Is There RAC in 2nd AC Coach in the Indian Railway

Indian Railways typically does not have “RAC” (Reservation Against Cancellation) seats in the 2nd Tier AC (2AC) coach. RAC is a status primarily associated with sleeper class (SL) and 3rd-tier AC (3AC) coaches. In 2nd AC, the system is typically different.

Is There RAC in 2nd AC Coach in the Indian Railway

In 2nd AC, you generally have confirmed berths or seats, and there is no RAC concept as found in lower classes. Passengers with confirmed 2AC tickets are allotted a specific berth or seat. If there are any cancellations or vacant berths, these may be allocated to passengers on the waiting list in a manner that they receive a confirmed berth.

Please note that railway policies and procedures can change, and it’s essential to check with the official Indian Railways website or contact the railway authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding reservation and ticketing in 2nd-tier AC coaches.

Certainly, here’s more information about the 2nd Tier AC (2AC) coach class in Indian Railways:

2nd Tier AC (2AC) Coach:

  1. Comfort and Facilities: 2nd Tier AC is one of the higher classes of travel in Indian Railways, offering a higher level of comfort and privacy compared to lower classes. It is air-conditioned and provides passengers with berths that have curtains for added privacy.
  2. Berth Configuration: Berths in 2nd AC are arranged in a 2×2 configuration, with two lower berths and two upper berths in each bay. During the day, the two lower berths serve as seats, and at night, they can be converted into sleeping berths. The two upper berths fold down from the wall.
  3. Bedding and Linen: Passengers traveling in 2nd AC are provided with bedding, including sheets, pillows, and blankets, which are usually clean and hygienically packed.
  4. Privacy: The berths in 2nd AC are equipped with curtains that can be drawn for privacy, making it a comfortable option for long-distance travel.
  5. Charging Points: 2nd AC coaches are usually equipped with charging points for passengers to charge their electronic devices like phones, laptops, etc.
  6. Reading Lights: Individual reading lights are typically provided for each berth.
  7. Dining Car Facility: Many long-distance trains with 2nd AC class have pantry cars or onboard catering services where passengers can purchase meals and snacks. Some trains also provide meals as part of the ticket fare.
  8. Toilets: 2nd AC coaches usually have attached or nearby toilets and washrooms for passenger convenience. These are relatively cleaner and better maintained compared to lower classes.
  9. Security: 2nd AC coaches often have better security and are considered safer in terms of theft or unauthorized entry compared to lower classes.
  10. Reservation: Reservations for 2nd AC can be made in advance, and tickets can be booked through various channels, including the Indian Railways website, railway stations, and authorized travel agents.
  11. Ticket Fare: The ticket fare for 2nd AC is higher than lower classes but more affordable compared to 1st AC (First AC) class. The exact fare depends on the train route and the demand for tickets.

Please note that while 2nd AC offers a higher level of comfort, the availability of this class can vary depending on the train and route. It’s advisable to book your tickets well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure a seat or berth in 2nd AC.

Is There RAC in 2nd AC


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