What is NGO? How to Start an NGO

Today I will tell you in this article, What is NGO? How to Start an NGO, How to work in NGO, There are many poor and destitute people in the country today who are victims of poverty and oppression, whereas, in today’s era where there will be hardly any humanity, the NGO Organization is not less than any angels who think about their benefit without thinking about it. Help people.

Do you also want to extend your hand to help these people, for which you should be fully NGO Information? So let’s know

What is NGO

If you want to run your Ngo, then first, you should have complete knowledge of NGO, what an NGO is?

what is NGO

NGO Full Form


Ngo is a private organization. Social work is done through the help of people by the NGO, in which many kinds of work are done, such as – housing for widowed women, teaching poor orphaned children, protection of women, etc. The government has no role in this organization.

The objective of NGOs is the welfare of society. It is an organization that any person can run. NGO was developed in America because many social works are done in America, which are done by these organizations besides the government.

Meaning of NGO, so you understand now that what is the way of working of Ngo.

What is NGO Work?

NGO work

NGO Information

Is there anything in your mind that any person can run Ngo? If you are thinking this, then it is not because.

Anyone person cannot run NGO. Ngo consists of 7 or more people. The NGO’s purpose is not to profit but to run it for the benefit of others.

If a group of individuals wants to do social work or social reform work, then they can do these work by Registered or Unregistered Ngo, but being a Registered NGO gives the benefit that you are doing work for social welfare. For that, you can get financial support from the government.

If a mobilizer wants to do social welfare work without the government’s help, he can also run Ngo without being registered. There is estimated to be around 1 to 2 lakh Ngo in India. All Ngo Central Societies Act of India is covered while the Rajsthan Societies Act is done in Rajasthan.

So this is how Ngo works and helps people by forming a group of their own. Know what works are done by NGOs.

NGO Functions

What does NGO stand for, After knowing so much about NGOs, you must be trying to understand what this organization works?

  • Such works are done by the Ngo to cater to the needs of the poor and destitute, and not only the poor and the destitute, but the Ngo does other things.
  • Do you not know about NGO functions that are done in this organization? So what does this organization do next?
  • Around the world, Ngo serves various types of social welfare and human welfare. These organizations work towards continuous development and bring positive changes in society.
  • The work of NGOs is to help needy people. This poor person understands the sorrow and pain of the impoverished people and finds many such people who can help the poor people along with them. The work of NGOs is not to earn money; it works to help people. This is the feature of NGOs.
  • Although Ngo does many kinds of work, its primary purpose is to work on social causes.

Purpose Of NGOs

  • To educate poor, orphaned children.
  • We are providing good food to children in school.
  • Provide Books to Children.
  • Housing women.
  • Water augmentation works.
  • We are solving the problem of tribal society.
  • To help the people suffering from any kind of disease in society.
  • We are helping older people.

So this is Ngo Ke Kaam Ngo Ki Bhumika in all these works.

Types of NGOs

You have thought about starting Ngo, but do you know how many types of Ngo are there.

Bingo – Business Friendly International Ngo

This is a short term used for Business-Friendly International Ngo.

Engo – Environmental Ngo

It is a shortened form of Environmental Ngo similar to Global 2000.

Gongo – Government-organized Non-governmental Organization

It refers to the government-operated Ngo.

Ingo – International Ngo

Ingo is a shortened form of International Ngo, like Oxfam.

Quango – Quasi-autonomous NGO

It refers to Quasi Autonomous Ngo like Iso Ngo, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

This is the type of Ngo whose works are also different. Do you also want to do this social service and want to make your NGO, then know…

How to Create an NGO

If you want to make Ngo, then for that, you first have to understand the rules of making Ngo institution. Because these rules vary by state, you can make Ngo only by following these rules.

So know how to become an NGO.

  • To work in NGO, you must become a member of an NGO. You can become a member of Ngo at the time of registration. For the formation of NGOs, it is necessary to have at least seven members.
  • To set up an NGO, you have to decide its goals, objectives, as well as its chairman, vice president, secretary, treasurer, advisory member, etc. These together constitute the NGO.
  • Before starting NGO, you have to identify the problem of people. Accordingly, determine the purpose and mission of your Ngo, and according to what problem people have within the society, work is done in Ngo.
  • Many people are unable to raise their voices for their problems. Nobody listens to their problems, so the aim of any Ngo should be that they should listen to the issues of the people, understand and start their Ngo accordingly, only then the positive impact of the NGO is visible.
  • Setting up an NGO created a group of people who can do all the tasks with the right strategy, including financial management, human resources, and Networking, and are fully responsible for making those decisions. Ho.
  • So above, you know how an NGO is created. Friends, no matter what organization it is, it takes some necessary documents to register.

Similarly, some Important Documents are required to run Ngo.

Documents for NGO

Documents for NGO Registeration

If you are registering in Ngo, then you must have some essential documents like

  • Trust Deed / Memorandum Of Association
  • Rules And Regulation / Memorandum
  • Articles Of Association Regulation
  • Affidavit From President
  • Id Proof (Voter Id / Aadhar Card)
  • Residence Proof
  • Registered Office Address Proof
  • Passport (Mandatory)

To do Ngo establishment, you will need these documents.

How to Set up NGO

  • Before starting an NGO, you need some essential documents. There are crucial documents like Trust Deed / Memorandum Of Association and Rules and Regulation / Memorandum And Articles Of Association and Regulation.
  • And from any of these three documents, you need to start an organization. Such bio-logs are also called.
  • Which of these documents you will need depends on the nature of your NGO. There is a complete detail of your NGO inside these documents.
  • Such as how many members of the NGO are there, what is the purpose of the NGO, how the NGO will make members of the general public, the election process, how the NGO works, and the Expulsion Rule.
  • You have to submit these documents to the office of the Charitable Trust in any district location.
  • Later your application is scrutinized, and your interview is done.
  • If all is well, then your NGO gets registered at the same time.
  • Once your NGO is registered, a separate bank account will have to be opened in the name of your NGO.
  • For this, you should have a PAN card; because of this, you will open a bank account.
  • If you are going to start NGO, then you will have to open a separate bank account in the name of NGO, for this, you must have a Pan Card because with its help you will be able to open a bank account. After all, the bank account is opened. After all, if someone donates, He goes to Ngo’s account only.

So keep these documents with you, it will be beneficial for you at the time of Ngo Register.

Let us now know how to register NGO.

How to Register NGO

How to Register the Organization

Do you like helping poor – needy people too? For which you are also thinking about registering in Ngo, then you will get help from the information given above.

If you want to make Ngo in India, there is a 3-way process for this, or you can register an NGO in one of these 3 Acts. Let’s know about these 3 Acts.

3 Acts for NGO Register

Trust Act

The Trust Act is in different states of India, but there is no Trust Act in any country, then the 1882 Trust Act applies in that state. It is necessary to have at least two Trustees under this Act.

If the registration of Ngo is to be done in this Act, then you will have to apply to the Charity Commissioner or Registrar’s Office. To register a Ngo under the Trust Act, you will need to use a Deed Document.

Society Act

In this Act, Ngo is registered as a Society. But in some states like- in the state of Maharashtra, Ngo can also be expressed as Trustee under the Society Act.

Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation Document is imposed for registration in the Society Act. A minimum of 7 members is required to make this document and not a stamp paper.

Companies Act

Memorandum and Articles of Association and Regulation Document are required to register the Ngo under the Companies Act.

There is no need for any type of stamp paper to make this document, and it is necessary to have at least three members to create a report.

Through these 3 Acts, you can register in Ngo.

Ngo, made in India, has changed their destiny by helping people and providing them with a new life. Let us know about these NGOs.

How to work in NGO

If you are interested in social work or have to work for the purpose, you have to work in an NGO.

  • For this, you have to become a member of an NGO; for this, we have told you above in the NGO registration process how you can become an NGO member.
  • The first objective of any organization is social welfare and human welfare.
  • It is the NGOs’ job to keep working towards sustainable development, which brings positive changes in the society.
  • As stated, the primary purpose of NGOs is to act on social causes.
  • This organization is often the lowest class of people in society. Work for them – like giving education to needy orphans, sharing books among children, providing good food for school children, etc.
  • There are few NGOs in India that have done an excellent job.

And with his work, he has illuminated the name of the country and knows some such NGOs:

  1. Being Human (Salman Khan Awarded NGO)
  2. Nanhi Kali (Education of Little Girls)
  3. GiveIndia Foundation
  4. Smile Foundation
  5. Helpage India (Help for older adults)

NGO In India

Names of social organizations

There are Top 5 Ngo in India who have done a great job as Ngo and received appreciation by helping needy people. All liked his work. So who are those NGOs?

  • Smile Foundation
  • Nanhi kali
  • Give India Foundation
  • Goonj
  • Helpage India

This is the Ngo, who is doing an excellent job in India and helping people.

How Does the NGO Get Funds

Are you also starting to run Ngo? But worried about where and how to get funding for Ngo.

To know further how to Promote to raise funds for Ngo.

Create Ngo Website

If you are going to start Ngo, then you must make your website of Ngo and give complete information about your Ngo on it, what is the primary purpose of your Ngo? What are you going to do in it? In the middle, your Ngo will be identified, giving financial assistance to your Ngo. You can also create a Donation Account on your website, meaning that Donation Direct will come in your Ngo Account.

Organizing Program

If you want, you can also keep the Ngo Program. By which more and more people will know about your Ngo. Keep the program so that people are motivated to give you financial aid. You can also call any leader, social worker, doctor, a celebrity in your application so that those people can provide financial help for your NGO.

Govt Funds

If you are running Registered Ngo, then you can also get financial support from the government. For this, you have to follow some rules and regulations.

Contact Private Companies

Many big companies donate to small NGOs to fulfill their social service. You can also motivate the private company to a donation by contacting and mailing them. For this, you have to apply online so that you can get a lot of work ahead.

In this way, an NGO gets funds from which they do their work.

NGO in Mumbai

We’ve put together a summary of 12 NGOs in Mumbai at which you may submit an application to get internships; nearly all of them own busy internship apps. You may even make contact with them together with your CV and declaration of interest in volunteering or internship.

NGO NameFocus
Door Step SchoolPrimary Education
CRY – Child Rights and YouChild Rights
AAWC – Apne Aap Women’s CollectiveWomen Rehabilitation from Trafficking
AASRAMental Health
ParyayRural Empowerment
ATMAAccelerator for NGOs
Fandry Foundation
Tribal Communities Empowerment
India Cancer SocietyCancer Awareness
Lawyers CollectiveLegal Rights
Teach For IndiaPrimary Education
Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research CenterDifferently Abled Capacity Building
SNEHA – Society for Nutrition, Education & Health ActionWomen’s Health


So friends, now you too can make your own Ngo and help those who are very much in need of support. In this post, you learned

  • What is NGO, and how does it work.
  • What is the function of Ngo, and how to register in Ngo?
  • Along with this, you also learned how Ngo gets the fund.

How did you like friends, tell this information by commenting it in the Comment box. So when should you start your Ngo?

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