Animal Rights Essay

Animal Rights Essay for Students but first thing, Almost all of us eat meat, wear leather, and also go to circuses and zoos. Many of us even buy pets and keep beautiful birds in cages. We wear wool and silk.

Animal Rights Essay

We never considered the impact of these actions on animals, and now you are asking the question: why should animals have rights? Should animals deserve the same rights as humans?

Why should there be rights for animals and birds?

A famous author, Peter Singer, states that the basic principle of equality does not require equal or equal treatment; It requires the same consideration. This is an important distinction when talking about animal rights. Do people often ask whether animals should have rights? And quite simply, the answer is, “Yes!” Why not !!

Animals certainly deserve to live a life free from suffering and exploitation. When deciding someone’s rights, the question is not, can they argue? Nor ‘Can they talk?’ But ‘Can they suffer?’ The capacity for pain cannot be addressed by language. All animals can suffer. They feel pain, joy, fear, despair, loneliness, and maternal love.

We believe that every creature who wishes to live has the right to be free from pain and suffering. Animal rights are not just a philosophy — it is a social movement that challenges the traditional view of society.

One group of people believe that animals deserve the same rights as humans and should not be used by humans for food or research, while others think it is okay to employ animals for study or other human needs.

Animal Rights (Essay)

Many organizations in the world aim to stop animal exploitation, but their intentions have failed. This is because animal protection is not just a matter of enforcement of laws and regulations but also changes the mindset and increases sensitivity to animals.

animal rights essay

Cruelty to animals is one of the most significant ethical issues. While giving them equal rights as human beings, implementation matters do not seem very practical, but yes, things can and should be done to prevent/reduce their exploitation!

Animal Testing and Animal Generating Business

But before addressing the issue of animal exploitation, it is essential to understand the reasons for which animals are exploited. Billions of animals die every year by animal testing alone.

Cruelty to animals is of two types – passive and active. Passive cruelty refers to abuse that occurs due to neglect or lack of action towards their safety and care, such as starvation, dehydration, shelter, and medical care, etc.

Active cruelty is due to people’s intentions towards animals. Meaning, ‘we humans’ have to intentionally harm an animal for our own selfish needs to feel more powerful and gain control. For example, the leather business is very profitable, but it also includes animal exploitation and animal killing.

A lot of animals are indeed used in research. For example, humans share 95% of their genes with mice. Therefore, ‘Rat’ is considered a very suitable model for conducting research related to the human body.

Also, essential vaccines such as tetanus, penicillin, and insulin could not have been developed without animal research. Therefore, it is hypothetical to say that animal research can be banned entirely, but monitoring can inevitably be done to avoid its misuse.

Need for Strengthening Animal Protection Law

Animal protection laws need to be sufficiently cautious as to whether legitimate research was exploited – a study aimed at discovering or inventing a drug/treatment to enhance life and the environment or that meets selfish needs Is done to do.

Those found guilty of animal exploitation without a license from the designated agency should be heavily punished. All these steps will ensure that a proper balance is maintained between animal exploitation, research, and future discoveries.

Despite such a terrible situation, the lack of attention and awareness, in this case, shows that our consciousness is not yet developed. We must talk to those who make policies and argue for mandatory rules, or we should educate everyone.

The entire earth is a common property of all of us. This is our world, and this is their world as well. Just because we are at the top of the food chain, does this give us the right to take away animal rights? Animals cannot make a voice for themselves, and that is why we need to protect them. It is our responsibility to protect them.

To maintain the ecosystem, animals play an essential role. They should be empowered because they are equally important to balance the cycle of nature and deserve to live with freedom.

Also, scientists in many industries conduct experiments on animals before launching any product in the market or concluding their research. These experiments and research use harmful chemical injections on animals that cause changes in their behavior and genes. For instance, in India, people are now boycotting products and medicines tested on animals to protect animal rights.


Finally, I Share with you Animal Rights Essay, this discussion reflects the view that the government and people have to come together and work together to protect animal rights and the environment. That is, law enforcement should be fair and strict to protect animal rights.

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