10 Richest Countries in the World 2021

Today we will tell you about the 10 Richest Countries in the World 2021, including India; if India is included, what is India’s place in the world’s ten richest countries of the world. Let me tell you that the 2021 list of rich countries has been released. In which there have been many changes, many countries have been included in this list, which people used to consider as developing countries earlier.

Still, these countries are progressing so fast that their name has now been included in the list of the wealthiest countries. Out of these, the name of our motherland, India, is also included, which was considered inferior by the people. Still, if we believe the latest data, then India is increasing.

Richest Countries in the World

Now you will want to know how the list of the top 10 richest countries of the world is prepared, then tell you that the total wealth has been included under this list. Meaning the property of every citizen of the country has been included in this list. A citizen’s property consists of the salary, the total amount of business or business, the amount of property, and the property purchased abroad.

10 Richest Countries in the World 2021

  1. America USA

We all know that America is a developed country because it is common for this country to be rich. Almost everyone knows that America is a rich country. Today, all the big companies in the world belong to America, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. Famous companies are from America. Apart from this, if we talk about the richest men of the world, then America has the most billionaires who help make America rich. America has assets of $ 64,584 billion, which makes it the wealthiest country in the world.

  1. China

China is our neighbor in the second place in this list. India and China’s economy was almost the same around the year 1947, but over the years, China has grown much faster than other countries. Today, in nearly all the world nations, you will get to see the goods made in China and in the Indian market too, China has a very stronghold. People of India like to buy Chinese goods because of China’s cheap interests. The interference of Chinese companies in the Indian market has increased so much that Indian companies suffer losses due to this. Talking about China’s total assets, China has assets of $ 24,803 billion.

  1. Japan

Another country in Asia, Japan, comes third in this list. Japan is famous worldwide due to its technology. Let me tell you that Japan is far ahead of other countries in terms of technology. Japan is known for its rich exports, including the best technology, weapons, many different services and products. India’s relations with Japan are excellent, and the two countries are preparing to start a bullet train in India. You would be surprised to know that Japan’s literacy is almost 100 percent, which means that nearly all the people in this country are educated. Talking about its assets, Japan’s total assets are $ 19,522 billion.

  1. UK

Britain, which rules most of the countries in history, is fourth in this list, even though Britain is not counted among the world’s largest countries, but Britain is a rich country despite being a small country. The population of this country is also tiny, and every citizen of the country is capable. Its companies, its billionaires, and arms exports contribute to its economy. The UK has assets of $ 9,919 billion.

  1. Germany

European country Germany comes in fifth place in this list. Germany’s economy suffered a lot in the second world war, but this country has made considerable progress even after the economic loss. Germany is also a small country like Britain, and the population here is less, but every citizen of this country is in excellent financial condition. There are very few poor people in this country. Talking about the prosperous land of Europe, Germany’s economy is the strongest in Europe, which makes it the wealthiest country in Europe. Germany has assets of $ 9,660 billion.

  1. India

The third most prosperous country in Asia is India, which comes in sixth place on this list. India has made rapid progress over the years. Many people know India as a developing country, but India’s name comes in the list of rich countries in reality. When India got independence, at that time, India was going through a lot of financial crisis, but as time passed, the economic situation ended. There are still impoverished and uneducated people in India, but wealthy people in this country are helping a lot in making India rich. India has assets of $ 8,230 billion.

  1. France

The third most prosperous country in Europe is France, which comes in seventh place on this list. France is a much smaller country than India, and its population is also tiny. Still, France is known for its rich exports, including weapons, best technology, fashion, new trends, and many other services and products. India is also largely dependent on France for army weapons. France exports weapons to many other countries besides India. Weapon exports contribute a lot to strengthen the economy of this country. France has total assets of $ 6,649 billion.

  1. Canada

Canada is ranked eighth in this list among the world’s largest countries. Let me tell you that Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia, although the population of this country is much less than that of India. Canada is the neighboring country of the USA. The government of Canada is also counted in developed countries. Many Canadian companies are working in India and are trying to increase their business here. Talking about the total wealth of this country, the total assets of Canada are 6,393 billion dollars.

  1. Australia

Australia, a country on the continent of the world, places boats on this list. This country is counted among the largest countries in the world. Some people know Australia as a country with a vast and barren desert, but this country has mineral deposits. This country is also very rich in food production. Almost all the people of this country are educated and prosperous, who help make this country rich. Australia has assets of $ 6,142 billion.

  1. Italy

Italy is the fourth most prosperous country in Europe and comes tenth on this list. Italy is a small country like the rest of the European countryside, and its population is much less than that of India. Italy is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Italy has many comprehensive sources of income. Tourism, agriculture, and a healthy banking system have contributed significantly to Italy in increasing its revenue. Most of the people here are rich who contribute a lot to making this country prosperous. Italy has assets of $ 4,276 billion.

Here we have also shared the total wealth of the ten Richest Countries in the World in 2021, making you understand a lot. We all know that America is the world’s most prosperous country with a net worth of $ 64,584 billion; however, the way China is moving forward can overtake America in the coming years. But leaving America behind is nothing short of a challenge for China.

So now you must have known about the world’s ten Richest Countries in the World 2021, many people were searching on the internet to know about this, so we wrote this post, hope that your information from this post will increase your general knowledge. . If you like this information, then share it with your friends on social media.

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