What is 3 Tier AC in Train

In Indian Railways, the term “3 Tier AC” refers to the class of travel in a train that offers air-conditioned sleeping berths. It is one of the categories in which passengers can book tickets, and it provides a relatively comfortable and air-conditioned journey at a mid-range price point. Here’s a brief overview of 3 Tier AC:

What is 3 Tier AC in Train

1. Berth Configuration: In a 3 Tier AC coach, the sleeping arrangement typically consists of three tiers of berths on both sides of the aisle. There are six berths in a bay: three on one side and three on the opposite side. During the day, the middle berth in each bay can be folded down to create seating space.

2. Air Conditioning: As the name suggests, 3 Tier AC coaches are air-conditioned, which means passengers can enjoy a controlled and comfortable temperature throughout their journey.

3. Curtains and Bedding: Each berth in a 3 Tier AC coach is equipped with curtains for privacy. Passengers are provided with bedding, including a pillow, blanket, and sheets, making it suitable for overnight travel.

4. Charging Points: Charging points are usually available near each berth to allow passengers to charge their electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets.

5. Toilets: 3 Tier AC coaches typically have clean and well-maintained toilets and washrooms at both ends of the coach. These toilets are equipped with basic amenities like mirrors, washbasins, and western-style or Indian-style toilets.

6. Meals: Passengers traveling in 3 Tier AC class often have the option to book meals along with their tickets, and onboard catering services are available on many trains.

7. Security: The access to 3 Tier AC coaches is restricted, and only passengers with valid tickets are allowed inside. This adds an extra layer of security and comfort.

8. Price: 3 Tier AC class is positioned between the more economical Sleeper Class and the more luxurious 2 Tier AC and 1 Tier AC classes in terms of pricing. It offers a balance between comfort and affordability.

3 Tier AC class is a popular choice among passengers who prefer air-conditioned comfort for long-distance train journeys without the premium price associated with higher-class travel. However, it’s essential to book tickets well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, as these classes tend to fill up quickly.

What is 3 Tier AC in Train


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