Most Powerful Country in the World: Top 10 List 2021

Do you know which is the Most Powerful Country in the World’s Top 10 List? The list of Global Firepower Index 2021 has recently been released, which tells about the most powerful countries in the world. If you also want to know which are the most affluent countries globally, then read this post till the end.

There are more than 200 countries on our earth in which only 193 countries have got international recognition from the United Nations. Some regions consider themselves independent nations, but in reality, they have another country in this world; there are currently 193 countries with membership in the United Nations.

Most Powerful Country in the World: Top 10 List 2021

Here you will know about the powerful countries of the world, and they have no relation with rich poverty. This top 10 list has been made to view the countries’ military power in this list; you will find those at the top of the country who have more weapons and military power. The Global Firepower Index releases this list every year with no change in the top 4 for a few years. America, Russia, China, and India are known as the world’s superpowers. America is on top of this list, which has state-of-the-art weapons and technology.

Which is the Most Powerful Country in the World

As we told you, America is the most affluent country globally, which in itself is the world’s largest superpower, be it wealth, military power, or technology. America is far ahead in every field. This country’s GDP is more than 21 trillion US dollars. At present, India’s GDP is the US $ 2.9 trillion, so you can guess how far America is ahead of India.

According to the United Nations, there are 193 countries globally. Still, the Global Firepower Index has included only 139 countries in this list because, according to Global Firepower, there are only 139 countries in the world that have their army. They have the less but right weapon, so let’s tell you the top 10 list.

  1. America

Population – 326,625,791
Military aircraft – 13,223
Tanks – 6,100
Defense budget – 740 billion US dollars

  1. Russia

Population – 141,722,205
Military aircraft – 4,144
Tanks – 13,000
Defense Budget – 46 Billion US Dollars

  1. China

Population – 1,394,015,977
Military aircraft – 3,260
Tanks – 7,716
Defense Budget – 178 Billion US Dollars

  1. India

Population – 1,326,093,247
Military Aircraft – 2,119
Tanks – 4,730
Defense budget – 73 billion US dollars

  1. Japan

Population – 125,507,472
Military Aircraft – 1,480
Tanks – 1,004
Defense Budget – US $ 51 billion

  1. South Korea

Population – 51,835,110
Military Aircraft – 1,581
Tanks – 2,600
Defense budget – 48 billion US dollars

  1. France

Population – 67,848,156
Military Aircraft – 1,057
Tanks – 406
Defense Budget – US $ 47 billion

  1. United Kingdom

Population – 65,761,117
Military Aircraft – 738
Tanks – 109
Defense Budget – 56 Billion US Dollars

  1. Brazil

Population – 211,715,973
Military Aircraft – 676
Tanks – 439
Defense budget – 29 billion US dollars

  1. Pakistan

Population – 223,500,636
Military aircraft – 1,364
Tanks – 2,680
Defense budget – 12 billion US dollars

Let us now tell you the rank of India’s neighboring country, Bhutan is at the bottom 139th in this index, this country with a population of 7 lakh 80 thousand is the weakest, which does not have a single fighter plane. Our second neighboring country Nepal, which has more than 30 million, is present at 119th position.

Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in this area because it has now come in the top 50 countries, its rank is 45th. With a population of 16 crores, the government has 178 military aircraft, and its defense budget is 4 billion US dollars. Speaking of Sri Lanka, it is present at 79th position. This list is taken from the Global Firepower website; you can click here to know more countries.

Now you must know that which is the Most Powerful Country in the World, most potent country globally, according to the Global Firepower Index, America is the most powerful country in the world. America is not only in military power but also at the forefront of wealth and GDP. Talking about wealth, let us tell you that there are not only the most billionaires in the USA but not only the world’s richest man like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc. are also citizens of America, in such a situation, but America’s influential will also be a surprise Shouldn’t be the thing.

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