1k Means – What does ‘1K’ and ‘1M’ Mean? Benefits of 1K & 1M

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1k Means: You must have seen 1k, 2k, 10k, 100k, and 1M, 2M, 10M, 100M often on Facebook and YouTube. What is the Meaning of K and M? What is the name of both these letters?

If you know, it is perfect, but if you do not know, it is essential to know about 1k Meaning, and 1M Meaning found on social sites from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Today in this post I will tell you about both 1k Meaning and 1M Meaning.

1k Means - What does '1K' and '1M' Mean? Benefits of 1K & 1M

On Facebook, you will find many photos, video posts which are written like 1k and on YouTube you will find many channels, zipper 1M, 2M subscribers and views are written. In this image, you can see that Facebook like how count has been done and how YouTube subscriber has been counted.

We all have a habit of adopting the shortcut method, and we adopt a shortcut from words to spoken words. 1K and 1M form this, people have made this their Meaning now and all the people who use social media network.

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, they know about it. But still, many friends do not know about K meaning and M meaning.

1K Means

We have to know the Meaning of K symbol here, but I have written 1K here because on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or any social website it starts from 1k only.

Because K on Social Media means Maths Numbers on Social Media or YouTube K means Kg means ‘Kilo’. Which has a total of 1000 units, due to which 1k Means is 1kg (kg) means 1000 units

If I only write K, then it can have many meanings like,

  • K in Chemistry means Potassium.
  • In physics, K means Kelvin.

But the K we are talking about is related to math, and here K means ‘Kilo’, which has 1000 units. In such a situation, 1K means 1 Kilo, i.e. 1000 units.

Whenever 1 thousand likes, Views, Subscribers, or comments are made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, they are written 1K instead of 1000 writing, and it also means 1 thousand.

These are some standard K’s.

1K means 1000
10K means 10,000
100k means 100,000

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1M Means

The Meaning of 1M is known to all of you because it is mathematical, also used in Astatic Counting.

M means Million

Million This word is a unit which means one million (100,0000).

Many people know about 1M Meaning because they have not been modified, it is itself a mathematical term used in counting.

M – Million

Million is a unit which means one million (100,0000)

If 1M is written on a YouTube channel, Facebook post, Page, it would mean 1000000. The above YouTube channel has 1.6M subscribers which means 1.6 million subscribers.

Here are some M’s

1M means 1 million
10M means 1 crore
100M means 10 million

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What is the value of 1K and 1M on YouTube?

Friends, 1M and 1K have the same value on YouTube, and all social media like – Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube, or any other social media also have the same value.

The 1K Means and 1M Means have been explained to you in detail above. Now, I explain by explaining the value of 1K and 1M.

1K = 1000 Like, Comment, Followers

1M = 100,0000 Like, Comment, Followers

Friends, now you must have understood what is 1K Means and 1M Means, and if you have any question related to this post, you can ask by commenting and if you like this post then definitely share with your friends.

What are the Benefits of 1K & 1M

  • You may be wondering what would benefit these if we write 1000 then why are there problems?
  • No, why not problem if you can write 1000 instead of 1k, you can write 1000000 instead of 1M. But how would it look on social media networks?
  • Maybe you will not like it too and maybe if there are more than 1 crore views, like on a video, then writing 10M is more suitable yes no, 1000,0000.
  • Wherever 1000 has to be written anywhere on the Internet, 1K is written and does not know about it. So 1K means you can leave something else.
  • Many people consider 1M as 1MB because they do not know that ‘M’ means Million, which means 1 million, and if you have written anywhere on social media, 1M means 1 Million.
  • You can stay updated with the latest internet facts, and this is one of them. Sometimes in an exam, you will be asked about what is 1K and 1M?

What is the Value of 1K and 1M on Social Media?

You must have seen which Instagram is written 1K and 1M, instead of a follower, like, comment, in the same way, other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are written like this.

After seeing the Meaning above, you must have understood the value of 1K and 1M on social media, if not understood, then from here, we understand with an example.

1K = 1000 = 1000 Like, 1000 Followers, 1000 Subscribers, 1000 Views, 1000 Comment.

1M = 10,00000 = 10,00000 Like, 10,00000 Followers, 10,00000 Subscribers, 10,00000 Views, 10,00000 Comment.

Now all the numbers will increase. Further, you can calculate the value of these two by multiple.

10k Means

10k would mean ten thousand, whatever number K is placed behind it means thousand.

1k Means how much

1K means 1K = 1000 i.e. 1K means one thousand, every number which is K behind it means thousand.

10m Means

10m means 1m = 1000000 i.e 10 Lakhs, any number M is behind it means 10 Lakhs.

Numbers Formats – 1K, 1M, 1B, 1T, 2T Means

Numeric FormatCompact / ShortCompact / LongCompact-Short
1,0001K1 thousand€1K
1,1001.1K1.1 thousand€1.1K
1,5001.5K1.5 thousand€1.5K
2,0002K2 thousand€2K
10,00010K10 thousand€10K
100,000100K100 thousand€100K
1,000,0001M1 million€1M
1,100,0001.1M1.1 million€1.1M
1,500,0001.5M1.5 million€1.5M
2,000,0002M2 million€2M
10,000,00010M10 million€10M
100,000,000100M100 million€100M
1,000,000,0001B1 billion€1B
1,100,000,0001.1B1.1 billion€1.1B
1,500,000,0001.5B1.5 billion€1.5B
2,000,000,0002B2 billion€2B
10,000,000,00010B10 billion€10B
100,000,000,000100B100 billion€100B
1,000,000,000,0001T1 trillion€1T
1,100,000,000,0001.1T1.1 trillion€1.1T
1,500,000,000,0001.5T1.5 trillion€1.5T
2,000,000,000,0002T2 trillion€2T
10,000,000,000,00010T10 trillion€10T
100,000,000,000,000100T100 trillion€100T
1,100,000,000,000,0001100T1100 trillion€1100T


Friends, what is 1K Meaning and 1M meaning? Information about this is given if you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and do not know about it.

So you should know about 1K means, and what is the information related to it? Hope you have the correct information and share it so that your friends also get information about it.


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