How to Use Ditto TV: What is Ditto TV, How to Play on PC & Recharge

Today we will tell you How to Use Ditto TV and what is Ditto TV is and how to run DittoTV on your laptop? So let us tell you how you can watch Live T.V. on your computer.

Who does not watch T.V. in today’s time? If someone wants to watch his favorite film, then someone is TV Shows. Still, there is only one T.V. in the house, now either the film will play in it, or the TV Shows of the mother-in-law of the women of the house and you will know that the film will run Is not, and you also want to watch the movie, then what should you do in such a time. So let us tell you how you can manage your favorite movie.

How to Use Ditto TV: What is Ditto TV, How to Play on PC & Recharge

There will be a laptop or a personal computer (P.C.) in your house. So with their help, you can also enjoy your favourite TV, Shows and movies, and entertain yourself. Today some such websites (such as DittoTV) have come, with the help you can use your laptop and P.C. Live T.V. can be watched.

Now you want to know what DittoTV is and how to use DittoTV, let us tell you.

What is Ditto TV

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DittoTV was launched in 2012 by Zee Digital Convergence Limited. And it was made for people who were unable to watch T.V. for a trip, away from home or for any other reason. Keeping such people in mind, DittoTV created a website of its own. With the help of which now those people can also easily watch Live T.V. on their Laptop and Personal Computer (P.C.).

If you also want to watch Live T.V. on your laptop, you first have to create your account on DittoTV’s website. After creating an account, you recharge your laptop and P.C. for a full 30 days at a recharge of only 20 rupees. You can enjoy watching live T.V.

If you want to know how to run DittoTV in your laptop and P.C., you read this post carefully because next, we will tell you how to run DittoTV and how to run DittoTV Recharge.

How to Run DittoTV

To watch Live T.V. on your laptop, first, you create your account. To make your account, read the steps given below carefully.

  • Open your laptop’s Browser (Google Chrome).
  • After opening the Browser, go to DittoTV’s website.
  • After opening the website, on the right side (right side), you will see the option of Login, click on it.
  • After clicking, you will be asked for Sign In then you click Sign In With Social Network (e.g. Google+).
  • After that, enter your Email and Password.
  • Now your account has been created on DittoTV. Now you can watch Live T.V.
  • How to Recharge DittoTV
  • To recharge DittoTV, read the steps given below carefully.
  • Open DittoTV’s website.
  • Sign in after opening the website.
  • After signing in, on the right side (right side), you will see My Account’s option instead of log in, click on it.
  • When you click on My Account, after that, you will see My Subscription Plan’s option, click on it.
  • After clicking on My Subscription Plan, you recharge.

How to Play DittoTV on PC

By the way, you can use your P.C. I can also play T.V. with the help of a T.V. Tuner, but for that, you will have to buy a separate T.V. Tuner also have a Cable T.V. Connection which will cost you more than DittoTV.

We told you how you could watch Live T.V. for 30 days for just 20 rupees without any extra expense in the above steps. By following them, you can play DittoTV in laptop or P.C.

Now you will know how to run DittoTV on your laptop and how to enjoy your favourite movie and TV Shows.

How to Recharge Ditto TV App

Ditto TV is an app through which you can watch more than 100 of your favorite channels live at a low price. With its help, you will watch TV Cyril, News or Movie live on your phone anywhere. Whether your mobile is Android or my Phone, you can take advantage of this by downloading this app. The first two days are free in the Ditto TV App, after that you get a lot of channels at low prices, which you can enjoy.

  • First of all, you have to download and install the Ditto TV App.
    Then as soon as you open it. You have to sign up to create your new account.
  • For that, enter your mobile number and then give the password that you like and sign up.
  • After this, on the side, you will see the Subscription Plan in many options. In this, select the plan that you like and pay it. Generally, these plans are

Rs 20 for 30 Days
Rs 50 for 3 Months
Rs 100 for 1 Year

  • After which you will be able to watch more than 100 channels live.

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