How to Use TikTok for Business (Step By Step Guide + Marketing Strategy) TikTok Business Model

How to Use TikTok for Business (Step By Step Guide + Marketing Strategy) TikTok Business Model

The High Court of Madras recently banned Tiktok. You know something is trending when it gets banned (Have PUBG poster in background).

How to Use TikTok for Business (Step By Step Guide + Marketing Strategy)

The rise of TikTok has been even faster than the collapse of the Indian batting in World Cup semi-finals (joke). I too thought Tiktok like many others was just hype and will soon be gone. It has blown up to over 500 million users and one billion downloads.

About 6 months ago, I saw my neighbor’s kids dancing to some music on his phone. Little did I know he would go on to become a star in such a short while. This is the power of TikTok.

You know I see a great similarity between you and Loren Grey(world’s most famous TikTok) and Riyaz Ali(top TikTok in India). Both of you started with 0 followers and have the burning desire to become famous.

Step 1: Picking the right area or profile:

TikTok is full of actors, singers, dancers, etc. Many Youtubers out there will tell you to make content based on the latest trends and hashtags. That does not work in the long run. Tiktok is all about being unique. A Tiktoker from Theni TamilNadu just posted short videos of him taking care of his fields. He has become immensely popular.

Loren Grey is more popular than Jennifer Lopez, not because she is a better singer. She stands out by being herself, TikTok for Business.

Don’t follow trends. Be the trend.

Step 2: Decide your Target Audience

Decide your Target Audience

All top Tiktokers know who is their target audience. Only if you know who you are targeting can you make content that they will like and share?

I am sharing the overall user types to help you filter out easily.

•87% of all TikTok users are GenZ.

•Over 40% are Indians and 18% Americans.

•56 % of users are female.

•70 % of users also use Insta and Facebook.

Step 3: Creating Content

tiktok Creating Content

Let your content change the world, and not the world changes your content.

Have you copied assignments in exams and scored higher than the person you copied from. Comment and tag that loyal friend below. But it does not work like that in TikTok. You have to be original and entertaining. Tiktok is mainly a youthful and fun platform.

Step 4: Understanding the TikTok Algorithm:

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

TikTok uses AI to suggest videos. Based on hashtags, keywords, location, posts which your user liked or commented, and many other parameters, related videos will pop up.

These are some top tricks to make an effective Tiktok marketing strategy:

1. Hashtag Challenges

At some point or the other, we too have done some viral challenge. It all started with the ALS Bucket challenge where people poured ice-cold water over their heads to raise awareness about the syndrome. It started the viral trend that has gone on to become the most popular marketing tool and content creator for TikTok. From the bottle cap challenge to the #seekdonthide challenge, everyone is doing it.


Tiktok generates revenue by allowing brands to show their ads to its users. The videos on Tiktok are 15 seconds long. So these ads should be of 15 seconds. These ads appear in between the videos and can take the whole screen and are Instagram. Ads are relatively lesser in number and can be effective with TikToks AI used for targeting. Check out my blog for more info on how to run an ad campaign with greater ROI. The link is in the description, TikTok for Business.


Brand takeover ads play as soon as you open the Tiktok app. When you click on these ads, they redirect you to the brand’s official website. TikTok can generate a considerable amount of revenue from these ads. However, Tiktok ensures that no user sees more than one brand takeover ad per day.


People are always looking for funky and cool filters.
Tiktok is making the platform more interactive and more enjoyable with 2-D, and 3-D Augmented reality branded lenses. These lenses, along with the hashtag challenge, can make the campaign engaging. Tiktok allows a brand to make its lenses. (Include a funny lense for comic relief)



How exciting would that be if you could use get some TikTok Coins every time you use some service or buy some product? Or if you get coins when you use GooglePay or PayTm to pay for services.

Well, TikTok coins can open ample of options for collaboration with different brands.


There are two rules for TikTok.

Rule number 1: Always stay original and never give up.

Rule number 2: Never forget rule number one.

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