How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password 2021

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Today, let’s know How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password, as we all know that FB is a viral social networking site used by almost all smart phone users. In this, we can make a lot of our friends, and we can communicate our words to the country and the world along with them.

Although some people lose their account due to their mistakes, some users delete the store by themselves, some create many accounts and forfeit their account due to missing their Gmail ID and password. Our Facebook ID keeps a lot of friends and chats with them saved.

How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password

In such a situation, no one would like to create a new account except Old FB; there are two main reasons for account closure. First, you must request to delete yourself, in which account Permanent is deleted after 30 days. Second, when a user forgets his username and password, his Facebook account becomes inactive.

If you requested to delete, you could log in anytime by entering your username and password within 30 days. But if you have forgotten your ID and password, then the method mentioned in this post will help you a lot.

How to Open My Old Facebook Account

In most cases, it is seen that the user forgets the username and password of their old account, but for your information, tell that you can start your account back without any username and password. For this, you only need to know your mobile number or email id, so how do you recover from them? Let us know step by step for How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password

How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password, Forgotten Password
  • Now, you have to enter the registered mobile number or email address in the old Facebook Account here.
How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password, Mobile Number or Email ID
  • After this, you will see the account’s profile in which the name and DP will remain; if this is your profile, then click on Continue.
  • As soon as you continue, an OTP will appear in your mobile number or email ID, which will confirm your password and open the old account by opening the old version in this way.

You have seen how easy it is to turn on an old Facebook account; for this, you need neither a username nor a password; just you should know the email ID or mobile number in your old account.

Facebook Account Closure Reason

There can be three main reasons.

  1. Deleting by yourself Some people delete their FB account independently for personal reasons, although Facebook gives you two options in the process. You can activate your account again whenever you want in the first deactivate and second permanent delete deactivate. But in permanent delete, you are given 30 days, if you wish to also in this period, you can recover the account, but after 30 days, your account disappears forever.
  2. Forgetting Usernames and Passwords Many people create more than one account; in such a situation, there is more possibility of forgetting the old account’s ID. In such a case, if you do not log in to your old account, then your old account becomes inactive.
  3. Violation of Facebook’s policies is not enough to close your account due to the reasons mentioned above, but FB can also close your account. Facebook also has some privacy policy, which, if violated, Facebook can block your account forever. So you should never do any wrong activity on Facebook.

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Things Required to My Old Facebook Account Open

Which name and photo should be known in your old account? It is also necessary to know which mobile number or email ID you used while creating the account. When you have so much information, the essential thing should be the old number and email ID in your existing smartphone so that you can get OTP in mobile while confirming the news. When you confirm OTP, then you can start your old account back.

You must know How to Open My Old Facebook account without Password; you do not need to know the mobile number or Gmail ID of that account. You can recover any old version from the number or Gmail ID that you want to restart. However, if you have deleted the account by yourself, you are given 30 days to start it again; then hope that this post today will help you.



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