What is Digital India? Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital India

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In this article, I tell you about What is Digital India and Advantages of Digital India, To connect every citizen of India with the digital world, the government took this extraordinary step and started the Digital India Project; Digital India has played the most significant role in bringing change to the country. Are you also not fully connected to Digital India yet? And are not using Digital India Services because you are not aware of it.

Advantages of Digital India

What is Digital India?

Before using Digital India, it is essential to know Digital India why Digital India was started thoroughly? What is the purpose behind this? Big Advantages of Digital India

So Friends Digital India Program is a scheme run by the Government of India, which has transformed the country’s Economy into a digital form. Digital India platform is the program that transforms the country into a digital country and gives India a new look. The government has raised funds to 3,958 crores for the Financial Year 2020-21.

According to the government, the Digital India program will provide 18 lakh new jobs. This will reduce unemployment of the country, improve many conditions of the country. The Digital India Program will give all the Government Departments of India a chance to accelerate its momentum further digitally.

Digital India will also help in giving jobs to youngsters; they will get employment opportunities. This will also significantly improve the Economy of the country; digital technology will develop new technology in the country. Due to most things being digital in the world, we have seen many changes in the country.

Do you know when Digital India started?

Do not know? So let’s tell you…

When did Digital India Start

After knowing about Digital India, we will now know when Digital India was started.

The launch of Digital India was done by the country’s prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on 1 July 2015 at the “Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium” in Delhi.

Lot of Advantages of Digital India On this occasion, many prominent personalities of the country like- Mukesh Ambani, President of Reliance Company, Cyrus Mistry, who was then President of Tata Group, Aziz Prem Ji of Vipro were present. In which it was resolved that India will be further enhanced with digital power.

Digital India has been the most significant contributor to bringing change to the country.

This scheme has changed the picture of the country itself and has made the common man’s life easier and better. So what is the purpose of Digital India, because of which this scheme has been created.

So friends, now you know when the launch of Digital India took place.

But do you know its purpose? What is the purpose behind making this scheme?

Don’t know, so let’s know.

Objectives Of Digital India

Advantages of Digital India

Digital India has emerged as a major revolution.

There are many objectives to start the Digital India Program, which will give many opportunities for progress to India’s people and the development of the country.

So let’s know about the same purpose; information about the Digital India program’s purpose is given below.

Public Internet Access Program

Friends, you will not have to visit Government Office again and again for any work. All the Government Department has been connected to the Internet; to increase its access to the people, through the Internet, everyone can get any government information, first of all, Post Office as Multi-Service Center. Will be made, you can get all kinds of information from here.

Broadband highway

Broadband Highway aims to connect all the Indian villages to the Internet; this means telecom for which Fiber Optics Cable has been installed. Broadband Connectivity will be provided to all Gram Panchayats with a speed of 100 Mbps. With this, every person in the village will be able to connect to the Internet to get the benefit of government facilities.


Every type of application facility has been made online by using E-governance. All types of database information will be provided electronically, such as – Aadhar Card facility, Payment Gateway, Voter Id Card will be available online.

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile is available to every person in the cities. Still, even today, most people do not have a mobile facility in many villages. Digital India’s objective is that now every citizen of India should have a mobile facility to use the facility of Internet and Mobile Banking.


It is one of the all-purpose of Digital India. Many facilities have been added under it, including connecting schools to broadband, free wifi facilities, all types of courses will be made online. These facilities are named E-education.

Along with all these objectives, online medical supply, online medical, patients will be able to get online facility through this facility in the health sector. Along with this, online services of cash, loan, mobile banking, etc., will be provided.

These were the objectives for which Digital India was started, and today, Digital India Ke Labh people are also getting it.

So would you like to know what benefits the public is getting from this

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Advantages Of Digital India

There are many benefits of the Digital India program so that people of all categories will get some benefit at their respective levels.

Let’s know the benefits of Digital India.


Cashless Transaction saves time. If you have to go to the bank to withdraw cash or stand in the line of ATM or do some bill pay, all these activities take a lot of time.

Reduction of corruption

Cashless Economy has also reduced corruption, due to which the bribe and the bribe will get rid of their antics. Most of the corruption in India is through cash. To enter to get some work done. Such works are done by cash only.

Improvement In Economy

Digital India has the most significant contribution in connecting India to the Internet. Cashless Economy is entirely dependent on the Internet so that all kinds of information can be obtained online only; the Digital India program will also significantly improve the Economy of the country.

Cashless Payment

With cashless payment, you will no longer need to keep the cash. There will be a reduction in cash theft, and on making an online payment, all your kind of payment remains in the Record Bank.

Applications like Paytm, Phone Pe, Freecharge continue to offer discounts on Cashless Payment and Cashback to the customer. Also, there are shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon which gives discounts on making an online payment from the bank.

These were the benefits of Digital India, so how do we register in Digital India to get these benefits?

Digital India Registration – Sign Up Process

Follow the steps given below to register in Digital India; you have been told Step by Step its process for Advantages of Digital India

  • Visit Digital India Website – First, you have to visit the Digital India website.
  • Click On Sign Up – Digital India Portal will be open in front of you, here you have to click on Sign Up.
  • Enter The Required Details – Now the Account Registration Form will come in front of you, enter whatever Detail has been asked from you in the form.
  • Click On Register Now – After filling in all the information, click on Register Now.
  • Now you will log in to Digital India. After which you will be able to use all its services.

Friends, if you do not have to visit the Digital India website repeatedly and use these services more, you can also download the Digital India App on your mobile.

Digital India App

Apart from using Digital India Website, you can also use its app.

There is a Mobile Based Application to receive and connect to Digital India Information. Digital India app provides various types of government services. like…

  1. Voter Services
  2. Aadhaar Services
  3. Ration Card Services
  4. Driving License Services
  5. Lpg Gas Services
  6. Digital Services
  7. Pan Card Services
  8. Train Info And Services

You will be able to use such services. Apart from this, there are other types of government services that you can use with this application’s help.

While many benefits were thought in the country’s interest behind the making of Digital India, there are also some disadvantages that hardly anyone knows.

If you, too are unaware of these disadvantages? So know about them further.

Disadvantage Of Digital India

Although there have been many types of reforms in the country with Digital India, if we talk about the loss, there are also losses from the Digital India program. So know the disadvantages of Digital India.

Someone Hack Your Details

By using the Digital India Platform, you have to provide your details. With this, anyone can hack your data.

Free WiFi

Internet is used more by having free WiFi. Due to this, the use of the phone has also increased. This keeps people engaged in more time phones, which is harmful to health.

Lost Your Hosting Data

If your Hosting Service and Server Damage happens, your data will be lost, and there is no Backup Process.

Mobile Lost

Digital India makes Payments easy, but now most of the phone is used due to all the work being online. And all our essential information is saved on the phone itself. So, if the phone is lost, then you may have to suffer a lot.


Transaction by card through mobile is easy, but people spend more so that they will not be able to control their spending habits.

So this was the loss of Digital India, which, if you came to know, there are not only benefits from Digital India. This may also cause harm to people, which you have mentioned above.

So now you have got Complete Information about Digital India. Now you too will be able to use it.


So, friends, this was information about Digital India which you came to know today. In which you got information about Digital India in Detail.

Digital India has changed the country’s picture itself, which has led to many developments in the country. Which you will get to know in this post, in which you learned.

  • What is Digital India? When did it start?
  • What is the objective of Digital India?
  • How to register in Digital India
  • You also know the Advantages of Digital India and disadvantages of Digital India today.
  • Also, you came to know about Digital India App here.
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