What is EWS Certificate? How to Apply and Get EWS Certificate

What is EWS Certificate? No plan will be available in India until today, but there is some country’s internal expansion. There are very few people who will take advantage of it. Because many people do not have complete knowledge about the scheme, they cannot avail the right plan.

In today’s article, you will know what Is EWS certificate? What is EWS Full Form? What is the qualification for the Ewes certificate? How to apply for EWS Certificate? What is the required document? you will know the answers to some questions related to the EWS. So let’s start.

what is EWS Certificate

What is EWS Certificate?

EWS Certificate is a certificate made for the economically weaker sections. This is a new scheme recently launched by the Government of India. Under this scheme, the financially weaker general class will also be given 10% reservation in jobs and state jobs to the center.

What is EWS Full Form?

EWS Full Form In English – “Economically Weaker Sections”

Economically Weaker Section

What are the Eligibility criteria for creating an EWS Certificate?

Who can create an EWS certificate? (Ews Reservation Eligibility) The government has laid certain eligibility conditions for candidates able to claim Reservation under this new Ews category.

You have to fulfill all the conditions mentioned below:

  • You must be a ‘general’ category candidate (not under Reservation for SC, ST, or OBC).
  • Your family’s total annual income should be less than Rs 8 lakh.
  • It includes all methods of earning such as agriculture, salary, business for you before applying.

Who Can Not Create an EWS Certificate?

There are so many people whose question comes in the mind that people cannot build. Told you below

  • Your family should not have 5 acres or more of agricultural land.
  • Your family should not have a Residential Plot of 1000 Feet Square or more.

How to Get EWS Certificate

You can get an EWS certificate from your local government authority, also known as the 10 Percent Reservation Certificate. The called ‘Income And Assets Certificate’ and is the proof required for Ews Reservation.

There is no online process by the government for obtaining an EWS certificate. It would help if you visited your local tehsil or any other local government office.

You will need other documents like an Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank statement, passport size photo. Also, you have to keep the Income and Assets Certificate with you.

Documents Required for EWS Certificate

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Caste Certificate
  4. Pan Card
  5. BPL card
  6. Bank statement

EWS Certificate Form Download

To get an EWS certificate, you need a Form. The form of EWS certificate can also be purchased from the shops, and the free form can be obtained from the office. But we will provide you the link of PDF to Download Ews Form Pdf here so that you can easily download PDF of the Ews Certificate Form; after that, you can get the printout.

Click here to download Ews Certificate Form / 10 Percent Reservation Certificate Form.

EWS Certificate Form 1
EWS Certificate Form 2

What is the difference between EWS and OBC?

Tell me in fewer words about the difference between EWS and OBC.

As you mentioned above, EWS is for those who fall in the general category and whose annual income is less than 8 lakhs. For them, there is a reservation of 10% in central and state government jobs.The OBC reservation is OBC for those in the latter category, which has 27% reservation.
Their income is included in the case of EWS reservations.Determining the annual income of the family for protection, in the case of OBC candidates, does not include the income of the spouse

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Questions Related to EWS Certificate [FAQ]

What is the flower form of the EWS certificate

Economically Weaker Sections

Can OBC people apply for EWS


What is the Validity of the EWS Certificate

1 Year

EWS Certificate Apply Online

You can apply online in just a few states for Ews Certificate. You can check in your state to apply Ews certificate online or not. Currently, an EWS certificate can be applied online in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Will the candidates get any relaxation in age and number of exam attempts under the EWS Certificate

No, EWS candidates will get only a 10% quota in seats. Other exam conditions like age limit and the number of attempts will remain the same for any ‘normal’ candidate.

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