Why is Saffron Expensive: Saffron Price, Benefits, Use, Identify

In this post, we will know Why is Saffron Expensive. Its English name is Saffron, often used in food; it is not the wrong thing to be called the world’s most expensive food because its plant is precious. Saffron is cultivated in very few places globally, which grows for only one or two months in a year. As far as India is concerned, limited areas of Kishtwar in Jammu and Pampore in Kashmir are considered useful for saffron cultivation. Go and here, Saffron is also very grown.

Why is Saffron Expensive: Saffron Price, Benefits

If you think that you can cultivate Saffron anywhere, it is not because it must have an environment accordingly. For example, some areas of Jammu and Kashmir in India are considered better for Saffron’s cultivation. Any farmer who cultivates it benefits greatly because, at present, the cost of one kg saffron is three to three and a half lakh rupees.

Why is Saffron Expensive

Minimal machinery is used to cultivate Saffron; hands have to be used instead of a machine to extract thread from the saffron flower. There are three delicate threads of Saffron in height; about 400 grams of Saffron comes out from about 75 thousand flowers; this is why Saffron is so expensive. Apart from this, the flowers bloom for a short time and have to be broken on the same day.

The saffron flower is also known as crocus. When this flower blooms, three delicate threads of Saffron come out of it. After removing the Saffron from the height, the flower is dried. Saffron is cultivated in Kashmir in India, for which the period between September and December is most useful. Kashmir is known worldwide for its high-quality Saffron.

  • If you know the process of saffron production, you will find why saffron is so expensive:
  • First, the saffron field should rest until the beginning of the next harvest season, at the end of the harvest season.
  • Secondly, harvesting any other plant is not possible during the rest period of the saffron field.
  • Also, each saffron corn should be planted one by one by a human hand.
  • Also, 2-3 saffron flowers will grow from each saffron corn.
  • Each saffron flower must be lifted delicately with a human hand.
  • Concurrently, human saffron separates the thread from the saffron flower by hand and very accurately.
  • Each saffron flower gives three threads of red-white saffron.
  • After the saffron thread is run from the saffron flower, the red part will separate from the white part.
  • Finally, separate red and white parts will dry in a dark and dry place.
  • Finally, to keep 8–10 grams of all red saffron, this process must be passed for 1 kg of the saffron flower.

Benefits of Saffron

In India, Saffron is often added to delicious dishes. Many people drink Saffron by mixing it with milk; because Saffron is hot, it is also cold. Let me tell you that Saffron is rich in medicinal properties; it is a phlegm destroyer, brain enhancer, heart pleasing, beneficial for heart and blood, and colorful and fragrant in foods and drinks.

Saffron is critical in Hinduism because Saffron is used a lot in the pooja text; it is considered auspicious to apply tilak. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, taking small amounts of Saffron every day relieves many diseases.

Disadvantage of saffron

If you consume it in the right amount, you will not feel any side-effects, but drinking it in large quantities will loosen your pockets and deteriorate your health. Consuming it in excess may lead to side effects such as headaches, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

If you are suffering from heart disease and do not consume it in the right quantity, its side effects take a more severe form.

Note: If you are affected by bipolar disorder or are pregnant, then take it only on a doctor’s advice.

The Right Way to Eat Saffron

  • Mix 8-10 fresh saffron in one cup of boiling water. Allow this mixture to cook for 10 minutes and then drink it. Drink it daily in the morning or evening.
  • Allow sugar and ten saffron to boiling in a cup of milk for 5 minutes. Then take it.
  • You can add 20 mg of saffron powder to your favorite salad and eat it.
  • Add saffron to any vegetable and enjoy its good taste.

How to Use Saffron

As we all know, saffron is very beneficial, giving many benefits to our body. That is why we tell you some help (services) that we get after the cultivation of saffron, which is very beneficial for our life. Are there. Today we will tell you about the use of saffron; what can you do by using saffron? By the way, herbs in India.

How to Identify Original Saffron

Saffron is a costly product, which is rarely found, the biggest reason is that it is cultivated in a lot of places, so nowadays fake saffron is being found in the markets, but there are ways to identify fake saffron for which you have saffron If you have to put in hot milk if the saffron leaves the color immediately, then understand that the saffron is fake because the real saffron does not go the color so soon. It starts leaving a stain after at least 10 to 15 minutes.

What is Saffron Used for

By the way, saffron is useful in most sweets or other food items, such as saffron is used in biryani, kheer, sweets and beauty products, etc., you can consume all these things, besides you add saffron to milk. This drink gives immense benefits, and according to the services mentioned below, you provide benefits.

How to Make Saffron Milk

How to Make Saffron Milk
  • Soak the almonds in milk for 6 to 7 hours.
  • Remove the almonds from the milk and grind it.
  • After this, mix ground almonds, milk, and saffron in medium heat on medium heat.
  • When the milk becomes half, add sugar to it and mix well, turn off the heat.
  • Add cardamom powder on top and keep the milk to cool down.
  • Saffron milk is ready.

Saffron Price (Kesar)

Saffron’s price depends on country, origin, brand, type, quality, quantity, etc. Here, you can find the cost of saffron for one gram of Negin type in different countries.

S/NCountryExpected Price for 1 gram (USD)
3United States of America (US)8.43 
5Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany)8.43
6United Kingdom (UK)9.64
7United Arab Emirates2.89

So now you must know Why is Saffron Expensive. Saffron is grown mainly in India, Iran, and Spain, although Saffron grown in Kashmir in India is the most costly because it is of higher quality and more efficient. It occurs. Looking at its history, it is believed that Saffron was first cultivated in Greece, after which it started to be grown in other places; Saffron has been produced in Kashmir for hundreds of years.

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