What Voltage Will an AC Voltmeter Display

An AC voltmeter will display the root mean square (RMS) voltage of the alternating current (AC) it is measuring. In other words, it will provide the effective or average voltage value of the AC signal.

For example, if you are measuring a sinusoidal AC voltage with an RMS value of 120 volts, the AC voltmeter will display “120V” (or a similar indication depending on the meter’s design). This RMS value takes into account the varying voltage levels of the AC waveform over time and provides a single, equivalent voltage value that represents the same heating or power effect as a direct current (DC) voltage.

It’s important to use an AC voltmeter designed for the specific range and type of AC voltage you are measuring (e.g., 120V, 220V, 240V) and ensure that the meter is set to the correct voltage range to get accurate readings. Additionally, if you are dealing with non-sinusoidal or complex AC waveforms, such as those produced by certain electronic devices, the RMS value is still relevant for measuring voltage accurately.

What Voltage Will an AC Voltmeter Display


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