What is ABS? – How the ABS Brake System Works in Cars and Bikes

Friends, you must have seen many times that when you are driving, suddenly someone comes in front of your car, and you press your brake fast to protect yourself and it, due to which your car uncontrollably balances its balance. Loses, which leads to an accident. Such incidents happen every day and every minute in the country and the world, due to which many people lose their lives. But to avoid this, unique technology is the ABS, about which we will tell you today.

What is ABS? - How the ABS Brake System Works in Cars and Bikes

Today, many companies are trying to avoid all these incidents and invent new technology to avoid accidents. One such technology has been invented, named ABS; with this technology, accidents can be prevented. Let’s know about How to work ABS and how ABS can save our life.

What is ABS

ABS is also known as an Anti-lock Braking System or Anti-skid Braking System. ABS is meant to control the vehicle along with the safe driving of vehicles.

ABS was designed for aircraft in 1929, but it was first used in cars in 1966. From the 1980s onwards, the ABS was introduced in the car, and to date, the ABS kit is so popular that you will get an ABS in every new car.

ABS Full Form

Anti-lock Braking System

The most significant advantage of ABS is that no matter what speed you are at, and if you suddenly have to press the brake, your motorcycle or car will never slip. The ABS brake system feature does not allow the wheels to lock when applied suddenly. Thus, the driver does not lose control of the car, and the car changes direction and stops without slipping and unbalanced.

ABS System Bikes

This also applies to ABS brake system bikes. ABS only works when the road becomes wet during the rains, meaning neither will your bike slip at high speed nor will it fall and will stop before the standard braking system.

In the year 2020, Anti Lock Braking System Kit features have been made mandatory in all country vehicles, which was confirmed by Transport and Highway Ministry. This is such a feature of the vehicle, due to which the number of road accidents has decreased to a great extent in the past years because the ABS system installed in vehicles is a safety system.

ABS System Working

ABS Material is made by combining many components, and it functions as a system. The sensor installed on it keeps constant monitoring on your vehicle’s wheels and sends the data from it to the control unit.

Data sent here include things like Speed, Decelerate Rate, etc., of your car. ABS has a total of four components, which are as follows:

Speed ​​Sensor

It is used to check the speed of the wheels of the vehicle. It consists of an exciter (a ring with V-shaped teeth) and a coil/magnet assembled, generating electric pulses as the exciter’s teeth pass through its front.


These components are used to control or reduce brake pressure. The valve controls the air pressure of the brake during ABS action. The brake line of each brake has a valve that is controlled by ABS.

The brake valve is open in the first position, which gives pressure to move the brake from the master cylinder. The brake valve remains closed in the second position, and the brake is pressurized from the master cylinder. In the third position, the valve releases some pressure on the brake.

Electronic Control Unit

It controls the entire action after the driver presses the brakes, so that slippery spaces are minimized. It receives signals from the sensors in the ECU circuit and controls the brake pressure, according to the unit’s data.

Hydraulic Control Unit

This is used to pressure the pump to hydraulic brakes. The air brake system monitors the speed of all the wheels to detect locking, and as soon as the ABS detects sudden braking, it puts pressure on the hydraulic system of the vehicle, and by this, the opposite pressure of Brake Pads Discs Makes your car or bike slow down.

ABS brake system also can make back pressure through Hydraulic Motor. This system works very fast.


Now, if you are thinking of getting a new car or bike, keep the anti-lock braking system in mind, keeping the safety of yourself and your loved ones so that your and your family’s safety will also be maintained. If you like this information and have received any help from it, then share the post so that other people can also get this information. If you have any idea or suggestion on this, then definitely comment by commenting; thanks!

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