What is a Bonafide Certificate? How to get a Bonafide Certificate

Different states in India and schools, colleges, banks, etc., in the state, where different types of documents are demanded authenticity. Which helps to ensure that the departments get the right information for you.

This document consists of the following. Like caste certificate, identity card, birth certificate, etc., another form is also needed in this link. Whose name is Bonafide Certificate means original residence certificate?

What is a Bonafide Certificate? How to get a Bonafide Certificate?

But most people are not fully aware of this certificate. What is a bonafide certificate? How a bonafide certificate is used. And where it is needed. And from where and how it is made.

Through this article, we will tell you that if you are a resident of Maharashtra. So how can you get your bonafide certificate made? And from which you can also make your original residence certificate easily.

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

The Bonafide Certificate is called the original residence certificate. A bonafide certificate means one such certification. Based on which various departments confirm this. That the concerned person has studied from an institution during any one period shows the authenticity of a place.

This certificate is used as an applicant for applying for a job or any administrative work. It is given by a school or primary school to students studying in their institution.

How to Get a Bonafide Certificate?

You can get a bonafide certificate online and offline. And you can apply for this certificate in Rajsthan in both ways.

How to Get a Bonafide Certificate?

How to Download a Bonafide Certificate Form?

Suppose you want to download the Bonafide Certificate Form. By clicking on the link given below, you can download the bonafide certificate form related to all the departments.

Click here to download the bonafide certificate form.

How to Make a Bonafide Certificate Offline

For this, you have to go to the Tehsil of your district to get the form related to the original residence certificate. After filling in the information on which you will also have to stick a government ticket. You will get this ticket quickly in the notary located in Tehsil.

Tehsil office for Bonafide Certificate Offline

After affixing the token, you will have to put all the required documents together. After this, you submit your form and documents in the Tehsil itself. After this, you can get your original residence certificate from the concerned officer within a few days.

Documents required at the time of the original residence certificate

  1. Two passport-sized photos: – You have been asked to paste the photo on your form. Stick your latest photo there.
  2. Ration card or any ten-year document: – Along with this, you will also have to copy the ration card along with the form. You will also have to copy one such verified paper. The department’s original stump has been installed, and it is shown on the document that you have been living in one place for the last ten years.
  3. Educational documents: – You have to attach any documents related to your education along with it. He should have a tenth, outside, or a certificate of undergraduate education.
  4. Birth certificate: – For the original residence certificate, you will also have to get a copy of the birth certificate. By which it can be ensured that in which field you are born. And where is your original residence certificate being made?

Where is the Useful Bonafide Certificate

  1. For job application: – Most of the original residence certificate is needed to apply for government jobs. But owners of some private jobs can also ask you for this.
  2. To get the scholarship: – This is also required in all types of scholarships offered by the government in schools or colleges.
  3. While getting higher education: – Those girl students also need the original residence certificate—those who want to get a higher education level.


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