way, but by then, Tran was out of his left leg, and his left leg was wholly cut below the knee, and bones came out of his right leg. After which, he did not lose consciousness, but nobody part was working.

Throughout the night, Arunima Sinha screamed in pain with a severed leg. 49 After passing the train, Arunima Sinha had lost her life completely, but perhaps the fate of Arunima Sinha’s life was somewhat different.

The next day when it was morning, the villagers took him to the hospital in Bareilly. The doctors there saw their condition and said that they have to be amputated to survive, but we do not have Blood and Anaesthesia. (Anaesthesia is an injection applied to reduce pain during surgery or to listen to the body).

Arunima was not able to see anything but was listening to him, and when he heard this from the doctors, he said that when he was lying on the track all night in such a condition, he continued to bear the pain. So, I will also tolerate the pain during leg cutting. Seeing Arunima Ji’s courage, the two doctors gave her one blood unit and cut her leg without Anaesthesia.

Arunima Ji says in one of her speeches that she still feels the pain she had at that time when she tells that moment.

When the media and the government knew that the accident victim was a national-level volleyball player, she was shifted from Bareilly to Lucknow hospital. Later on 18 April 2011, she was AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). She fought with her life and death for almost four months, he underwent treatment for four months, and Arunima Sinha won in the battle of life and death. Due to the leg cutting, he was put on an artificial foot, and the road was inserted into the other leg.

Seeing this condition of Arunima Sinha, the doctors had also given up and were advising her to rest. While Arunima Sinha had become weak and winky in family and relatives’ eyes, Arunima Sinha did not let her courage down and wanted to declare herself helpless and helpless.

“The floor will be found right while wandering, misguided ones are those who have not come out of the house.”

Arunima did not stop here. He has now set a goal of crossing the highest peaks of all the seven continents of the world to arouse inspiration and enthusiasm among the youth and people living a depressed life due to any lack of energy. They have so far flown the tricolor on Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosusco in Australia, Ekankagua in Argentina, and Carstens Pyramid in Indonesia.

If Arunima Ji had given up and sat at home feeling helpless, today she would be a burden on her family’s people. He had to spend his whole life with the help of others. But her lofty courage and confidence saved her from breaking up. Hardly come into every human being’s life, but the victorious is the one who competes fiercely with those tricky, ardent spirits. Arunima Sinha is the pride of our country, and We should take inspiration from them to fight the sorrows and hardships that come in life. We salute Arunima Sinha wholeheartedly.

Arunima Sinha Inspiration?

During the ongoing treatment at AIIMS, he again decided to do something in this life. Even after this incident which shocked the heart and mind, there was nothing in his life called despair. She decided that she would no longer do the most challenging game of life, not volleyball. For this, he chose Mountaineering. Who did Arunima Sinha consider as her inspiration? Arunima Ji believes the source of this inspiration to Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who defeated cancer and regained life.

He set his goal to hoist the tricolor on Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. For this, she took a mountaineering course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi and met India’s first female mountaineer “Bachendri Pal” and sought a guideline.

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Arunima Sinha’s Achievements

When did Arunima win Everest? Despite arduous struggle and mushibato, on 21 May 2013 at 10.55 minutes, she hoisted the tricolor on Mount Everest, and Arunima Sinha became the world’s first Divyang women climber. This journey to conquer Mount Everest lasted for 52 days.

Not only this, despite conquering Mount Everest, Arunima Ji has not stopped; he has set a goal to beat the high peaks of the seven continents of the world. Most of whom have hoisted the tricolor of India, and their journey will continue.

Arunima Sinha By conquering Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, Arunima Ji has assured that even the most giant miscreants succumb to the flight of flight, passion, and confidence.

If she wanted to, she could easily live her life after that incident as she got a job as head constable in CISF in 2012 itself. But instead of living in oblivion, Arunima Ji adopted a new path in which there was a lot of difficulty at every step. But due to the desire to pass some taxes, his name was recorded in the history of the country in golden letters, which people will remember for centuries.

Awards and Honors of Arunima Sinha

The Government of India and other institutions have decorated him with many awards and honors. Arunima Sinha was awarded the Padma Shri in 2015 by the Government of India, which is India’s fourth-highest civilian award. The Padma Shri award is given to a person who has made outstanding contributions in any one field in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself inaugurated Arunima’s biography – ‘Born Again in the Mountain.

‘Arunima was also given the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in the year 2016. Given the contribution made by her, the first female award was conferred in 2018.

Bharat Bharti Society of Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh announced the Sultanpur Ratna Award award to this disabled woman who hoisted the tricolor on Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. In 2016, Arunima Sinha was awarded the Ambedkarnagar Ratna Award on behalf of the Ambedkarnagar Festival Committee.

Motivational Words of Arunima Sinha

The eagle still has its accurate flight

This test is yet to be tested

I have just crossed the sea

There is still a whole sky to go


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