Youtube Channel Optimization and Video Seo Tips

There are so many Video SEO tutorials that talk about the same stuff like putting keyword tags in your title description, make attractive thumbnails, etc. In this article, I will tell you something different which will propel your video to the number one position, Youtube Channel Optimization.

Youtube Channel Optimization and Video Seo Tips

Strategy No 1 – Video file Meta tags. 

Video file Meta tags
People tell about putting meta tags like keywords in title and description but often they forget about putting meta tags in the video file itself. Give the same title to your video file as the video itself and tag it with the same keywords. This will boost your Video SEO as it hammers your keyword and title at all possible places giving a signal to youtube that your video is about those keywords. 


Strategy No 2 – Add subtitles to videos. 

Add subtitles to videos
Add subtitles to videos as that will include more text content in the video thereby telling YouTube what the video is all about. Remember to add keywords in subtitles.


Strategy No 3 – Reply to each comment. 

Reply to each comment

In reply add keywords, add links of related videos or articles or products you are selling on your website. Lots of traffic and conversions come from these links. When replying to comment again ask questions as then the user will reply and that will increase engagement.

Strategy No 4 – Ask for thumbs up after an AHA moment 

Ask for thumbs up after an AHA moment

Users are unlikely to do thumbs up at the end as they may be thinking of the next video. Some users may have dropped off in between. Ask for thumbs up after an Aha moment which may be in the first 2 minutes. 

Strategy No. 5 – Put Subscribe watermark in each video

Put Subscribe watermark in each video
When you put subscribe watermark in each video for Youtube Channel Optimizationviewers can subscribe to your channel at any point while they are watching the video. It’s easier to get viewers to subscribe to your channel while they are the video then towards the end of the video. The subscribe rate will increase if you specifically ask users to subscribe to the channel during the video and point to the watermark at the bottom right of the video. 



Strategy No 6 – Give something Specific to Comment upon

Instead of generically asking the viewers to comment ask them a specific question for example which time is better for asking for subscribe – during the video or end of the video? Comment below. 


Strategy No 7 – Give bonus at the end

Give bonus at the end

Giving a bonus at the end may be a good hook for retaining the viewers and making them watch through the end. People will anticipate and await the bonus if you announce there will be a bonus tip. It also conveys the reward for loyalty.

Strategy No 8 – Use listicles as people wait for next item in the list

Use listicles as people wait for next item in the list

Listicles like my 12 Unique Strategies for Video SEO will build anticipation as viewers do not want to miss out on items

Strategy No 9 – Install VideoIQ/ TubeBuddy Browser Extension for Keyword research

Install VideoIQ/ TubeBuddy Browser Extension for Keyword research

This is a Browser extension through which you get analytics for any video you are watching on the right side of the watch page. Hence you do not have to view the page source of each video to know the tags or go to the channel to see channel statistics. I highly recommend anyone of these for video optimization. 

Bonus Tip – Get Recommended for Snowball effect

Bonus Tip

More important than search is to get recommended as a suggested video. that will give a snowball effect. Typically YT recommends videos that have a similar number of views. 


Youtube Channel Optimization and Video Seo Tips, Which of the above 10 strategies do you like the most? Share with me by commenting below. 

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