What is Tally and How to Learn?

Friends, do you know What is Tally? If you must have gone to a computer institute, you must have heard the name of the Tally Computer Course. People often ask questions about this: what are the benefits of doing Tally? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then it does not matter. Why I have written today’s post only to give information about Tally, I will also tell you the history of Tally. After all, when did tally accounting start to be used and what can we do with it. We will know all these things in full detail here today.

Friends, as we know that today is the era of computers and for every work, humans take the help of a computer. Whether it is going to space or a bank, government office, or printing a photo and extracting it, the computer is used everywhere. In this link, many companies use different software for account-related work. Tally is a universal application for accounting. Who says Tally and how to run it today, we will know through this post? So let’s now understand what Tally is.

What is Tally

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What is Tally

Tally Definition:

Tally means to calculate money as well as to arrange and preserve it. Apart from this, the record of all these works purchased in Tally is kept in Tally.

After all, what is the full form of Tally?

This is Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards. Tally is the most popular accounting software used in India. Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is a multinational company that has built a Tally. Its headquarters is located in Bangalore city of India. According to the company’s report, more than 1 million people use tally software.

There used to be a time when people used to write all the financial transactions in their business by hand and put them in documents and documents. But now that time has passed. In today’s time, computers are used in all types of businesses, and Tally is the most used in many account related software.

Whenever there is talk about accounting work on the computer, the first name that comes to mind is Tally. Many complicated calculations have to be done in accounting; it cannot be done without software on the computer. Tally is used to performing such complicated calculations.

For your information, let me tell you that Tally is used in India and many other countries also Tally is prevalent. This software is a day-to-day software for many companies and people associated with accounting. But very few people will know how Tally started. You have now understood how useful this is, but when we need it, let us see this thing further.

History of Tally

Shyam Sunder Goenka Friends as I have already told that Tally has been manufactured in Bangalore, India. But the Tally Solution Company was formerly known as Peutronics. Do you know who the father of Tally is? In 1986, Shyam Sundar Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka formed together. At that time Shyam Sundar Goenka used to run a company from which raw materials and machine parts were supplied to other plants and textile mills. So to manage this business, he did not have any such software so that he could easily calculate his book.

Shyam Sunder Goenka (Tally founder)

Then he asked his son to make such software that we could manage our business efficiently. Bharat Goenka, who was a graduate in Mathematics, launched the first version for the accounting application as an MS-DOS application. There were only essential accounting functions in this, which was named Peutronics Financial Accountant.

In 1988 the product was renamed Tally for the first time.

In 1999, this company formally changed the name of the company to Tally Solutions.

In the year 2001, a new version of Tally, i.e. Tally 6.3 was launched. This version was a little advanced as it could be used for educational purposes in addition to accounting. With this, the facility of License was also given in this.

In 2005, Tally was launched in the market with an even better design, the main feature of which was Value Added Taxation (VAT), which was very useful for Indian customers. It was Tally 7.2 version.

In 2006, 2 versions of Tally were released, one of which was Tally 8.1 and the other Tally 9. These were the multilingual version of Tally.

In 2009, the company released Tally ERP 9, a business management solution.

In 2016, Tally Solutions was chosen to provide GST facility as an interface between GST Server and Tax Payers and in 2017 the company launched the completely updated GST Compliance Software.

Benefits of Tally

While studying, students are stuck in a lot of confusion as to which line to choose? Which course is more beneficial and there is more chance of making a career in it. I have come here as a guide for students who have studied commerce in 12th standard. For such students, doing a Tally course is a perfect option for making a career.

Students often think where to make a career after 12th. What to do to get a good job? Some students are from low-income families and are unable to take an excellent course. Such people want that they can do an excellent job by doing an internship in time. So I want to tell you here that you can fulfil this desire by doing Tally course.

Yes, you heard right Tally, the software is prevalent today and many people are working on it. That is why there are excellent chances of getting job offers on it, and you can earn good money.

Tally’s demand is increasing day by day everywhere. There is no need to spend too much money to do this course.

How to Learn Tally

In the beginning, when you go to work in Tally, it doesn’t seem natural. Learning Tally is not so easy, and I believe it is not so smooth. One, in this, the mouse does not work, but all the work has to be done with the keyboard. Also, it is easy to work on it, but if you learn about it then. After Tally’s primary function is ready, you will also enjoy working on it.

So let’s get to know some essential functions of a little accounting.

Capital – When any money is used for business, then that amount is called capital. Apart from this, it is also called equity.

Transaction – Transaction is the process of transacting. In this, services and products are exchanged.

Discount – To increase the use of your product and service, when a company owner gives back some amount to his customer as a discount. There are two types of discount.

Trade Discount – This discount seller gives his customer as a present at the listed price.

Cash Discount – This is given to the customer in the form of cash when billed at the right time.

Liability – These are goods which are taken as a loan from someone.

Assets – All the things related to the business are called Assets.

These are just some essential words that are related to Tally. You can get complete information by doing a tally course. For this, join your nearest computer institute, or you can also take the help of YouTube.


Friends, how did you like this post Tally? How did you learn how to learn Tally today, what is its history? Also, know what its advantages are. Do not understand what to do in today’s growing competition. It helps students to get an excellent job by making a career.

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