20+ Zero Investment Business Ideas

Can a person think of doing business without money? If yes, is it practical for him to feel like this in the present time? Yes, many such questions flash in the minds of many people in India. And to satisfy his curiosity, he tries to find the answer on the internet. We want to tell such people that yes if a person is diligent and full of skill at present, he can earn by starting his own business even without money.

And we also want to make it clear here that these are the businesses that are started without money; most of these businesses are connected to the internet or online. So as we know, at present, almost every person has his smartphone and internet facility is available in it. So he is online or connected to the internet.

Zero Investment Business Ideas

However, here these types of business have been divided into two parts. Here we are presenting the first list of such companies which can be started quickly even without money. And in the second list, we have put those business ideas which require investment or money to start, but it is significantly less.

20+ Zero Investment Business Ideas

13 Businesses to be started without money and 8 with less money. List of businesses to start without money

1. Freelancing (Work as a Freelancer)

Although this business idea to start without money is only for those people who have some skill or the other. So people who know graphic design, web developer, mobile app developer, wordpress developer, writing job, marketing, accounting, customer service, etc. You can start this work sitting at home without any money.

Since millions of people are earning their money through freelancing globally, there are many such websites and portals in this field that provide their service not only in India but all over the world. This is why by doing business or working without money, the entrepreneur can earn foreign exchange sitting at home. This work can be started by a qualified person through a website like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr.

2. Youtube (Create a channel and make Useful Videos)

YouTube is the next name in the business to be started without money. The YouTube channel can be created by making a medium of any subject and area; if you have a hidden skill to make people laugh, you can bring it to people through the YouTube channel. Apart from this, those who love technology, and if you know about it, then you can make a channel on technology. That is to say; you can share your knowledge and skills available in that field with people through YouTube channels in the subject or area you are experienced and interested in.

Creating a YouTube channel is very popular in the list of businesses to be started without money. Because in this, you have to provide anything to the people through the medium of the video. If you want, you can teach them something; if you wish, you can entertain them, make them laugh, and motivate them. Some can make such clips that the eyes of the beholder are filled.

If you are a good cook or Saif, then you can also start your cooking channel. Channel can be created on any topic on YouTube, and when people like this channel, they subscribe to it. And when you have millions of subscribers, then your video is more likely to go viral. Keeping this in mind, big companies ask you to make sponsored videos about their product or service, for which they pay money to YouTubers.

Even for some favorite YouTube channels, actors and actresses make videos to promote their films, increasing the followers of the YouTuber. To create a YouTube channel, only a person needs a Gmail ID created for free. As far as earning is concerned, making can be done through Sponsored Video, Direct Ads, Google Ads. Therefore, it is also an important business in the list of companies to be started without money.

3. Through apps like Tik Tok, Roposo, etc

Tik Tok is a short video-sharing Chinese application since initially it was seen only as a fun app. That is why people in India started downloading it in enormous quantities for entertainment. But today, through this app, the users are publishing not only funny videos but also videos of every category. This is the reason that your application has become very popular and famous in India. But now it is banned in India.

Despite this, many similar apps are available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. So if you have skills like lipping, little acting, and the idea to make people laugh, you can be successful in making millions of followers in such application. However, no person can earn money by setting up ads in videos like YouTube through such an application. But he can become famous through these and earn money by making sponsored videos. To start such a moneyless business, only a smartphone and Internet are required.

Since every person has a smartphone, no person needs to spend even a single rupee to do this work. Instead, using the data of the existing internet plan running, installing the Tik Tok app from the Play Store is required. Currently, this app named Tik Tok has been banned in India. That’s why people can also earn money through other similar apps like Roposo etc. And you can set up your business without any money.

4. Paid writing can also be started without money

The following business to be started without money is paid writing. Paid writing refers to paperwork if you have a passion for writing if you like to write on any subject. So at present, many people like bloggers, companies, magazines, newspapers, etc., keep writing new articles for their websites. However, these companies or bloggers generally have to convey the advice and experience of experts related to that field to their audience and readers.

So if you have deep knowledge about any field, you can start this business without any money by writing articles on that topic. Otherwise, writers fond of writing by doing online research can also make this hobby a source of earning.

5. Language translation service can be started without money

To do this business without money, a person needs to know two or more international languages. Yes, language translation service is required not only by big companies and business owners. Instead, it is also meant to perform government functions, but any government hesitates to take a foreign language translation service.

Because there can be some things on international issues, which are very important in terms of social, economic, and national security to keep confidential, there is a good demand for people doing such work in the private sector. However, some companies like Google, etc., are trying to automate such services. Still, a qualified person can earn money by doing this business without any money.

6. Selling Photographs Online Can Also Be Started Without Money

The work of selling photographs online can also be started without money. You are not thinking about what else you will do for the photo you took if you are thinking so. So would like to tell you that various website owners, bloggers, content producers, graphic designers, etc., need photos every day for some project. Since the rule of copyright applies to the content available on the Internet.

That’s why such people like to publish their original photographs on online properties. So if you think that you are a good photographer, you can start this business without any money and sell the photos you take through various photo selling websites on the Internet. Even for doing this work, the entrepreneur does not need to spend any money. Therefore it has also been included in the list of businesses without cash.

7. Online Coaching Business

If you have good knowledge of any subject like Science, Geography, Mathematics, etc., you feel that you can teach this subject to others as well. So you can start an online class or online coaching without money. There are many free and paid software available to do this kind of work, which proves to be helpful for a person to teach more than one person at a time.

A person should initially use only free software, and as his business starts growing, he can also buy a pro version of the same software. Online coaching can be easily provided with the help of computers, laptops, webcams, etc. It is kept in the list of businesses to be started without money because if the person already has a laptop or computer, he can begin this work without any cost.

8. Online Consulting Service Can Also Be Started Without Money

This business to be started without money is only and only for some professional persons like doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, etc. Because no one comes to the commoner for consultation, and no one will spend any money to provide his advice or ideas. So if you are a lawyer, doctor, chartered accountant, etc., then you can quickly start your online consulting service business without any cost.

Because at present, there are consulting portals related to every field, such as Practo, Cleartax, Law, etc., are examples of this. And if such a professional person wants, he can start online consultation through his website also. Only a few professional persons can do this type of business without money.

9. Social Media Expert and Manager

Social media started as a way to entertain people. Initially, people used it only as a photo-sharing website. But at present, the widespread use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., has come to the fore. And people are using social media to accomplish various tasks. Companies are using them to promote their product or service; politicians are using them to shine their image, while actors and actresses use them to show influence.

This is why business opportunities have become available in this too because, in the present time, it has become almost mandatory for every company, celebrity, politician, etc., to be present in social media. After all, they are all public figures so that they can be seen through their social media. Even the most minor things have to be taken care of with great care. It is also the responsibility of celebrities, etc., to post something regularly from their social media accounts.

But they do not have that much time, so they give a social media expert the responsibility of managing their social media accounts. If you also have good knowledge of social media, you can quickly start this type of business without any money.

10. Publishing Books Online

The work of making and selling e-books can also be started without money. If you are an author or know a particular subject, you can also write your book online and publish it for free and sell it through Amazon. That’s because currently, this feature called Amazon Kindle gives any person a chance to publish his book online.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also sell your e-book through the Instamojo website by starting this business without money. And you can even create an e-book for free using a website like Canva. Overall, from creating your e-book to selling it to customers, you do not need to spend a single rupee.

Along with this, Amazon also makes it available to the whole world through the Kindle store; any person can buy it from anywhere. When a book gets more than a certain number of sales, a big company like Amazon runs advertisements at its own expense to promote that book.

11. Career counseling can also be started without money

If you feel that the things you have told have a significant impact on people’s hearts and minds, they can turn them from sadness or despair to happiness. So you can start this type of business without any money provided you have enough space to meet your clients or students. Yes, a career counselor’s job is to give career advice to the person and guide people who have become discouraged from their work by infusing new energy into them.

12. Fitness Instructor

If you have done an excellent job on your body, that is, if people do not get tired of praising your attractive body. And if you have done it yourself under some strategy, you will remember every move very well what kind of structural effect it has on the human body. Or, if you want, you can also do a fitness instructor course from any institute.

But your own body must also be attractive. Otherwise, your tips will not have any positive effect on anyone, which is not suitable for this business. In today’s era, prominent people like politicians, actors, actresses, models, etc., need a fitness instructor. So by starting this type of business without money, there is a possibility of earning a lot.

13. Sewing Teaching

This type of business can be started without money only by those people who know sewing work very efficiently, and they are earning their livelihood through this work in the present era. And to whomever they are giving this service, they love the clothes stitched by them. Since the entrepreneur already has machines etc., he can advertise for teaching sewing.

Zero Investment Business Ideas

Best Business to Start with Little Money

So far, we have talked about such businesses that do not require money to start; they can be started without money. In this article, we will talk about such a business that can be started by spending only a little money. That is to say, this is such a list of the companies that can be started with very little investment.

1. Blogging

The number of internet users has increased significantly in the world and India since the movement of Jio revolution in mobile data has taken place in India. Since then, due to the cheap internet packs, there has been an increase in more internet users in India, and due to this, blogging has also benefited a lot. But blogging is as easy as it sounds; it is not just for those people.

Those who concentrate and can write sincerely on any subject. Apart from this, a lot of patience is required in this type of business, and once the entrepreneur’s blog becomes famous among the people, he can earn from his blog through Google Adsense. The subject can also earn money by writing sponsored articles, selling direct advertising slots on the website, and many other ways.

Although blogging can be started without money, i.e., for free, bloggers and WordPress provide their platform to create a blog for free. The entrepreneur also can make his complete control website by spending 7-10 thousand rupees. This requires purchasing an entrepreneurial domain, Web hosting, etc.

2. Domain Buying and Selling Business

Generally, a domain can be easily bought for two hundred to seven hundred rupees. This name is such a business to be started with only money; if the entrepreneur’s strategy and luck are good, then a single domain has the power to make him a millionaire. Yes, friends, similar incidents that happened behind prove that if a person buying and selling domains buys a domain keeping in mind the big companies and search engine friendly, etc. Get sold

The guy who bought FB.com in 2010 for some five to ten dollars probably didn’t know that the domain would change his life. In 2011, FB.com was bought by Facebook from that person for $8.5 million. Today, if we convert these 85 lakh dollars into Indian rupees, it will be about 65 crores. That is to say, any person or company of any country can buy a suitable domain in its currency. Keeping in mind the business of buying and selling domains, a multi-national company like Godedy has established a GoDaddy Auction platform.

3. Video Editing Business

Although this business is only for those people who have high configuration laptops or computers available at home, they should have basic computer operating knowledge. Although those who do not have a computer or laptop, if they want to start this kind of business, they need 50-60 thousand rupees. At the same time, those who have laptops or computers may have to spend only 8-10 thousand buying advanced software for video editing.

For people who do photo studio or wedding videography, learning video editing can be very beneficial. Because the video they give to any other video editing person for mixing, etc., they will be able to do this work themselves and be able to do the work of the photographer themselves. Starting a video editing business may take a little money, but learning it can be done quickly without money.

4. Affiliate Marketing

To start affiliate marketing, the entrepreneur also needs to create his website or blog and the blog with a lot of traffic. Good affiliate marketing companies accept their applications. However, we all know that web hosting is required to create your website or blog and when the individual purchases web hosting. So most of the companies are such that they automatically create their affiliate link in their account.

And Entrepreneurs can appeal to people to buy web hosting by circulating the same link on their website or another platform. The commission paid by these companies on each sale is much higher as compared to an e-commerce website. These web hosting companies offer different commissions on different hosting plans, which can range from $30 to $100. This is the reason why many tech bloggers are making a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

For affiliate registration in an e-commerce website like Amazon, you can only give your Facebook page or profile URL. This means that you can start affiliate marketing quickly without any money.

5. Cycle Repairing Shop Low Money Business

This business is also a skill-intensive business; that is, only such a person can do this business who is well versed in doing cycle repairing work. This includes puncturing, assembling the bicycle, keeping track of every part of the bicycle, etc. However, if the interested person wants, the training of cycle repairing is done either from any institute or from any cycle repairing shop. Fifteen days of training a week will be sufficient for this purpose.

But this work should be started by the entrepreneur in a residential area, and there are more children there because, at present, it is seen that children are making more and more use of the cycle. Starting with repairs, in the beginning, the entrepreneur can also start selling new cycles.

6. Housekeeping & Made Agency

Housekeeping is required for every type of business project, but nowadays, it has become a custom to keep maids in homes. Therefore, if the entrepreneur wants, he can earn his income by starting a housekeeping and maid agency. However, to start such a business, the entrepreneur must register his business with the Mistry of Corporate Affairs under the Companies Act.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur also needs registration of tax, EPF, ESI, etc. But since housekeeping is required in almost every field like hotel, hospital, office, government project, etc., when will this business turn into a very profitable business, and when will it start earning much more than the expectation of the entrepreneur. Does not know.

7. Online Course or Membership Site

This online course or membership site business can also be started quickly with very little investment, i.e., a few thousand rupees. But keep in mind that the entrepreneur needs to be an expert in a particular subject. In this business, a person can prepare an online course on the topic of an expert.

And then can publish that course by making a website. However, to get full access to this course, customers may be requested to take membership. Membership is granted only to the person who pays the membership fee. There are also some websites or portals, with the help of which the entrepreneur can sell his online course for free, i.e., without any money.

8. Drop Shipping Business

In the dropshipping business, the entrepreneur has to sell someone else’s products through his website or portal, so the cost that will come in this too will go in now building his e-commerce website. It can be estimated that this business can be started quickly in 10 to fifteen thousand. In this process, the manufacturer or supplier of whatever product the entrepreneur wants to sell contacts the distributor and decides at what price he will give his product.

After fixing the price, the entrepreneur publishes the photo of that product and the price set by him through his website. When the customer orders a good, the entrepreneur informs and pays the supplier or distributor. The supplier or distributor sends that particular product to the customer’s given address.

Here we have told about the business to start without money, and with less money, this list may change with time and need. If you also have some business ideas, which can be started without money or less money. So you can also tell other people about them through the comment box.

Best Business to Start with Little Money

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