How to Program a Universal Remote Control Step by Step

How to Program a Universal Remote Control : Know the step by step to know how to program a universal remote control and enjoy all your devices in a faster and more orderly way. There are many models and options. The recommended ones.

There are some issues in everyday life that, although small, can be a bit frustrating when we don’t even know where to start. It happens, for example, when you buy one of those super useful devices that everyone handles with ease, and you find it super complex. We will tell you how to program a universal control step by step and gather various electronic devices in a single command in an agile and correct way.

How to Program a Universal Remote Control
How to Program a Universal Remote Control

How to Program a Universal Remote Control

First of all, if you are taking your first steps on the subject, you should know that a universal remote control is a command that can be assigned the management of various functions of different devices simultaneously. This means that you can have the same power for the television and the stereo, for example.

Air conditioners need a universal control for air conditioning, which means that they need a specific one, different from the one compatible with televisions, stereos, DVDs, etc.

How to Program a Universal Remote Control

There are two types of universal remote control: those that need the code of each device you want to connect and those that do not need it since they have an automatic scanning system or “auto scan”. Both will perform the same function, but the difference lies in adding the devices you want to control from the universal remote.

Program Control with Auto Scan

Being the most used today, we will start by explaining the step by step to the program of a universal control with auto scan. With a remote of this type, you will not need the code of each television or device you want to add. In general, you will have the option of managing a minimum of 6 different devices or more.

To configure it, you must focus your attention on certain buttons: the Code Search or TV button (depending on which one has your control) and the Power button (red). Now, the steps to program the universal rule and enjoy all its functions:

Universal Remote Control

Turn on the device you want to configure since only then the remote will be able to scan the code of the television or device. Clarification: you will only be able to configure a device that works by remote control.

  • With the universal controller, point at the device. It would help if you did this throughout the entire configuration.
  • While aiming at the powered-on device, press the Code Search button until the little light on your controller lights up. If the control does not have a Code Search button, go to the next step.
  • Touch the button for the device you want to connect (TV, DVD-AUX, etc.). The control light will blink and then stay on when connected.
  • How to program a universal tv control: press the TV button.
  • Program universal dvd control: press the DVD-AUX button.
  • Touch the Power button until the device is off. What happens is that when you press that button, the control will be testing with different codes until it finds the one that is compatible with the device. Once you find it, they will both turn off. If your controller blinks four times, it means that it is not compatible with your device.
  • Set the code. After your controller turns off, tap the Enter button (usually lower left). This way, you will set the code on your remote control to control the device. It may happen that after finding the correct code (accidentally), you don’t press Enter and keep trying the other principles. If this happens to you, you will have to start over until you find the correct code.
  • Do a test of the control. Press the button that corresponds to the device you have just configured (for example, TV if it is television) and then turn it on to test the control. Not minor fact: in general, the functions of universal management are more limited than those of the original power of the device.
  • Retrieve the device code. If you want to know the principle of a certain device to use it later, you have to follow the next steps:
    • Press and hold the Code Search button until the control light comes on.
      Touch the corresponding device button (if it’s a DVD, touch the DVD-AUX button, for example).
    • I tapped the Code Search button again.
    • Tap the number buttons in order, starting with zero. When the light comes on, it means that the button you touched is the first.
    • I started over from zero two more times until I got all three digits.
How to Program a Universal Remote Control

Set up a Universal Control with Code

To program a universal control with a code, you will need the list of codes that come with the instructions. You will find the codes corresponding to the brand of the device that you want to link with the control.

For example, if you have a Sony television, you will have to search the list for the codes corresponding to Sony. Then you must follow the following steps:

  • Hold down the SET button (short for settings, that is, configuration) along with the button corresponding to the device to configure (if it is a television, touch TV). Do this until the little LED on the control lights up.
  • Enter the TV code for universal control or the corresponding device. It has three numbers.
  • If you entered the correct code, the LED light on the control would turn off automatically. If the code is wrong, the light will blink twice and stay on. If the latter happens, try again with other codes that correspond to the brand of the device.
  • Test the control. If it doesn’t work, repeat steps 1 through 3 again until I find the correct code.

Tip 1: If you want to cancel the operation during the configuration process, press the SET button.

Tip 2: If no key on the control is pressed within 10 seconds, the operation will restart automatically.

Universal remote control: the best brands

Universal remote control: the best brands

So that you don’t get lost in a sea of ​​options when choosing, we provide you with a list of some of the best brands of universal controls, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

General Electric universal remote control

General Electric universal remote control

With the General Electric universal control, you will configure up to 4 video and audio devices. One of its great advantages is its accessible price and that it is compatible with all brands.

Its configuration is very simple, and another point in favour is that, no matter what device you are on, you can lower the volume directly. To function, it needs two AAA batteries.

Harmony 628 Universal Remote

This Harmony universal remote has better technology than the previous option. It is quickly configured through a computer, either PC or Mac, and you can configure up to 8 devices in the same control.

It has a screen from which you can see the commands and icons that will facilitate navigation. It is compatible with all brands.

Harmony One Universal Remote

You can operate up to 15 devices with the Harmony One universal control. It has a touch screen that will make the devices more comfortable since it will be personalized and easier.

Universal remote control from your Smartphone

Universal remote control from your Smartphone

A very convenient option is to download an application from your phone to control the television or air conditioners in your home. Although they are not compatible with all brands and, in general, only go with newer devices, it is an option that we recommend you consider because it is very comfortable.


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