Top 10 Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021 List?

In this article, we will know who is the Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021 Top 10 list; a total of 8 teams take part in IPL, in which more than 300 players from abroad. All eight team franchises bid to include these players in their group, which costs millions of crores. If you also watch IPL, you must even have thought about who is the most expensive player in this IPL 2021. And whether it is performing according to its price or not. So in this article, we tell you the list of top 10 expensive players; by this, you can compare their performance.

So as we all know, this time, the IPL season has started. At the beginning of last year, the corona epidemic was knocked out, due to which most of the countries of the world have been affected. This virus is spreading very fast due to doubt about the conduct of IPL. But it is being organized after much efforts of BCCI. Let me tell you that the process of auction of the player was completed in the Corona era in February. In which many players were bought for quite a hefty amount.

Who has sold the most expensive player of IPL 2021 top 10 list?

Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021

Let me tell you that the most expensive player in IPL 2021 is Chris Morris, which has been bid for 16.25 crores. Like every time, in this season, too, players have been claimed crores of rupees. So the first place in the list of expensive players is South African all-rounder Chris Morris. Whose base price was 75 lakhs, but in the auction so far, the Rajasthan Royals franchise has bought the highest amount for 16.25 crores.

Other expensive players are from New Zealand named Kyle Jamieson. He is an all-rounder player whom few cricket lovers know right now. Royal Challengers Bangalore has bought Kyle Jameson for Rs 15 crore. The third expensive player is Australia’s all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, purchased by the franchise of Royal Challengers Bangalore team for 14.25 crores. Let us now tell you the top 10 list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021 Player List

  • Chris Morris, Rajasthan Royals (RR) Rs 16.25 crore
  • Kyle Jameson, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Rs 15 crore
  • Glenn Maxwell, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Rs 14.25 crore
  • Jey Richardson, Punjab Kings (PBKS) 14 crores
  • Krishanappa Gautam, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 9.25 Crore
  • Riley Meredith, Punjab Kings (PBKS) 8 crores
  • Moin Ali, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 7 crores
  • Shahrukh Khan Punjab Kings (PBKS) 5.25 Crore

So in the list above, you can see that all the foreign players are in the top 4. Simultaneously, the most expensive selling player from India is Krishanappa Gautam, bought by the team of Chennai Super Kings for a price of Rs 9.25 crores. Another name is Shahrukh Khan, who the Punjab Kings franchise has purchased for Rs 5.25 crore.

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So now you must know who is the most expensive player in IPL 2021. However, you will be confused about why big players like Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are not involved in this auction. Meaning why they have not bid on them. All the eight teams of IPL have some players who are permanently attached to the team. Those which are not included in the dialect. All the eight-team franchises keep these players in their group by paying a fixed salary.

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